Rapture like Blood

Dear Willow

Chapter Nineteen: Dear Willow:

The girls raced outside when they heard someone drive off. They found Anna still kneeling in the lawn.

"Anna?" Rihoko asked. "What happened? What's wrong?" She and the other girls saw the blood and Meixiang's body on the ground.

"Oh shit!" Stella yelled.

"What happened?" Emiko asked.

"He got her," Anna said.

"Who?" Lucy asked. "What are you talking about?" The other woman shuddered as she put her hand to her chest. She could still feel the blade going in. I'm still alive, Anna thought. But why?

"Get help now!" Emiko shouted.

"Right," Hoto-chan said with a nod. She raced inside to get the phone. Emiko turned back to Anna and Meixiang's body. She drew in a hard breath.

"Get the body," she said to the other demon.

"Why?" Kazue asked.

"We have to get her out of the way!" the butch demon pointed out. "And clean up her blood." As the girls got to work, Anna sat frozen in shock. Not only because of the siren's murder, but Meixiang gave her a disturbing message with her last breath moments before they were stabbed.

"He said you have the mother kitsune in your soul!"

Elsewhere hours later in downtown Tokyo, Willow Mayer wandered off into the city. She just had to get out. Becky had good intentions, but sometimes they took an annoying route. Today scored a twelve. When that occurred, the girls went off on their own. Willow wanted to see Tokyo nightlife for herself. She wasn't much of a party girl; she was just curious. Anything to get away from Becky. Willow looked at her map.

Hm, let's see, where to go first? Club or bar? Willow looked up at the city clock. Nine o'clock in a huge crowd. Only thing left now is to disappear with the crowd. Willow bit her lower lip. The Japanese can easily identify the tourist among the crowd. Still, not so bad; anywhere away from Becky was fine with her. The pedestrian light changed to walk and she started walking.

The crowd led her to a bar-club named Rabbit in the Moon. The neon lights of the sign drew Willow in. She could feel the glass pounding at her fingertips. Willow smiled to herself as she opened the door and went inside. From the first step, it felt like San Diego during her college days, but only if someone put the music on in Japanese. Willow smiled thinking, I can do this.

She walked up to the bar and took a seat. To her luck, the corky woman took the last seat. Even then, she had trouble staying on. Willow had to hang on for a few seconds. Once seated, she looked up at the menu. She squinted for a better look as a sweat drop on her head.

It's all in Japanese! Crap! Willow sighed out loud.

"Lost on the menu too?" a woman asked her in her ear. Willow nearly fell out of her stool as she whipped around. Lucy sat in front of her, grinning.

"Hey," she said. Willow gave her a blank look.

"Are you… American?" she asked. The Goth slut smirked at her.

"Pure-blooded," she bragged. Willow glanced around as if trying to escape. Lucy smiled and shook her head.

"There, there, little girl," she whispered. "I'm really nice. I won't bite." Willow gave her an odd look still.

"Did you say lost on the menu too?" she asked. "How do you make heads or tails of that thing?"

"I don't," Lucy said. Willow raised an eyebrow at her.

"Just order what the guy next to you is ordering," Lucy said. Willow gave her a blank stare.

"You sure?" she asked. The Goth slut smirked at her.

"Watch if you're smart," she replied. Lucy looked for the next Japanese patron. Her eyes settled on a fine-looking young man. She moved in close to the guy. He made his order.

"I'll have what he's having," Lucy said. In one minute, the bar tender got their drinks. The Goth slut drank up her victory. She turned to an intrigued Willow.

"Now you try," Lucy said. Willow nodded at her.

"Okay…" she said. The awkward redhead scanned the crowded bar. She found a Japanese woman close to her age and walked over to her. The target ordered her drink and Willow did the same. She took the glass of grass brown liquid. An uncertain look came over her face. Here I go…Willow took a heavy gulp. Disgust invaded her face.

"Yuck!" she cried. Lucy laughed aloud. Willow whipped around, frowning.

"You tricked me!" she cried. The Goth shook her head as she smiled.

"Sorry," she said. "It just happens that way." Willow pouted at her.

The rest of the night eased up for Willow. She sampled many drinks at the bar. Lucy watched her, amused. As always, drunkenness came with loose lips. Willow just didn't know how to shut up.

"Oh my, Becky!" she slurred out. "She's always worried about everyone!" Willow took another drink. "She's just convinced that Anna's still alive and sold into a drug smuggling prostitution ring," she went on. The woman laughed. "Crazy, right?" Lucy listened with interest peeked.

"Oh really now?" she asked.

"Yeah!" Willow cheered. "She was reported dead back in May. They said suicide, but we don't believe it!"


"Yeah! She's too for strong that!" Willow turned to the bar tender. "Give me another!" she shouted. The bar tender gave her a nervous look. Right then, Lucy began plotting. Willow downed another shot. The Goth gave her a sly smile.

"And you still haven't found your friend?" she asked.

"No!" Willow whimpered.

"Interesting." She leaned into her ear. "I can take you to her now."

"Yay! Anna now!" Willow passed out from the liquor. Lucy smirked to herself. Perfect!

At eleven, the slutty Goth knocked on Kimoto Manor's door.

"Who is it?" the right person asked. Lucy smirked to herself.

"It's just me," she said. The door slowly drew open.

"What is it, Lu-?" Anna asked as she looked outside in the dark. She paused mid-sentence when she saw her old friend in Lucy's arms. The Goth grinned at her.

"Hey Barbie," she said. Anna's mind went into panic.

"Why is she here?" she yelped.

"She wanted to see you," Lucy said with a smile. "I went out drinking and ran into Midge here. After a few drinks, she talked about how she and her friends were looking for you."

"Oh shit…" Anna murmured. She turned back to the women.

"Get her inside," she said.

"You sure?" Lucy asked.

"There's no other place to put her," Anna replied. "Just get her in!"

"Alright," the Goth said. Anna helped them into the house. She had to put Willow in a futon in the room across from hers. Anna watched her sleep from the doorway.

"How is she?" Tsuzuki whispered behind her.

"Fine, but really drunk," his girl said. "She just needs to sleep it off." Tsuzuki gently rubbed her shoulders.

"That's good," he whispered. Anna glanced over at him when she noticed his tone.

"What's wrong, baby?" she asked. Tsuzuki bit his lower lip.

"Well…" he said, "It's just…"

"Just what?"

He swallowed a bit. "I'm worried… that after we marry, I might go crazy or become apathetic."

Anna turned to him. "What do you mean?"

"Well, everyone that's married into your family is like Amaya or Sharon. I still want to be me after the wedding."

"Shh," Anna whispered. "You will be the same, I promise."

"You sure about that?" he whispered. Anna gave him a little smile.

"Does this help?" she whispered. The woman gave him a little kiss on the lips. Tsuzuki smiled to himself as he took her into his arms. He led her over to her desk. Anna playfully pushed him back into her chair.

"I'll take that as a yes," she whispered. The woman gave him another kiss. Tsuzuki smiled at her.

"You took it well," he said back. Then, he slid off her black sleeping shirt before kissing her again. Anna slipped her tongue into his mouth as she unzipped his trousers. Tsuzuki slid down her brown PJ bottoms with her cherry-designed panties. She moved herself closer to him as she unbuttoned her shirt. Doubt took a rest as he let her finish undressing him.

Close to midnight, Willow fluttered her eyes open and lifted her head a bit. Her mind became puzzled at the sight across the hall. That's Anna. And… she's having sex with some Japanese guy. And why is her back all scarred up like that? She couldn't tell if it was real or a drunken dream.

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