Rapture like Blood

Tokyo Case Review

Chapter Six: Tokyo Case Review:

-Morning in Ju-Oh-Cho-

The Tokyo shinigami had a new case on their hands. They began the overview of the case.

In 1964, a woman and her young son moved into Happy Puppy Apartments. She had just come out of a nasty divorce and hated men as a result. She drove those beliefs deep into her son. However, a curious thing happened. It's not clear about Saito's childhood and adolescence, but it is suspected that Tajizawa-san displayed a Jocasta type of behavior towards her son. This is only speculation.

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Not much is known about the years between 1964 and 1997. The neighbors couldn't tell the police much about the family back in '97. They barely left the apartment. No one knew of the father or any other friends outside of Happy Puppy Apartments. The family didn't even leave a phone number with the manager while they were living in apartment number 103. Not much mail came to that address either. Tajizawa-san took up many odd jobs to make ends meet. Her co-workers didn't have much to give to the police at the time of the investigation either. The woman's bosses described her as quiet and a good worker even though she didn't stay at one job very long. Her son didn't interact with the other kids in the apartment. His mother even home-schooled him on the days when she didn't have to work.

In 1997, Tajizawa-san met a man at the grocery store where she worked and a fling ensued. There is not much known about the boyfriend either. Tajizawa-san didn't talk much about him just like she did with everything else. She wouldn't even give them his first name, but yet her co-workers saw that she clearly loved this man. The relationship developed pretty quickly within a span of three weeks. She even wanted to move the man into the apartment that she lived in. This created tension between mother and son as Saito came to hate the boyfriend. One July night, Saito came home and found his mother in bed with the boyfriend. The thirty-seven-year-old snapped and stabbed them both to death on the spot.

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Nobody knew what happened for the next three days. Saito wouldn't even answer the door. Afterwards, Saito went to the roof and jumped to his death. His body was found in the back alley after the janitor was cleaning up the street around the apartment for the morning. The police found the bodies of his mother and her boyfriend later that evening. The crime scene looked like no other that they had ever seen at that time. Dried blood splattered the walls, sheets, furniture, and ceiling. The darkness of the room and freezing air from the AC running in the apartment kept the bodies from decaying right away even though there was a power outage late one muggy night. Many of the officers working on the case had to have months of therapy after what they had witnessed with that gruesome scene. All of the evidence from the knife and fingerprints in the bedroom came back to Saito. In the end, the cops ruled the case as a double-murder suicide. After that, most of the residents left Happy Puppy Apartments.

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Three months ago, mysterious deaths began occurring near Happy Puppy Apartments. Eight victims have been found so far. Each one has been characterized as a young, single woman in their late twenties to early thirties that worked at the supermarket that Tajizawa-san used to work at before she died. It is a hunch that the victims all resemble Saito's mother in '64. So far, not much is known about these women at the time.

The Ju-Oh-Cho is still trying to work on IDs for each one. Other than their place of work, the eight women don't have much in common. All of them have had their chests ripped right open. The bodies are always dumped around the Happy Puppy Property. There has been only one survivor in this case. She claimed the culprit was an old lady with claws. The suspect tracked the would-be victim down in the parking lot of the supermarket where she worked and tried to attack her before she got into her car. The only reason she escaped being the ninth victim was because the manager of the supermarket was chasing down some teenage shoplifters into the parking lot. Not many other clues have been left behind.

End of Case Review

Konoe turned to the Tokyo shinigami. "That old lady sounds like a demon escaped from Hell," he said. "Capture and judge her."

"Yes sir!" the shinigami replied. They disappeared to act on their order.

Early on that same morning, Hotaru came out to the park with a huge bag of Kompeito in her hand.

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