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Amusing the King


Jackson is the groomer hired to train the newest batch of courtesans coming to the castle. The king assigns him to Sammy personally when she is too nervous/inexperienced to please him. Complications arise when it comes time for Sammy to go back, but Jackson can't seem to leave her alone... WARNING ⚠️!!!! This book contains detailed and explicit descriptions of sex, sex acts, and other mature content. This content will be present in most chapters. You should stop reading now if you are sensitive or too young. Otherwise, enjoy 😉

Erotica / Romance
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I couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened the letter that formally invited me to the court of King Oh Sehun. I stared blankly at it, honestly shocked that I’d been chosen, my mind reeling about what this would mean for my family. My father would receive a promotion to a better paying job, and my family’s social status would increase dramatically. I didn’t much care about that last part, but it was hugely important to my parents.

I still wasn’t Chosen yet, but this letter gave me the opportunity that so many girls dreamed of- to be able to present myself to the king and be considered for marriage. It was a great honor. I couldn’t believe this was happening!

My family were what would be considered middle class, but my parents had always been social climbers. Our relationship wasn’t always wonderful, but I loved them, and I knew that they would be excited about this. Hell, my mother would be blown away. She hadn’t thought too much of my chances, and had told me not to get my hopes up...

It was true that I wasn’t the most beautiful girl out there. My eyes were too close together and my hair was frizzy, and I was clumsy...but I was intelligent, my parents always stressed that, and I believed I could offer engaging conversation, and perhaps interest the king in that way. I’d been being groomed for this opportunity my entire life.

King Oh Sehun was born a few years before I was, and had been sending out invitations like the one I’d received for the last 4 years, since he’d turned 21. No one knew why he hadn’t selected a wife yet, but every girl of marriageable age across the country had been holding her breath every time a round of invitations didn’t yield a betrothal.

The King was a very attractive man. All of the pictures I’d seen in magazines and on TV told me so. I was sure girls would be lining up for him even if he weren’t the King. I wondered what he was like in person though? I found him attractive, but he didn’t thrill me in the way he seemed to excite most girls.

I was going through with this regardless...but I hoped he was interesting and attractive in person...I shook my head, feeling tense and trying to dispel the feeling. I was getting ahead of myself. I wanted to be Chosen, but honestly, I would probably be up against girls much more attractive than me...anyway, it was definitely not certain that I would be picked.

I put down the letter and gnawed nervously on my lip, a habit my mother condemned and just one more reason I needed to ‘try harder to be attractive’. I sat down in a kitchen chair, staring blankly at the wall as the afternoon sun bathed our large, modern kitchen in its light. A wave of anxiety washed over me as I thought about telling my parents about this.

I knew they would be thrilled... but then what? What was going to be asked of me? Did I even have what it took to be a Courtesan? What if I failed? I wasn’t...experienced...but that was good? Right? One of the stipulations for consideration was virginity...so what was I worried about? I stood up and firmed up my resolve.

No. I was not going to do this to myself. Clearly the King, or someone who was in charge of selecting girls for him, had been interested in what I brought to the table. I had been selected, and I owed it to my family to do my best. I had just as much chance as anyone...no matter what mother said...

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