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Black Widow


Jade Cross is a well known player from NYC, the very same one who seamlessly crushed the heart of Legendary Player - Leon Stone, into tiny pieces. But at the end of the day your actions have consequences, and this heartbreak may or may not have sparked a change in her totally emotionless character. Such is her allure and her notorious ways, that she is known as the Black Widow, for she toys with guys at her will and once she's had her fun, she leaves them for dead... but not before planting a red kiss in the corner of their lips - her trademark. Enter Jesse Saunders, an average-looking and at times painfully awkward guy. He's not even close to being her type, but a weird situation forces them to cross paths, and she's not one to turn down some good fun. But the question remains, will he be enough to make her call it quits on the game? Or will she destroy this naive kid's heart just as frivolously as she's done to every other guy she’s ever crossed paths with? ***

Romance / Humor
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“Maybe you weren’t the only one who changed.”

Jade felt something beat in her chest just as the plane lifted off the ground and soared into the clouds.


Jade’s POV

As I took one more deep breath, I felt the sharp pain in my rib cage slowly burn down until it was completely numb. I lifted my hand up from my chest and curled my lips into an arrogant smirk.

“But make no mistake, Leon,” I murmured as if he were listening, wherever he was. “It’s going to take much more than a pretty face and a charming smile to tame the Black Widow.”

I mean, he did play a good game. Or at least he tried. You know, for a second there he had me thinking I actually had a heart.

I let out a humorless chuckle.

Guess I thought wrong.

Life isn’t some cheesy rom-com. When it comes to the real world, one needs to step back and take a look at the bigger picture. The cold truth is that I needed the money and Leon Stone needed to be taught a lesson, so I came through. And I think it’s safe to say I exceeded all expectations.

But that’s not even the best part. See, what really set the cherry on top of the cake for me was his reaction, the poor boy was crushed.

Their reaction always happened to be my favourite part.

I was kind of bummed out, though. Part of me secretly wished Leon would be of the loud sobbing type. Pity... and here I thought that the part where I implied I had virtually been toying with him all along would have done it for him. I guess I’ll have to up my game next time.

We don’t want to be losing our touch now, do we?

I watched the land beneath me get gradually smaller while I plugged my headphones in, then rested my head against the seat. I finally let my eyes rest and drifted into a light sleep. I had to admit I had barely slept through the night due to a revolting feeling in my stomach I couldn’t quite decipher.

But nobody needed to know that.


After landing I stayed sat, I hated when people eagerly collapsed the aisle to be the first ones to leave the plane. I unlocked my phone and switched off airplane mode to check if I had any unread texts. Amongst a few others, there was one from my mom, practically begging me to let her know when I landed.

One particular message caught my eye, though.

Aria: I hope you’re happy.


Aria: Leon’s shattered, not that you care anyway...

That was the point. And she’s right, I don’t.

And if I do, it’s up to you to consider whether or not it’s real.

Rolling my eyes at my cousin’s attempt to make me feel guilty, I replied, “You asked, I delivered. You’re welcome.”

The aisle was no longer saturated with people so I got out of my seat and fixed my leather jacket. Resting my arm against the rough plastic of the luggage cabin above me, I waited patiently as the flight attendant grabbed my suitcase from the overhead compartment.

Looking up to him through my lashes, I made sure he saw me fully eyeing him up and down. I let a coy smile stealthily creep its way up to my lips and tucked a strand of straight black hair behind my ear.

“Thank you,” I said, pressing my tongue against my teeth.

The guy’s gaze snapped down in my direction at the sound of my low, melodic voice. I witnessed the emotion flash through his blue eyes as they were introduced to my bewitching, hazel ones.

“Of course,” he answered, trying to be discrete - but to me it was fairly obvious he was checking me out.

As some of you may already know, many have described my tone as that of a siren - dark but at the same time, undeniably alluring. It matched both my looks and personality to perfection.

I brushed my hand subtly against his as I took hold of my suitcase and locked eyes with him before shooting him a cheeky wink. Through the corner of my eye I caught the guy beaming at me in awe as I gracefully made my way out of the airplane, that knowing smirk forming on my lips.

When he finally fell out of his trance, he flashed a charming smile my way.

Glancing back one last time, an electric whisper echoed around me as I mouthed the words, “Home, sweet home.”

As soon as my feet came into contact with the concrete, I shut my eyes and allowed my lungs to take in a soothing breath of fresh air.

Feels good to be back.


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