Summer Rains

Let's Go to Bed

Chapter Eleven: Let's Go to Bed:

Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo. Let me take your hand, I'm shaking like milk. Turning, turning blue all over the windows and the floors. Fires outside in the sky look as perfect as cats. The two of us together again, but it's just the same, a stupid game. But I don't care if you don't, and I don't feel if you don't, and I don't want it if you don't, and I won't say it if you won't say it first.

You think you're tired now but wait until three. Laughing at the Christmas lights, you remember from December. All of this then back again, another girl, another name, stay alive but stay the same. It's just the same, a stupid game. But I don't care if you don't, and I don't feel if you don't, and I don't want it if you don't, and I won't say it if you won't say it first.

You can't even see now so you ask me the way. You wonder if it's real because it couldn't be rain. Through the right doorway and into the white room; it used to be the dust that would lay here when I came here alone. Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo. Let's go to bed

-"Let's Go to Bed" by the Cure (1982) and Ivy (2002)

The next morning brought rain with Tsuzuki and Anna were at opposite ends of the manor. Rihoko, Yoko-chan, and Seita had already left for school; so the potential couple had the house to themselves this morning. Last night, Tsuzuki deflowered Anna. What were they now? Both had their own reasons to worry; Anna's was personal while Tsuzuki's was business.


I'm no longer a virgin. Tsuzuki took it last night, I mean, Asato did. He wants me to call him by his first name now; seems so weird though. But what does this mean now? Are we… together now? Will more of last night follow? Do I… love him? I don't know. I'm not really scared, just a little lost. He was so gentle last night and I did enjoy myself. I do want to sleep with him again. I get all excited when I think about him touching me like that. Asato seems so skilled in bed. I didn't expect him to be so big like that.

Anna trembled in heavy delight at the thought of Tsuzuki's ten inches. She naturally wanted to see it again. I want more just thinking about. The glow in her face began to dim. Would he want a relationship with me after last night? I mean, he's not a perv, but it's supposed to be a professional relationship between us.

Anna shut her eyes and shook her head. Ack! I just keep going in circles with this! I'm just going to break down and say it! She got up and walked out of her room.


Last night was great fun. She felt good around me. It still surprised me how tight she was. She's a virgin, but it caught me off guard. His lips curved into a naughty smile, I would like more of that, thought.

Tsuzuki's face dropped as a grimmer thought crossed his mind. But if I start a relationship with Anna-chan, the boss will have my head. I'm already in trouble for resurrecting her, but I made a promise to her too. Anna-chan's is a bright woman with interesting tastes and opinions. It is nice to talk to somebody outside of Meifu. Plus, Anna-chan's really pretty, but she seems so lonely like me.

Tsuzuki's eyes widened when he saw the truth for himself. I have to tell her! He got up from the living room couch and headed down the hall. They met in the hallway really to get it off their chests. Tsuzuki didn't even blink as he made the first move.

"Anna," he said. The woman didn't show any emotion on her face as he tried to figure out how to word this.

"I have something to tell you," she admitted without thinking.

"So do I," Tsuzuki said back with his eyes locked on hers.

"You want to go first?" she asked.

"Do you?" he asked her back. Anna hesitated at first; she could tell that he knew what she felt for him just by the expression on his face. He probably felt the same way as well. Why wouldn't it just come out?

"I won't say it until you do," Anna said in one breath.

"Okay," Tsuzuki said back, "We'll say it together."

"On the count of three," Anna said, "One."

"Two," he said back.

"Three. I love you!" they blurted out. Neither one knew how to respond. They let it sink in for a pregnant pause. Suddenly, Anna squealed like an excited teenage girl as she raced forward and leapt into her new lover's arms. Tsuzuki held her up by the waist and pressed a kiss onto her lips. He pinned her against the wall and fondled up her sides. She lifted her arms as he inched off her white tank top. The shirt fluttered to the floor as she freed him of his tie. Tsuzuki slid open the door and took her back into her room.

Anna reached up and unbuttoned Tsuzuki's shirt on her back on her futon. The shinigami nearly choked her with his tongue as he rammed in down her throat. Anna only sped up with his shirt because of it. He pulled back when he heard gagging noises. In fact, Tsuzuki broke off the kiss to catch his breath.

"Sorry about that," he whispered.

"It's okay," Anna replied, "Just undress me, please Asato."

"Anything you want, my Anna-chan," Tsuzuki murmured. His hand darted for the zipper on her jean skirt. Anna took in deep breaths as her lover's hands touched her bare skin. Tsuzuki rolled off her skirt slow enough to make her yelp. The beloved feverishly grabbed her lover's trousers. Tsuzuki tried his best to keep still as her warms hands sent his blood rushing south. Anna smiled at the effect she had on him. She slid down his trousers and grabbed his boxers in her hand. He could barely hold back anymore as she yanked them off. Tsuzuki snatched off her underwear and mounted her.

Sixteen-year-old Asato was nodding off in a field of gold-yellow grass when he noticed a shadow standing over him. The boy peered up and saw a girl looking down at him. She looked rather cute in her bright red kimono with gold lotus blossoms. Her auburn hair tied back into a neat ponytail with her bangs flowing loose made her look heavenly in the high noon sun. Her captivating hazel-green eyes held his attention. Asato blinked to see if he was dreaming. She was real as he was.

"Hello there," he said in happy surprise.

"Hi," this girl said, sounding elegant like the nadeshiko quality matching her appearance.

"I've never seen you around here before," the boy said as he eyed this angel with such wonder.

"I'm new," the girl replied. A gentle breeze blew through her ponytail as if to show off her neatly kept hair.

"Well, where do you live?" the boy asked. He just wanted to hear her talk all day.

"Just down the road, near the river from here," the nadeshiko goddess replied, pointing over the hill and down the road. Asato sat up to his lovely young angel.

"You do?" he asked.

"Yes," the girl said nodding.

"What's your name?" he asked unable to hide his excitement anymore.

"Kimoto Anna," the girl said. The boy rose up to his feet at her responded.

"I'm Tsuzuki Asato," he introduced himself like a gentleman. Both them gracefully bowed. Without warning, Anna leaned in and kissed the boy on the cheek. Asato looked up at her surprised and confused.

"What was that for?" he asked. Anna gave him a naughty little smile as leaned into his ear.

"Catch me!" she whispered. The boy looked up rather puzzled.

"Huh?" he asked. His nadeshiko ran away giggling. Asato smiled at the challenge.

"Okay then," he muttered. The boy ran after his new crush. They ran through the golden-yellow field, past the pink blooming cherry blossoms. This girl didn't seem to want to slow down. It only made her more desirable in his eyes.

"Come back here!" he playfully yelled as he picked up the pace. They both came to the grandmother of cherry trees in full bloom in the vast golden-yellow field. The pink petals rained on as Asato playfully tackled Anna to the ground. He lied atop of her with a wicked smile on his charming, boyish face.

"Got ya!" he bragged. The girl smiled at him like a little angel.

"You may kiss me now," she said. Asato looked at her with big eyes.

"No way!" he gasped.

"Yes, you can," Anna encouraged him. The boy flew over the moon at her proposal.

"Okay," he said, trying to keep calm. The boy gave her small peck on the lips. Anna kissed him back under their cherry blossom tree.

Tsuzuki and Anna lied asleep entwined in each other on the futon with the rain pouring outside as their new path began today.

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