Summer Rains

Plum Blossoms

Chapter Thirty: Plum Blossoms:

Spring is early this year.Laurel, plums, peaches,Almonds, mimosa,All bloom at once. Under theMoon, night smells like your body.

-"XVIII" from The Love Poems of Marichiko by Kenneth Rexroth 1978

The rain poured heavy tonight while Tsuzuki and Anna lied on her futon kissing in the dark. His hands caressed along her ample bosom. Anna broke off the kiss and looked up at him.

"You sure you want to do this?" she whispered. Tsuzuki looked down at her.

"We might as well tonight," he murmured, "If you are to be judged by morning, I want to at least spend out last night together like this."Anna gave him a calm smile.

"I understand," she said. The woman reached up and stroked his cheek with her fingertip. Tsuzuki leaned down and kissed her on the lips; his tongue made its way into her mouth. Anna found herself more than happy to reciprocate the gesture. She reached up and playfully undid his tie. His beloved threw aside the tie and got started on his shirt. Tsuzuki tried to stay still once. She's good with her hands, he thought with a dreamy smile on his face.

After the last button came apart, Anna's fingers slid off the shirt. The Shinigami grabbed onto Anna's lacy cotton white dress. His girlfriend trembled and moaned as she arched her back at his touch. Her tongue pushed further into his mouth. Tsuzuki tried to calm her down to finish stripping off the dress. His touch soaked up her panties rather quickly. The feeling of the wet lace stirred him awake below. He took her closer into his arms. The touch heightened the moist heat between her legs.

She let her hands trail down to his waist. The woman grabbed onto is belt and leisurely but playfully unfastened it. Tsuzuki nearly squeezed her chest. Her hands found his trousers and Anna unzipped them with gentle fingers. Tsuzuki moaned loudly in her mouth. His beloved took her time sliding them inch by inch off. The shinigami moved from her lips to her neck. The kisses turned into licks and nibbles to her skin. Anna moaned while she almost couldn't focus on stripping him down. She grabbed his boxers and slid them off. Tsuzuki rubbed himself softly against her leg.

His hands glided around to her back and found her white and black white bra. He freed up the hooks one at a time. Anna whimpered in soft pleasure.

"Oh yes," she whimpered as her eyes slowly drew shut. His fingers sensually drew Anna's bra off of her. His hands traced her curves to her hips. He clutched onto her white panties and slid them off.

"Oh yes!" Anna breathed in a sigh, "More! More!" Tsuzuki smirked as the panties slid off her ankles. Anna opened herself up for him as Tsuzuki took her into his arms.

Asato and Anna sat under cherry tree. The girl looked rather sad today and Asato couldn't help but to notice.

"Anna-chan," he said, "What's wrong?" She looked up and shook her head.

"Oh come on," he murmured, "I don't like seeing you upset. What's the matter?" Anna broke down and sighed.

"Summer's ending," she said, "I'll have to go back to the city for school." Asato felt his own joy diminish.

"What?" he asked, "When? Why?"

"In two days," Anna said. Asato's glow began to dim on his face.

"But… why? Can't you stay here forever?" he pleaded. His girl shook her head.

"I have to make my future better," she said. The girl turned to him.

"If I don't," Anna pressed on, "I won't be able to take care of myself when grandmother dies." Asato looked down at the dulling golden yellow grass.

"I see…" he mumbled. Anna looked at him in pity.

"Look," she whispered as her hand gently rested on his, "Our last days together don't have to be sad. Let's make the most of them." Asato looked up at her puzzled.

"How?" he questioned. His girl gave him a mischievous little smile. Anna gave him a gentle kiss. Asato was thrilled to kiss her back. The boy tenderly pushed her back to cool evening grass. Her auburn hair spilled all around her as she playfully pushed her tongue into his mouth.

His hands found their way to Anna's breasts. The warmth of her body stirred him awake down below in his jeans. His fingers slipped under her bright red kimono. Anna arched her back on instinct. Her panties soaked wet with each kiss. She pulled him closer to her body.

Anna slowly unfastened and unzipped Asato's jeans. Her small pale hands slipped past his jeans and boxers. The girl began rubbing on him. So excited, Asato's hips began to buck against her curved body. Anna froze up startled. Sensing her shock, the boy broke off the kiss and looked her in the eye.

"Am I going too fast for you?" he asked. Anna quickly shook her head.

"No!" she breathed out, "I just wasn't expecting such reaction!"

"Is it bad?" the boy asked.

"No, no!" his girl said quickly, "Keep on; it's fine." Asato hesitated at first, but he knelt down and kissed her again. Anna kissed back as the heated make-out session fired up until they had to go home. The real heat had just woken up and it was hungry.

Tsuzuki and Anna fell asleep in each other's arms to the rain outside.

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