Summer Rains


Chapter Seven: Kakigori:

Rainy daythe world's autumn closesBoundary Town


The rain poured on into the night as Hotaru and Emiko cuddled in bed. The loli demon kissed her girlfriend on the lips.

"Has he told her yet?" she asked. Emiko shook her head as she gently patted her on the head.

"Not yet, dearest," she replied. Hoto-chan frowned.

"Darn it!" she complained as she hit the bed with her fists.

"I know," the butch demon said, "It hurts me too." Hotaru playfully nipped her on the neck. Emiko moaned and tightened her grip around her lover.

"But," she said confidentially, "I told him that she was a virgin. So, that should fire up something." Hotaru giggled.

"Really now?" she asked with an angelic look in her eyes.

"Yeah!" the butch demon replied. Hotaru kissed her gently on the lips again. Emiko kissed back as she buried a hand in her hair. The loli demon slowly pulled away.

"Think it'll take?" she whispered.

"We'll have to see," the butch demon replied as she played with Hotaru's long black hair, "Our part is done for this angle."

"It is?" Hotaru asked as she pouted at the thought of ending their mischievous game of cupid so soon. She didn't even get to push Tsuzuki hard enough in her mind. Emiko licked her girl on the neck.

"Yes," she answered in a husky flirtatious voice, "We can't meddle in too much; it'll drive them away from each other. However, we will only be there to help them fix little problems in the future." Her girlfriend began to smile a little.

"Okay," she said so childlike. Emiko climbed on top of Hotaru. The loli giggled, but then a thought crossed her mind.

"Emiko-sama?" she asked as the glow dimmed from her face.

"Yes?" her girlfriend as she sank down to her bosom.

"What do we do with the others?" the loli demon asked as her eyes moved to the ceiling. Emiko moved her moved to her left breast.

"Others?" the butch demon asked as she slowly stuck out her tongue, "What others?" Hotaru whimpered at the sensation.

"Tatsumi, Hisoka, Konoe, Thanatos, and them," she moaned out. Emiko glanced up at her from her "treat."

"What about them?" she whispered.

"They won't want them together," Hotaru pointed out with her eyes closed, "They will do anything to tear them apart. We will do then?" Emiko smirked and kissed the loli demon on the breast. Hotaru moaned and grabbed the sheets below. Her girlfriend rested a leg on either side of her and smiled at her.

"Don't worry baby," she cooed, running a finger down Hotaru's cleavage, "We'll deal with them when the time comes." The loli demon spread a smile on her fat pale cheeks.

"I like the sound of that!" she chirped. The butch demon chuckled and planted a hard kiss on her on lips. Hotaru kissed her back while she arched her hips upwards. Emiko slowly pulled away with a hungry smirk on her face at her lovers waiting body.

"Right now, let's enjoy tonight, my dear!" she said in a loud commanding voice. Hotaru peeked up at her and licked her lips.

"Yes mama!" she yelped. Emiko lowered her mouth down to her abdomen and continued move downwards.

Outside their room, Mike listened on the other side. Not to get off, however. He knew his roommates were up to something. He was going to find out in the morning, but first, he needed a witness. Mike walked further down the hall to said witness' room and knocked on the door. A drowsy voice mumbled as they dragged their feet and opened up. Kazue rubbed her eyes and frowned. She clearly wanted to be back in bed, so he would have to make this brief. Mike forced himself to smile.

"Hi sunshine…" he said. Kazue glared at him.

"What Mike?" she grumbled.

"Shhh!" he whispered, "You hear that?" Kazue listened to the moaning down the hall and shrugged.

"Emiko and Hotaru are fucking again, so what?" she said.

"Exactly!" Mike whispered, "They are up to something!" Kazue blinked, unimpressed. The seconds in her interest were counting down to expire.

"And?" she said.

"I'm going to find out why," he said, "And I need you as back-up." Kazue's face didn't change.

"Do I get to go back to sleep after I agree?" she asked. Mike nodded as he did his best to wrap up.

"Yeah," he said, "Whatever you like."

"Fine," the other demon mumbled, "I'll do it. Can I go back to bed now?"

"Yes," Mike said with a sigh. Kazue slammed the door in his face. The male demon only shook his head.

I hate this house, he thought as Hotaru screamed out in pleasure again from her and Emiko's room.

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