Tea Leaves and Purple Robes

Sanguination Love

Match Eighteen: Sanguination Love:

Sabine is on the hunt. Allison sent her back to Italy for this part of the game. Michael needed to be woken up on the night of the summer new moon. For that to happen, Sabine needed to sacrifice something precious to her.

Hence why she found herself at Club Aphrodite ten nights ago. Only Feliciano knew what her real intentions were. He stood beside her at the bar. She didn’t even look up from her drink.

“I know why you are here,” the Italian man said in her ear. Sabine stirred her drink with the straw.

“Are you here to stop me?” she asked.

“No,” Feliciano said.

“Oh?” the nightcomer asked. “So why are you here?” The Italian man watched the people on the dancefloor.

“I just want to see what happens next,” he said. Sabine turned and looked up with a curious look on her face.

“And since when do you care about our game?” she asked.

“I don’t,” Feliciano said. “I might have some sort of a fascination for you.”

“A fascination?” Sabine asked.

“Something like that,” he admitted. “I don’t really know what you would call it.” The nightcomer gave him a little smirk. She leaned in as if to kiss him. But then Sabine stopped.

“Flattery isn’t going to score big with me, poppet,” she said in a low mocking tone. The nightcomer pulled back.

“You’re cute but you aren’t my type!” she said boldly. Feliciano just kind of shrugged.

“Can’t fault a man for trying,” he said. Sabine went back to her drink.

What’s with everyone acting so chill lately? Kiku now has that distant look in his eyes. Almost like he knows what’s coming next.

The older countries don’t like this. And there are five more seals to break.

“The dead will rise,” Antonio said to himself.

“Huh? What the hell are you going on about?” Lovino asked. The Spanish man turned his head.

“Lovino, the world is coming to an end,” he said. The Italian man had a concerned look on his face.

“Come on, quit joking around,” he said. Antonio didn’t respond. Lovino frowned.

“Antonio?” he asked.

“Have you talked to your brother lately?” the Spanish man asked.

“No…” Lovino said. The color drained from his face. He didn’t want to go home. The Italian man had to stay with the Spanish man. That house wasn’t a home anymore. Antonio put his hands on his shoulders.

“Don’t give up on him,” he said. “You have to get through to him when it’s too late.” Lovino couldn’t even think of anything to say. It just burned in his throat.

“Promise me that you will save him,” Antonio pleaded. “Please?” Lovino pressed his lips together.

“Promise me! Please! Promise me!” the Spanish man begged. Lovino lifted his chin.

“I promise,” he said. Antonio took a breath.

“Thank you,” he said, bowing his head. Lovino felt like he wanted to sink into the floor.


Sabine took another look around the club. A group of young footballers sat at the other end of the bar. They all looked to be about sevens and eights. The nightcomer did a quick headcount. Twelve men in their twenties tonight. They looked pretty cute. Not enough for her to make a second look.

Sabine picked the cherry out of her drink and took a bite.

That’s when she saw him.

He sat alone towards the exit of the club. The young man didn’t look to comfortable in his suit or being here. He sloshed his drink in his hand. Sabine watched to run her fingers through his short dark curly hair. Something inside of her told her that he was the one. The nightcomer paid her tab and walked over to the lonely young man.

The young man suddenly became aware of someone sitting next to him. He slowly turned his head. Sabine gave him a charming little smile.

“Hello,” she said. The young man gave her a strange look at first.

“Hi…” he said. Sabine got a good look at his features under the flashing lights. His face said that he looked about fifteen years old. His chiseled jaw was a plus for the nightcomer. Sabine couldn’t help but stare at his baby cheeks.

“Not much of a partyer, are you?” she asked. His cheeks burned. He tried to look anywhere else but at her. The nightcomer wanted to kiss him on the lips already.

“I barely get out either,” Sabine lied. She stuck out her right hand. “My name’s Sabine. And you are?” The young man coughed and cleared his throat. He mumbled something under his breath.

“Hm?” Sabine asked.

“Z-Z-Zeno,” he said. Her lips curved into a catlike smile.

“You know, I’m kind of bored with this club,” she said. “I’m going to step out.” The nightcomer let her eyes slowly trail upwards on his body.

“Care to join me?” she asked. That was all it took. Before anyone knew it, Sabine and Zeno were out the door.

Relationships take time to bloom. Love doesn’t always happen so easily. Sabine knew this and she knew how to work her charms.

Zeno didn’t talk much. Sabine looked at him curiously one afternoon.

“You’re always so tense around me,” the nightcomer said. “Are you gay or something?”

“No!” Zeno was quick to say. He calmed down once he realized how that came out.

“I mean, I am straight if that is what you are asking,” the footballer said. “I have nothing against gay people, of course. Some of my teammates are gay and bi. I’m cool with LGBTQ, you know?” Sabine giggled as he got tripped up on his words.

“I understand,” she said in a calm tone as she patted him on the back. Did he have to be so cute and awkward? She decided not to use any magic to woo him. Natural would be the best bet for this to work.

“You don’t really go on many dates, do you?” Sabine asked as they walked around Rome after leaving the club. Zeno nervously chuckled as he rubbed the back of his head.

“No,” he said. “It’s mostly school, family, and football for me.”

“Wholesome choir boy, I see,” she said. Zeno nervously laughed again.

“I didn’t get time to party or have a social life,” he admitted.

“Family problems?”

“Something like that. It’s gotten better though.”

She gave him a charming little smile. “I have my own family problems too.” It helped that the nightcomer didn’t have to lie. All she had to do was spin her web and draw him in.

“How long are you in Rome for?” Sabine asked on the first night.

“A couple of weeks,” he said. “We’re kicking off our European tour. You?” She stopped and spun around in the street.

“As long as I feel like it!” she shouted to the sky. For once tonight, Zeno finally smiled. Sabine had to admit that she was falling for his kind green eyes and warm smile. He make an excellent boyfriend.

Too bad that he had to die.

She turned it into a game with herself. The nightcomer betted that she could probably make him fall in love with her for a short few days. That wouldn’t be too hard. Sabine did have some attraction to the younger footballer. His friends seemed happy to see him come out his shell for the European games. Sabine even came out to one of his games. She gave him a kiss for victory after his team won.

It would be a shame that this movie romance would come to a violent end.

Sabine turned around as they made it back to her hotel after their seventh date.

“Zeno, there is something that I have to show you tomorrow night,” she said in a serious tone. Her paramour had a curious-excited look on his face.

“What is it?” he asked. Sabine gently took him by the hands. She gave him a little smile of mischief.

“You’re going to have to see tomorrow night, aren’t you?” the nightcomer asked. She leaned in and gave him a quick kiss. His cheeks grew hot after she pulled away.

“Okay…” was all Zeno could say after that, signing his death warrant. Sabine smiled before kissing him again. This one more gentle, more loving. Zeno could feel butterflies flutter in his chest. That warmth lasted until she pulled away again.

“Good night,” Sabine purred. She blew one more kiss before she disappeared into the lobby. Zeno stood and watched as she walked further into the building. Such a gentleman he was. But alas this game was going to have to end. Zeno was a good man. Probably would’ve made a good husband and father. Sadly, he’d never live to see both.

The night of the new moon was coming tomorrow night.

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