Tea Leaves and Purple Robes

Okon Gitsune

Match Nine: Okon Gitsune:

Sena stared at her phone. There was another therapist dead because of her husband’s problems. She sighed and looked up at the ceiling.

“Why do they all keep dying?” Sena asked aloud. She looked over at the bedroom door. Calling another therapist wouldn’t do. Most of them refused to even see Kiku anymore. That phone call made it very clear. Sena laid her head on the couch and shook her head.

“Now what?” she asked. Already, Okinawa didn’t let the answer to that. Bringing him home for a short break seemed to be like a good idea at the time. The first two nights were quiet. He didn’t sleep or eat. Kiku just stayed in his room. Sena stayed by his side but didn’t interact with him. She would check on him every hour on the hour. The doctors were not sure if this was a good idea.

“He needs to stay here with us,” the head psychiatrist said.

“I know,” Sena said. He didn’t argue with her. Kiku would only be checked out for three days. She was to call if things got worse. Sena gave them the head psychiatrist’s word. But now…

She turned back to the door. Her heart sank knowing that she couldn’t help him.

“Kiku…” the woman murmured. “What’s happening to you?”

Meanwhile, Kiku stared out the window. He looked so worn down now. The skin on his hands turned black and started oozing puss. Same with his feet. He looked ready to vomit. His eyes looked so dead. Was he crying again? He didn’t know anymore.

A hand gently patted him on the head. Her scent made his nose burn and itch. He could feel her smile.

“It’s only a matter of time.”

Her honey-coated voice sounded like poison. He shivered at her words. The Japanese man looked so pale. He started mumbling to himself and biting his hand.

“Please leave me alone. Please leave me alone.”

She pulled him close to her body. Her nails scraped across his chest. She hummed to herself before speaking. “I can’t do that. We still have to become one.”

His body froze. “No… No!” Cold sweat broke out all over his body. His vision became blurry.

“Baby?” Sena sked. Kiku turned his head when he heard the doorknob turning.

“Baby?” his wife asked again. “I can’t get in. Baby! Baby!” Kiku watched with wide eyes. He wanted to scream at her to stop and not come in. The man tried to scream but no sound came out. Kiku put his hand to his throat. She smirked as she shook her head. A tear rolled down his cheek.


“Oh yes.” Her laughter made his ears burn.

Sena turned the knob faster. She pounded on the door with all of her might.

“Baby! Baby! Let me in! Are you okay in there?” she asked. “Baby! Baby!” The door would not give. Sena’s heart pounded against her chest.

I will not let you in!

Sena’s eyes widened. She slowly turned her head. The only thing she got to see were those glowing red eyes.

Kiku is mine! All of him!

She opened her mouth wide. Sena could only see endless red behind sharp fangs. She shut her eyes and covered her ears. A violent scream ripped through her head.

“Get out of my head, you bitch!” Sena shouted. She turned around, swinging her fist around. Okinawa only made contact with empty air. She tried to keep her balance as she stumbled over.

Suddenly, it all stopped.

Sena opened her eyes and looked around. “Huh?” She turned back to the door and knocked.

“Baby? Are you still in there?” she asked. “Baby?” Sena turned the doorknob. To her surprise, the door opened with ease. She poked her head inside. Kiku sat huddled on the floor. His wife ran over to him.

“Kiku! Baby!” she said. Sena pulled him in close to her chest. She could feel him trembling in her arms.

All of Kiku’s files were destroyed at the psychology center. They couldn’t take the risk anymore. Three therapists had already died because of him. They hoped cutting him off would stop the carnage. They couldn’t have been so wrong.

Three incidents happened that seemed unrelated to each other on the surface.

On a Monday someone broke into the building. Nothing was stolen to their surprise. But the head of the psychology center found a large box on his desk. Instinct told him to call the police. Not a bomb, good. But inside were many videotapes. All unlabeled. The police thought it was a prank in a way. The staff on the other hand wasn’t so convinced. Security was beefed up that week. The box of tapes wound up in the trash.

On a Friday evening, the security guard kept hearing footsteps around the building. There wasn’t supposed to anyone in the building. Everyone went home for the evening. In fact, the last therapist and the janitor wished him good night. The security guard would be alone. For the past three nights, nothing happened. The security guard thought that he was going to have another standard night.

Around midnight, he heard footsteps race across the floor. The security guard turned with his flashlight.

“Hello?” he asked. “Who’s there?” No answer. His eyes shifted over to his left. The security guard began to circle around on his block. He tried not to think the worst.

“This is dumb,” he muttered to himself. “There’s no one here.” Somehow, the young man didn’t sound so convinced or something. Then he heard the footsteps running behind him. The security guard turned around. Nothing again. He frowned.

“Okay, guys!” he shouted. “If this is a prank, this isn’t funny! Come out here now!” Silence. The security guard started to get frustrated.

“Come on now!” he shouted. This time, there was the giggling of a child. The security guard jumped.

“What the-?!” he shouted. Something grabbed him by the wrist. Against his better judgment, the security guard looked down. The ghostly little girl opened her mouth and let out a catlike scream. Another pair of hands grabbed his other arm. He turned his head. The blackened ghost girl let off her death rattle.

In the morning, the psychology center staff found a trail of blood leading down the hall to the emergency exit.

On a Sunday, the head of the center stopped by to pick up some files from his office. No one was inside. Not even the security guard. The therapist shivered when he touched the glass. Instinct told him to run. But he needed to get the files for work from home. He took a breath and unlocked the door.

“I’m coming in,” the therapist whispered. He pushed open the door and went inside. The building was quiet, too quiet. The head of the center slowly walked inside. He looked around with each step. The therapist held his breath. He decided to call the police if he saw anything amiss. He hoped that it wouldn’t come to this.

Just get in, take the files, and leave. The therapist took another breath. Right…

He made it to his office without any problems. He had to make this quick. The therapist unlocked his door and slowly opened it. Right off the bat, he peeked inside and chills hit his body. He shut his eyes and dove into his office. A confused look came over his face.

A black cat sat on his desk. Something about the creature’s eyes made the therapist go ashen. Every inch of his body screamed, “Run away!” The cat stared at him before meowing. However, that wasn’t the only thing that the therapist noticed.

He happened to look down and see the box of tapes that was thrown out earlier that week. The poor therapist ended up turning around and running away.

Later that evening, Sena picked up the phone.

“Hello,” she said. “Yes. I’m afraid he’s getting worse.”

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