Black Pawn

Suggestive Crush

Chapter Ten: Suggestive Crush:

Emiko stayed and monitored Anna through the night. The butch demon cared for her victim's wounds.

"You're good at this," the whip doll said as she lied on her stomach on the guest bed, "Were you a nurse in life?"

"I took care of the injured girls in the detention hall of St. Mary's School for Girls when they got into fights," Emiko answered as she opened the peroxide bottle.

"You were in a Catholic school?" Anna asked as she lifted her head in curiosity. Emiko waved off her question.

"Bah! Long boring story," she told her.

"Ah," her victim said, nodding. Emiko poured the peroxide onto the cotton ball.

"Okay, this will sting a bit," the butch demon warned. Anna kind of laughed.

"Oh believe me," she said, "That's going to be nothing compared to the session today!"

"Just saying," the master said. She swept the peroxide all over Anna's back. The other woman winced at first.

"Told you," Emiko said.

"I can take it!" Anna said through clinched teeth, "It has to be done anyway."

"True…" she replied as she shrugged. Emiko swept the cotton ball over Anna's back again. By this time, the woman had gotten used to the pain. As she treated Anna's wounds, Emiko felt opportunity take over her. She finished up with the peroxide.

"Tell me something, Anna," she spoke up, "I just have to ask."

"Hm?" Anna asked as she looked up at him. Emiko blew over the lashes.

"What is your relationship with Tsuzuki?" she asked. Anna lifted her head with an odd look on her face.

"Why?" she asked blinking at her.

"Just curious," the butch demon said in a fake innocence. Anna thought about that for a moment.

"Don't know," she replied.

"What do you mean?" Emiko asked in a serious tone. Anna shrugged as she tried to sit up.

"We met when he and Hisoka were investigating papa's murder," she explained, "Tsuzuki stayed with me for the rest of the night. I was sixteen at the time. It's all a bit hazy to me now because I was really emotional at the time. I did develop a small crush on him. He kissed me on the lips when it started to rain." That really took Emiko's attention to new highs.

"He kissed you before?" she asked now intrigued.

"It was a little kiss," Anna tried to downplay.

"But it was your first, right?" the butch demon, leaning in to her face.

"Yes," the other woman admitted as she looked away, blushing. Emiko grinned to herself. Tsuzuki and Anna had shared a kiss before. Plus she had a small crush on Tsuzuki that night ten years ago. Good to know where they stood. Emiko sat back in the chair next to the bed.

"A small crush, huh?" she asked in thought. Anna nodded as a faint glow washed over her face.

"Yeah, but in the day, I got shipped off to San Diego and nothing ever became of my crush on Tsuzuki," she told the butch demon.

"But you must have thought of him all of those ten years," Emiko pressed. Anna took a minute to think about that.

"I did from time to time," she confessed. Emiko paced her thoughts before taking it to another level.

"I have one more thing before I let you sleep," the butch demon went on.

"Yes?" Anna asked. Emiko didn't blink at all.

"Do you think you and Tsuzuki could have an intimate relationship, if that was possible?" she dove in. The demon waited for the other woman's response. She expected strong denial in the initial stage of this plan, but Anna lied back down and thought about that. Emiko observed her closely. The other woman seemed to be staring out into her thoughts.

"I don't know…" her voice trailed off. Emiko smiled at the response. She had expected Anna to get defensive, but uncertainty was much better. The plan just needed a little more pushing into the path of the romantic-intimate commitment. Right now however, Anna needed some rest from today's session. Emiko's mischief disappeared behind genuine warmth.

"We'll talk later," she said, "Get some sleep now."

"Right…" Anna mumbled wither her eyes closed and slowly drifted off to sleep. The butch demon smiled at her friend. Emiko did step one of her half of the plain. She would have to wait for Hotaru to start on Tsuzuki before taking the next step with Anna. The wait should let the woman at least think about the concept of hooking up with Tsuzuki. By then, Hotaru would have done her first step.

Emiko forced herself to calm down so not to wake up Anna. Time to "check on" Hoto-chan again! Emiko quietly got up and walked across the hall to her and Hotaru's room.

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