Black Pawn

Mommy Dearest

Chapter Nineteen: Mommy Dearest:

Haruka sat in the dark as she pet her kitsune, Shiroko. She made a handsome recovery, but she was now hungry for revenge. Her mistress looked out through the thick darkness.

"Well?" she asked with narrowed eyes. Yasuo sat on the floor kneeling before her.

"I found Anna," he admitted.

"And?" his mother asked.

"I let her go," he said. Haruka glared at her oldest son.

"Why?" she asked through gritted teeth.

"Anna was at a demon's house trying to break Daisuke's shield. I wanted to try and kill her when she was stronger," Yasuo reasoned as he tried to calm down his mother's rising rage.

"And why is that?" she hissed clutching her glass of red wine. Yasuo swallowed as he lifted his head.

"I wanted a challenge," he said.

"You what?" his mother asked. Her son swallowed again.

"Yes," he said. Haruka began to have the eyes of a serpent. Yasuo felt a cold chill run through his aging body. No one was left alive after typhoon Haruka. He could feel another storm coming up.

"The sacrifice victims have been too easy lately," he tried again, "It was likewise when I killed Anna the first time. Now that she's alive, I want to kill her with my powers as well. I just don't want Aki to get too lazy." Haruka looked at him as if she didn't believe a single word. Yasuo bowed his head, shaking.

Please accept this! Please accept this! Please accept this!, he thought over and over. His mother's face didn't change.

"Fair enough," she muttered. Yasuo relaxed in surprise.

"So… this is okay with you?" he asked.

"Yeah," she said, "Now go back to Kimoto Manor." Yasuo looked at her confused.

"Why?" he asked. Haruka grinned at him.

"Spy on your niece for me, would you?" she suggested. Yasuo quickly nodded.

"Yeah," he said like an excited puppy, "Sure, of course!"

"Good, now get out," his mother ordered him. Yasuo slowly rose to his feet and walked over to the door. He turned back to his mother.

"I won't fail you this time, mother! Anna's death will be my best kill yet!" he promised her.

"GET OUT!" Haruka yelled. Yasuo ran out of the bedroom as fast as he could.

"Shut the door," she said. Her son did so nervously as she took another drink. Yasuo looked and found his younger brothers crouched near the door, looking up at him. The youngest man blinked at him.

"You're not in trouble?" he asked. Yasuo shook his head.

"Nope," he replied, "In fact, going to spy on the lamb now. Bye!" The oldest son walked out of the house. His brothers watched unconvinced.

"He is such a kiss-ass," the second brother muttered.

"I know," the youngest brother replied. They didn't dare repeat this however. Any and everything got back to that demented old lady. If she heard anything negative from her sons, they would be in for Hell when they got home. Something told them she wanted blood tonight too. The boys went uncomfortably silent and looked at each other.

"I've got to go," the second son mumbled.

"Yeah," the third son agreed. The younger sons quickly hurried home.

Meanwhile, Haruka sighed aloud in her bedroom. She thought they would never leave. Sure they were her sons, but those boys were just annoying. Yasuo was the worst; he always wanted her attention and approval. That man might as well be a little dog. Haruka grimaced at that train of thought. Dogs; she hated the little beasts, so needy, loyal, and dirty. Haruka tricked her youngest daughter, Kirika, into feeding a neighbor's dog poison back in Kobe. Boy did she enjoy the look on the child's face when she learned that she killed that pesky mutt!

Haruka never wanted children or to get married. She just wanted to be free. The old lady got her wish the day after Christmas in 1950. Her parents were so wrapped up in Juriko's death that they didn't notice that her twin had left. Haruka fled all the way to Kobe. Her father always loved that city before the war permanently damaged him. In Kobe, Haruka lived freely, that was short-lived however.

Haruka met a beautiful boy named Kimoto Akio on New Year's Day in 1951. This boy was not a normal sixteen-year-old boy. Akio was obsessed with the occult and dark magic. He also knew all about the Eda clan curse. He was so obsessed with the family that he collected newspaper clippings about their blood sacrifices. So anyone could imagine his joy when he first met one of the daughters of the Eda clan.

Initially, Haruka had no interest in the fan boy. He was like a little puppy following her around all over the place. She hated boys like that, but Akio slowly wore the ice queen down. Haruka began to find use in that boy. Maybe having a dog around was convenient after all. Akio did everything in his power to keep her happy and she in return gave him carnal pleasure. This arrangement worked for a while.

One year later, Akio wanted to get married. Haruka refused at the quick start, but yet the puppy didn't quit. After thirteen proposals, she finally said yes. They married on October first, 1952. Her enslavement didn't end there. On August sixth, 1953, Haruka gave birth to Kimoto Yasuo. She never wanted any children; that was all Akio's idea, but how could she turn down such beautiful, angelic eyes? Akio never seemed to age; he still looked just as gorgeous as the day they first met. She may be the one in control, but Akio had his own power over his wife.

On November twenty-third, 1957, Haruka gave birth to a second son. Three years after that on May fifth, the couple had a third son. Haruka thought three children were enough, but Akio wanted more kids. One New Year's Day, 1965, Daisuke was born. Two years later on February second, the couple's first daughter, Yumiko, was born. However shortly after her birth, Haruka and Akio got up one morning on March first and abandoned their children. Nobody knew where the parents went and Yasuo just raised his younger brothers and sister for close to two years.

On March third, 1969, Haruka returned home with two surprises. One; Akio was not with her and two; she had a baby girl in her arms. Her children looked at their mother and the baby in confusion and shock. Haruka gave them a cold smile.

"This is your sister, Kirika," she told her children. They naturally took this as fact and accepted Baby Kirika in the family. Since then, Haruka had dealt with a pack of puppies; three annoyingly loyal and three annoyingly disobedient. She had the disobedient ones put down years ago.

Haruka took a sip of her red wine. Unfortunately, one of the disobedient pups bred another annoyingly disobedient puppy. She was put down once, but Tsuzuki brought her back from the dead. Now, the old tsukai would have to do the whole process all over again. Haruka sighed aloud again as she rubbed her forehead in pain. Dogs just complicated things in her life. It was all Akio's fault with his angelic beauty that drew her in.

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