Black Pawn

Mother of the Year

Chapter Twenty: Mother of the Year:

June 3rd, 1982.

Daisuke awoke to a cruel surprise that morning. First off, it was dead silent in the house. Haruka would usually be yelling at Yasuo in the mornings. Daisuke got out of his futon and wandered around the house.

"Hello?" he asked, "Anybody here?" The boy looked around as no one answered. Maybe they've left for good and he's all alone now? No, that would be too much of a dream. So where are they? Suddenly, Daisuke happened to look out the kitchen window and see smoke. Curious he walked to the back door for a better look. He noticed that his mother was dumping a box of stuff in a fire pit in the backyard. At first, Daisuke thought nothing of it. That was until he noticed a familiar fluffy pink bunny being sacrificed to golden yellow flames below.

That's Kirika's bunny!, he thought with big shocked eyes. It didn't take long for the boy to piece together what was going on. He raced outside to his mother in fear.

"STOP!" Daisuke cried out. Haruka and the boys all paused and looked up. The youngest boy paused to catch his breath.

"Stop!" he cried again, "What are you doing?! That's Kirika's bunny!" His mother sneered at him.

"For fuck sake, she and Yumiko are never coming back!" she yelled, "It's time to forget about them!"

"No!" Daisuke argued. He tried to save what was left of his sisters' belongings from the famished flames. He just about made it to one box when Yasuo tackled him to the ground. Daisuke yelped in pain.

"Get off me!" he cried, "Let me go!" He struggled to get away as Haruka dumped another box into the growing fire.

"Keep still, runt!" Yasuo growled as he sat on his brother to keep him pinned to the ground.

"No!" Daisuke shouted. The boys tussled on the ground even more. Yasuo tried to use his weight to keep the seventeen-year-old from moving around. The other sons watched silent.

"Make this easier on yourself," the third son said quietly. Usually, that command worked. Today, Daisuke resisted his brother's calm voice and command failed. Something in the youngest son completely broke down and snapped. He shoved Yasuo off of his body. The oldest son fell backwards with a thud. Daisuke scrambled to his feet and raced to one of the boxes. He snatched up the nearest thing his fingertips could touch. The boy would've grabbed more if Yasuo hadn't come up behind him and roughly yanked him away. Daisuke fell to the ground with Yumiko and Kirika's birth charms clutched in his hands. Haruka was now pissed.

"Give those to me!" she snapped.

"No!" Daisuke protested.

"I said give those to me!" his mother yelled.

"No!" her son screamed as he held the charms to his chest. Haruka's rage flared up out of control.

"YOU!" the old lady snapped. She picked up her bamboo cane and began beating her youngest son in the head, back, and legs. The other boys watched as the lashes kept coming. Daisuke would've usually folded by this point to stop the pain. This time, something in him just wouldn't take his mother's abuse anymore. He couldn't explain it at the time, but this was all he could do to fight back.

June 13th, 2009.

Tsuzuki arrived at Kimoto Manor's door and rang the door bell. When the door opened wide, shock washed over his face. Anna's whole complexion looked corpse-white. She looked like she would throw up as her whole body trembled all over. Tsuzuki began to get worried.

"What's wrong?" he asked. Her greenish-brown eyes, usually filled with vigor and a quiet strength, looked dead and worn out. Tsuzuki didn't like this one bit.

"Is it Daisuke's tape?" he asked. Anna still didn't speak; she just went in the house. Tsuzuki followed behind uneasily. She led him to her room and paused when she came to the tape player. Tsuzuki couldn't hold back any longer.

"Okay," he said, "Anna, what's wrong? Did Daisuke say something on the tapes?" Anna wouldn't talk and instead she hit play.

Tape Entry #18:

March 21st, 1983.

My name is Kimoto Daisuke. I am eighteen years old and a single father. I have come to a realization last night. I can't get away from my past. It's time I finally came out and said it. I apologize to Anna-chan in advance when she hears this tape. The truth may be ugly and hard to swallow, but it just has to come out. I'm so sorry, Anna-chan.

My mother is Kimoto Haruka and she is Satan in human form. For all of our childhood, she gave us Hell. Mother was a complete bitch. No, she doesn't deserve to be called "mother." Haruka had creative ways of torturing us. One time, Shichiro snuck out to see his then-girlfriend that she didn't like. She found out be morning and the girl had a flaming dead cat on her front porch later that evening. My brother ended up being handcuffed to his bed from then on. I'm not done yet; it gets worse.

Haruka tricked Kirika into feeding poisoned to a neighbor's dog that she didn't like. This was a seven-year-old girl unknowingly killing an innocent that barked too much. By the time Kirika realized what had happened, it was too late. She ran to me crying afterwards. Haruka slapped us around constantly. I always woke up to her yelling at my brothers. She seemed to hate that we existed at all.

Looking back, I don't understand how we took such abuse. What's worse is my so-called "brothers" took it and still tried to make her happy. I didn't realize that until one day in June of last year. I woke up to silence that morning. Right then, I knew something wasn't right. I got up and wandered around the house. Suddenly, I noticed smoke out the kitchen window. Curious, I looked and noticed Kirika's bunny rabbit being dropped into a fire pit along with a few other things. It didn't take me long to realize that Haruka was burning my sisters' things. I raced outside to stop her. Do you know what she said when I asked her what she was doing? Let them go and forget about them. Forget about my sisters? I tried to stop her, but Yasuo tackled me to the ground. As I tried to fight him off, Nobu told me, "Make this easier for yourself." Make this easier for myself? Make this easier for myself? How could he be so blind?

It became so clear to me from that moment on. She did it; Kimoto Haruka and her sons killed my sisters! Suddenly something inside me snapped. I pushed Yasuo off of me and ran to my sisters' things. I only managed to save their birth charms. For that, I took a serious and violent beating from Haruka. Did my brothers help me? No! They just stood there and watched me get beaten by her. As the blows got worse with my tight grip on the charms, the notion of a hellish prison became dead clear to me. I had to get away from my family.

That night, I packed up my stuff and ran away from home. I haven't been back to that neighborhood ever since.

End of Tape Entry #18

Tsuzuki looked at Anna. She trembled all over at first. The woman walked out of the room in a thunder rush. Tsuzuki looked after her confused.

"Anna?" he asked. The sound of vomiting pierced the air in the bathroom. The Shinigami forced himself to wait as he heard the faucet running. In a couple of minutes, Anna came back into the room. Tsuzuki watched her as he said nothing. Anna finally broke down.

"I want to kill that bitch!" she screamed over and over again, "I want to kill her dead!" Tsuzuki raced over to her and held her close to him in an attempt to calm her down. After her rant, Anna heaved out a sigh of anger and sorrow. The woman couldn't even cry; her strength was gone.

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