Black Pawn

Pain Angel

Chapter Twenty-One: Pain Angel:

June 16th, 2009.

Three days later, Anna marched up to Wisteria House's front door and pounded on it hard.

"Emiko!" she yelled, "Get out here, we need to talk!" The door slowly creaked open. Kazue came to the door. Anna blinked in confusion.

"Uh… Is Emiko in?" she asked. Kazue didn't answer and turned inside.

"Emiko, Door!" she yelled. Anna looked inside as the butch demon came to the front door. She grinned at her "student."

"Anna! Just the person I wanted to see! Come right on in!" she said cheerfully as she clapped her hands together. Anna did so in silence and Kazue closed and locked the door behind them.

"Can I get you anything?" Emiko asked as she got out the tea. Anna became serious.

"Give me your worst today!" she commanded. Emiko raised an eyebrow at her.

"Really now?" she asked rather perplexed. Anna's face didn't change.

"Yes. I think it's time. Give me the worst," she demanded. Kazue looked at the ring master.

"Your heard the woman," she said finishing her own cup of tea. Emiko pondered that for a moment. She focused right on the tsukai.

"You sure about this?" she asked.

"Yes!" Anna pressed. Emiko looked at her for a moment.

"Why?" she asked in interest. Anger welled in Anna's eyes.

"My grandmother is an evil and I want to kill her!" she cried. Kazue and Emiko nodded.

"Good enough," the butch demon said, "Come with us." Emiko left the kitchen. Anna got up and followed with Kazue trailing behind. They all came out to the shed. Emiko pushed open the door. Hotaru and Mike were already waiting inside. A sweat drop formed on Anna's head.

How nice! The whole crew is here!, she thought. Emiko signaled her in.

"After you, princess," she said with a graceful bow. Anna nodded and walked inside with the other two demons. Mike looked up.

"Hey," he said with a wave.

"You know about this now?" Ann asked blinking. Hoto-chan looked down a bit.

"We had to tell him," she explained sheepishly, "He figured it out from all of the sex Emiko-sama and I were having lately." A big sweat drop formed on Anna's head.

Figures!, she thought. Emiko clapped her hand together.

"Okay! Let's get to work, shall we?" she said aloud.

"Right," Anna said nodding. Emiko looked the student up and down.

"Strip please," she commanded. Anna slid off her lacy white tank top and threw it to the ground. Mike smirked at the woman's sexy white lacy bra. The tsukai looked dead serious.

"Okay. Position yourself," Emiko told her. Anna did so in silence. The lesbian couple and Mike smirked at her bottom in her jean short shorts. Damn Tsuzuki for having it all soon, lucky bastard! Emiko turned to her girlfriend.

"Hoto-chan," she said.

"Yes?" the loli demon asked.

"Care to do the honors today?" her lover offered. The loli demon perked up big time.

"Yay! Do I get more later?" she asked. Her girlfriend smirked at her.

"Whatever you want," Emiko said with a shrug. Hotaru squealed in delight.

"I won't fail you, Emiko-sama!" she said with a quick bow. The butch demon smiled at her and gave her a kiss on the forehead.

"Good girl," she murmured. Hotaru quickly leapt up to her feet. She and Emiko shared a quick kiss before getting the big cat-o'-nine tails from the wall. Anna drew in a deep breath as she heard the footsteps getting closer. Hotaru smirked at her.

"Today, we have something special for you," she said in a twisted perky voice. Anna looked up some.

"Oh really?" she asked.

"Hell yes!" the loli demon cheered, "This session is only the appetizer." The other woman raised an eyebrow at her.

"Something bigger than this?" she asked.

"Oh yes," Hotaru told her, "So grit your teeth. I don't want to be merciful today." Anna turned forward, smirking.

"Oh, you know I will!" she remarked. Hotaru took the first lash. It didn't even faze the woman.

"Come on, is that all you got?" she asked in a cocky tone. Hotaru brought on more.

"So why do you fight?" she asked. Anna smirked at the loli demon.

"To kill grandma!" she said aloud. Another lash came.

"That's not good enough!" Hotaru yelled. Anna became confused.

"What do you mean?" she asked. More lashes came and Hotaru drew in more strength for the next round.

"Come on, Anna!" she screamed in between more lashes, "You're not even trying. I want you to find the answer, not jump onto the next convenient answer they give you!" The loli demon stepped back for a breath before continuing again.

"Now, let's try this again," she said much calmer, "Why do you, Kimoto Anna Elizabeth, still fight after so long?" The pain took over the tsukai's mind. She couldn't think straight anymore. The high she had earlier had worn off when Hotaru shot down her answer.

"I don't know!" she yelled. Six more lashes came.

"Sure you do!" Hotaru barked in between more lashes, "You're just really digging for the answer! Come on, I know you know why you fight. Keep looking for it!"

"But I don't know how!" Anna cried. Nine more lashes followed.

"TRY!" Hotaru cried. More lashes followed without mercy. Anna tried her best to think through the thick pain. Why did she fight? How would she even know how to find the answer? The whipping broke her concentration. Emiko watched aroused. Hoto-chan could be so brutal when it was called for. The butch demon always loved them bittersweet. So sexy! Maybe they should have a private encore later. Hotaru drew back, panting. Anna breathed as the pain invaded her spine. The loli demon recomposed herself.

"Okay," she said, "Now, we will go to the box." The other woman jerked up her head.

"Huh?" she asked half-out of it. Mike sat up a bit.

"Do you think she can take anymore?" he asked. The other three demons looked at him.

"Sure!" Emiko insisted. "We have to get the kitsune out somehow." She leaned in close to her housemate.

"Come on, Mike!" she pushed, "You know you want to see what happens when the infamous Eda-Kimoto curse is set free! The box will help us do so!" Mike looked away some.

"Fine," he said, "I'm keeping my hands off if we end up killing her!"

"She'll be fine, relax!" Emiko insisted, "She does have the kitsune, after all." Mike said nothing. The butch demon turned to the other two.

"Get her down and take her with us," she ordered.

"Right!" Hotaru cheered.

"Yeah, yeah," Kazue mumbled. The demons unstrapped Anna and dragged her out of the shed. Emiko turned to a frowning Mike.

"Come on, Mikey!" she said, "Smile!" The other demon did as he gave her the bird. Emiko rolled her eyes.

"Oh that's real mature!" the butch demon muttered to herself. She headed out the door. Mike followed behind and shut the doors.

They all went further into the backyard. Emiko unlocked the heavy steel, vine-covered gate. Two heavy steel doors were revealed. The butch demon turned to the crew.

"Mike, help me open the doors," she said with grace. The male demon did so reluctantly. An icy cold breeze hit them all hard. Emiko went inside first. Kazue and Hotaru carried Anna inside next and Mike followed behind shutting the doors. Down the narrow hallway, through the glass doors after Emiko used her handprint to unlock them, through a short narrow hallway, and straight into the control room. Emiko and Mike stayed in the main room. Kazue and Hotaru took Anna into the experimental half and stood her to her feet. The women set up everything on both sides. Emiko turned on the microphone.

"Ready in there?" she asked.

"Just about," Hoto-chan replied.

"I'll let you play with the controls, okay?" her girlfriend offered.

"Nice!" the loli demon chirped.

"Done!" Kazue said.

"Okay," Emiko said, "Come on to this side." The other two demons complied. Kazue closed and locked the door behind them. Emiko turned to her girlfriend.

"Start up the machine," she said.

"Okay!" Hotaru she as she flipped on the switch. Everything glowed as it started up with a low hum. Emiko hit record on the machine.

"Okay, let us being the experiment," she began, "Subject is Kimoto Anna Elizabeth. My colleagues and I will administer the shock treatment right now. Begin." The butch demon turned to her girlfriend.

"Fire it up!" she commanded. Hotaru nodded.

"Roger!" the loli demon said with a salute. She turned up the knob.

"Fifteen!" she shouted. Anna screamed as the electric shocks tan through her body; such a violent alarm clock. The woman panted hard, but the experiment had only begun.

"Subject is finally conscious," Emiko said to the recording. She turned to her girlfriend.

"Crank it up," she commanded. Hotaru nodded.

"Twenty!" she yelled. Anna screamed again. Emiko nodded.

"Twenty-five!" Hotaru called as she turned the dial again. The shocks and screaming followed behind for close an hour. By sixty-five, Mike turned to Emiko.

"Shouldn't we stop now? I'm not going to be responsible for her death," he whispered. Emiko didn't look up.

"She'll be fine, Mike," the butch demon brushed off. She turned back to her girlfriend.

"Continue," she told her. Hotaru nodded.

"Seventy!" she shouted as she turned the knob again. Anna cried out as the intense shock took her into deeper pain. As the voltage increased, worry rose as well. By 110 volts, even Hotaru paused and turned to her girlfriend.

"Shouldn't we call a doctor?" she asked. Emiko shock her head.

"Continue," the ring leader said with a serious look on her face. The loli demon looked uneasily.

"You sure about that?" she asked as she tilted her head.

"Just do it," Emiko pressed. Hotaru nodded sickly.

"Okay… 115!" she said as she turned the knob. This time, shocks and silence. Hotaru reluctantly increased the voltage. Mike prepared to stop Emiko if things got out of control. In twenty minutes, Hotaru reached the highest voltage. She was about to call it when Emiko held up her hand.

"That's enough," she told her softly. Her girlfriend looked confused.

"But…" she mumbled.

"That's enough," her girlfriend insisted, "The experiment is now over." The butch demon stopped the recording and turned everything off. Hotaru slowly stood up as Emiko kept a serious face.

"Now, let's check on Anna," she said in a commanding voice. The demons walked over to the heavy steel doors and Kazue pushed them open. Darkness greeted them at first, but then there it was. All of the demons looked on in shock.

"Wow!" they said breathlessly. Anna hung before them with great white wings on her back. None of them had expected this.

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