Black Pawn

Whip Scars

Chapter Three: Whip Scars:

Anna sat at her desk deep in thought. She agreed with Tsuzuki to assist in stopping her family. However, she hit a sudden wall. Anna was a kitsune-tsukai and possibly had the legendary "mother kitsune." That's where it fell apart. The kitsune was sealed in her soul. Plus, Daisuke never taught her how to control it. Anna sat back and blew on her bangs. Haruka already took her hostage once. She was done playing the victim; time to stand up and fight back! Anna wrote Rihoko and Yoko-chan a note and left Kimoto Manor. In a few minutes, she knocked on Wisteria House's door.

"Coming!" a voice croaked. The door slowly slid open and Emiko peeked outside.

"Oh Anna!" she perked up, "Just the person I want to see!"Anna raised an eyebrow at her.

"Why?" she asked. Emiko shook her head.

"Never mind!" she said quickly, "Come inside." She grabbed the woman pulled her inside. They sat in the living room moments later.

"So," Emiko said, pressing her hands together, "What brings you by?" Anna bit her lower lip some.

"Tsuzuki convinced the Ju-Cho-Oh to keep me alive to try and stop my family," she began, "I think grandma killed my aunts as well. I want to help out so badly. But…"

"You are essentially useless and you want to break daddy's seal?" Emiko finished.

"Yes!" Anna said quickly, "Can you help me?" The butch demon thought about this.

"You are aware that you are asking me to go against Daisuke's vow, right?" she asked.

"This more important," Anna replied, "Papa would want me to protect myself in any way that I could." Emiko gave her a little smile.

"Well then, come with me!" she said. Emiko stood up and walked out of the room. A curious Anna followed behind.

Emiko led her guest to a black shed in the backyard. Anna looked at it uneasily while She tried her best to hide it. Emiko came to the door and paused.

"You can turn back if you want," the demon spoke up. Anna looked up at her.

"Hm?" she asked.

"I'm giving you the choice of backing out," Emiko went on, "Once you go through this choice, you can't change your mind. So do you want to do this or not? Think hard about this now."

"I've made up my mind," Anna said sternly, "I'm not going to be a victim anymore! I want this!" Emiko pushed open the door.

"Come right in," she said. The women walked into the shed. Anna became confused by the setting around her. This shed looked more like an S&M parlor. Whips and chains covered the walls. Shackles hung from the ceiling. Anna turned to Emiko who was now closing the door.

"Emiko," the woman spoke up.

"Uh-hm," the butch demon replied.

"What does S&M have to do with breaking the seal?" Anna asked. Emiko grinned at her like a hungry wolf.

"Your kitsune is perfectly awake inside of you," she announced, "I can sense it inside of you! She is awake, but yet she can't move." Anna raised an eyebrow at her.

"It's awake?" she asked.

"She's awake," Emiko corrected, "And she can't move."

"Okay, so what does S&M have to do with that?" Anna asked. Emiko moved in close to her.

"In order to get kitsune-sama moving, we have to do physical damage to your body," she summed up. Okay, Anna hadn't expected this at all. She nodded as she grimaced.

"Okay…" her voice trailed out.

"Good!" Emiko said grinned at her, "Take off your dress."

"Wait, what?! Why?!" she cried with wide eyes.

"Just do it," she commanded, grinning. Anna winced and stripped off her red and white sundress. Emiko smirked at the idea of her stripped for this.

"Now, turn your back to me and put your wrists in the shackles," the butch demon ordered in a husky, seductive voice. Anna did so with a grim look on her face. Emiko shackled her wrists in tightly. She went over to the wall of whips and pulled the first one that caught her eye. Emiko turned to her victim.

"Okay, Anna," she yelled, "Grit your teeth!" The demon struck the woman in the back hard with the whip. Anna screamed out loud enough to draw anyone's attention passing by the yard.

"Screaming makes it worse!" Emiko yelled. She struck Anna again with the whip. The poor woman tried not to scream. She shut her eyes tightly and tried to count the lashes in her head. Each one hurt more than last and Emiko wouldn't let up. She seemed to be enjoying it too much to do so. Sweat formed on her brow with each lash.

"Bear… with… me… Anna!" she said in between lashes, "Take it like a bitch!" The lashes grew more painful and Anna panted in misery. Sinking down wasn't an option; the shackles held her standing. She thought that she would die.

The whipping ended in three hours; to Anna, it felt like forever. She panted in misery. Emiko walked over to her and lightly stroked her on the cheek.

"There, there," she whispered, "You'll get used to the pain in a few weeks." Anna didn't response due to her lack of energy and heavy pain. Emiko gently unshackled her wrists and Anna fell to the ground. The demon shook her head.

"Poor lamb," she mumbled. Emiko dragged Anna away to bandage her wounds.

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