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The Billionaire's Bride


"He looked at her the way all women want to be looked on by a man!" ~F. Scott Fitzgerald Neil khanna, a billionaire, arrogant, cocky and cold. "Love is beautiful " is completely a facade according to this practical homo sapien. Romance and commitment are his foes since the very beginning. Avni Mehta, a simple Town girl . Bubbly and a complete proton, Positivity reflecting in her nature. Being brought together by an unlikely union, the blame of which stands by none but Destiny. Living with Neil Khanna is not easy, a man as cold and arrogant as Neil is not easy to deal with. Or is she being judgemental, judging this guy merely by his outer appearance? Will Avni be able to unfold the mystery of Neil khanna? Will she able to make a place in his heart? Will love ever blossom amidst the duo? Will this ship named Avneil sink before starting it's very sail? To unfold more of it start reading "The Billionaire's Bride".

Romance / Drama
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Standing by the window, of a huge mansion, he looked at the sun as it had risen above the horizon and was now shining brightly. The Ray's of which was illuminating lives of anyone but him. With a still face he looked at the birds chirping, as their melodious voice filled the air and sounded like soft music. His hand hung on the window pane and his face hovering a frown he closed his eyes trying to inhale some peace.

But what kept on flashing in his mind were memories, memories of what happened in Bandra that day . Him filling the hairline of a girl, he barely knew but hated with all his guts. Him picking her up in his arms and moving around the havan kund taking seven rounds.

Then him pushing her away and moving forward in his life as if she never existed. He didnt care, he surely didnt. But these happenings surely had been running in his mind like a repeat telecast reminding him of the marriage that existed but not accepted.

How could he merely marry a girl who he saw holding the hand of another man double of her age. How could he marry someone despite the fact he hates commitments . Love was surely not his cup of tea. Marriage definitely not his destination.

For others marriage would be a dream, but for him this was turning out to be nightmare, a disaster which was adding on to his troubles of surviving another sleepless night.

With rage thriving through his blood, he picked up the huge Vase kept on the side table beside and threw it on the ground violently shattering it into multiple small pieces. With this the memories running in his mind came to an abrupt hault. Panting heavily he looked at the mess he had created.

It was then when he turned around to take notice of his little sister, Ahana. Who by now was startled and fear clearly hovered her face. She gulped down the saliva that had formed in her throat.

His gaze softened. "Ahana!" He muttered.

"Mom has called you down for breakfast." She muttered in a slow voice.

He nodded in positive, telling her that he would be down in a while.

Understanding his action she began to move down. But then turned around and with a scared expression managed to ask , "Is everything okay bhai?" .

"It is. I'm coming down." He muttered in a slow voice, yet cold enough to make Ahana shiver in fear. Nodding her head in positive she quickly hurried down the stairs.

Neil khanna , a billionaire with everything that one wishes for in life except for happiness. Happiness to him is an alien language, which he has never experienced in life. To the world he is arrogant and rude. Love in his life is his mother Shweta and little sister Ahana. His world revolved around them. However they could never get him to be happy.

Life, to him is just associated with increasing shares, merging deals and adding on money to his already rich and wealthy bank account.

What Shall Happen when the world of this monster in disguise of a human collides with an angel. A happy go lucky girl.

Will he snatch away her innocence? And cause severe destruction in her life?

Will she loose herself in the process of making him realise the difference between mere breathing and actual living?

Or will they be able to establish a happy life together?

Can what started as a disastrous beginning get converted into an intense love story?

For unfolding the mysteries of Neil Khanna, join me in the journey of "The Billionaire's Bride."

Thank you!


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