What Did I Do

Chapter 10

Mai pov.

Once we got inside the office I made Naru tea and I sat down.

"Mai we have a case, I don't know how long this one will be so I give it maybe a week or more." Naru says and I nod my head. "Be here by 10 am Mai." Naru says.

"Okay Naru I get it don't be late." I say and then get up because I am hungry.

"Do you guys want food?" I ask Lin and Naru.

"No." They both say and I walk downstairs and I grab a bagel.I eat it and I go back upstairs and finish all my work. Naru lets me off early. I get home and pack my bag and then look into the house that we are going to. I gather all the information the computer and files have and then print it all out and put it in a folder. I go to bed and wake up at seven. Once I wake up I take a shower and eat breakfast. I still have an hour until I have to be at the office. I grab my laptop and the case files and my bag and start the walk to the office. Once I get there I make Naru his tea and Gene comes in.

"So who is coming with us?" I ask and Gene grins.

"Everyone!" He yells because he has only had me for the past seven days and he is extremely bored out of his mind. I start to load the equipment and my stuff into the car. I make sure to have my medication in the bag before I go into the office to see everyone there.

"So Naru what is this case about?" John asks.

"This family has come to us for help, they have just moved into this new house, well there 13 year old can't hear anything but people screaming, since they moved in. She was fine before they moved in, so now she just listens to music through headphones. They tried to take her off the property but her heart stopped for a few seconds until they brought her back onto the property." Naru says and I decide to add on.

"There were multiple murders in the house, the first murder though she was a twelve year old girl, she was depressed, the father killed her because of it because she couldn't hear anything but the screams of agony in her head. Well the father realized what he had done and he killed himself the mother and his son. This was about 68 years ago so ever since then he has been killing girls the same age as his daughter. There have been multiple missing's in this house so we should all stay together." I say.

"Mai is right, we must be careful here." Naru says and we all leave for the long trip to this house. Once we pull up to the house I get up and start to set up base with Bou-san and John. Ayako and Masako are setting up camera's and Yasu is doing more research in the library.

"Mai tea!" Naru yells I get up and go to head out the door, when I see a little girl coming out of a room. She is wearing headphones so I know that it is the daughter. She looks so lost in her own head. She walks into the library and I see Yasu look up and smile. I go to the kitchen and make the tea. I stop by the library to give a cup to Yasu, he smiles gratefully and I head over to the base to give everyone tea.

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