What Did I Do

Chapter 11

Mai pov.

Everyone was put into groups. Monk and Ayako, John and Masako, Lin and Madoka, Gene and Yasu, and Naru and I. Ugh the jerk said so that I wouldn't get killed in my sleep. Jerk. Madoka even though she is pregnant wanted to go on a case so Lin finally caved and made her promise to stay in base. Yasu is bringing her files and files up on the house. Monk and Ayako are taking tempatures, John is walking Masako around in case she feels anything. Gene is just hanging around base with me while Naru watches the monitors. Gene and I are playing cards when it starts to get really cold. I shoot up when I feel a hand touch my shoulder. I turn around and no one is there just the faint outline of someone. I scream and back up. The ghost try's to choke me. Naru puts a hand over my mouth.

"Mai calm down and think." Naru says and I try to calm down but I can't. The ghost puts its fingers around my neck.

"NOLL LET MAI GO!" Gene shouts at Naru and he lets me go, I run over to Gene and he brings me into his arms.

"Shh Mai he didn't mean to scare you, he's just trying to figure out how the father killed the daughter." Gene try's to explain to me but that doesn't mean he can just put me in harms way. I let out a sob. I can still faintly feel the hands around me neck and Naru's hand on my mouth witch makes me cry harder.

"Look what you did Noll, you are an idiot, you could have found another way to find out how he killed her." Gene says and Naru sighs.

"Fine do what you want, everyone back to work." Naru yells and everyone goes back to work. I let go of Gene and go over by Naru.

"I am sorry Mai but this is the only way to figure it out, other than you sleeping and even then you take medication, to keep the dreams away." Naru says and I have to say he is smart.

"I take it so I can still breathe other wise I would have died when you left." I say and walk away to go find the daughter. Once in the hallway I see a door agar so I go over to it. I open it a little more to see the daughter with her headphones on clutching her head and crying trying to stop the screams most likely. I go in and hold her. She looks hesitant and then she melts into my embrace.

"You are here to help me right?" She asks me and I nod my head yes. I look around the room to see the walls are painted blood red and black her bed spread is black and dark blue. The ceiling however is sunset colors with mountains. I point up asking what it means.

"That is what the sunset looked like when we lived in our old house, I haven't seen it since then because I can't leave the house so this is the closest thing I can have." She explains quietly and I smile. I get up and point to the door saying I need to leave and she nods her head yes. I go back to base to find out everyone went to bed except Naru. I sigh but let him lead the way to our room here.

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