What Did I Do

Chapter 12

Mai pov.

Once we got into the bedroom Naru went to the bathroom to change and I got changed and crawled into the bed. I turn so I don't have to face Naru. Once he comes back into the room and lays down he makes an agitated noise.

"Mai look at me.' He says with an underlining softness I have never heard out of him before. I turn to look at him.

"Yes?" I ask with a sense of I don't care but I do.

"I am sorry about earlier, I didn't mean for you to get hurt Mai please believe me," Naru says.

"I trust you Naru, but you terrified me today..." I say my voice wavering but I don't get to finish my sentence. Naru crashes his lips onto mine. I let out a soft gasp and Naru smirks. I close my eyes and wrap my arms around his neck. He pulls away eventually after we both can't breathe. He rests his forehead on mine. I look down so he can't see my eyes.

"Naru what does this make us?" I ask because honestly I have no clue what runs through this boys head sometimes.

"Mai I have loved you since you told me you loved me but, I thought you loved Gene because he's the nicer one but you proved to me that you only like him in a brotherly way." Naru says and I chuckle.

"If you would have listened that day you would have known that already." I say and he just kisses me again to shut me up. Eventually, I fall asleep in his arms.

(dream land)

I open my eyes to see the all too familiar blackness. I look around and see a girl with a family. She walks onto the property and her smile vanishes. She walks to her room and she sees's an older man there. I try to tell her not to go over there.

"Hi, mister why are you here?" She asks him kindly.

"Hello, Sara why are you in here I told you to never come in here." The man says and she looks at him worried.

"My name isn't Sara Mister and this is my room." She says to him in a kind voice.

"No this is my study Sara now get out!" He yells at her and she screams and runs away from him. He runs after her and throws her to the wall. He hits her across the face and she screams...

(end of dream land)

Naru pov.

I wake up to Mai screaming holding onto me like I'm her lifeline. Well, she has one hand on my shirt and the other is clutching her head. She has tears streaming down her face. I hold her to me and she lets out a sob. I wish I could comfort her but whatever she saw, she knows that it had happened.

"Mai what happened? Do you want me to get your medication?" I ask her. She shakes her head no. So I just hold her.

"Naru h-how could-d someone-one kill-l there own child-dream?" She asks me and I sigh.

"I have no clue how a parent could be so cruel to bring harm to something they created." I say and I just hold her because that is the only thing I can do. I look at the clock to see it is 9 am.

"I think we should get up or the others will start to worry." I tell her and we both get up and get ready for the long day ahead of us. We walk into base together and Monk hugs Mai.

"Are you okay we heard you scream?" He asks and she nods her head yes. I go over to the computers and watch last night's videos. Nothing. Why can't this damn ghost come out it is starting to piss me off? Mai comes over to me and she sits on the chair across from me.

"Another family from my dream moved in and the daughter became almost instantly depressed and sad. The ghost was in her room. She asked him who he was and he said that you should not be in here Sara. Her name was not Sara. After a while, he ended up hitting her and I guess she died there but I don't know for sure." Mai says and I nod while writing it down in my notebook. Once Mai was done talking she went to make tea. I heard her scream and I was out and into the kitchen in less than 5 seconds tops. I saw her against the wall with hands around her neck. The daughter of the people is on the floor looking surprised. Lin sends his shaky after the ghost when it see's us it runs. Once it dropped Mai and she passed out from loss of oxygen.

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