What Did I Do

Chapter 13

Naru pov.

I picked Mai up and brought her to our bedroom and laid her down on the bed and pulled the covers over her. I sit on the chair next to the bed while barking out orders for the others to do. Lin looks at me silently asking me if he should leave and I nod my head yes. Once everyone leaves I grab Mai's hand and hold it. Once I realize that she won't be waking up for awhile I grab her medication and put it on the bedside with a glass of water. I grab my book and hold it up with one hand while the other is occupying Mai's limp hand.

Mai pov.

(dream land)

I open my eyes once again and see him kill all of them. All of them are killed differently. Slit throats, choking, burning, drowning, etc...

He killed them all in the basements walls. If we knock down the walls in the basement we could find all the missing bodies. But we have to be careful about the walls if we touch them we will have to see how that person died over and over again.

(out of dream land)

I wake up with a scream in my throat. Once Naru sees's I shoot up he puts his book down and holds me as I sob. I saw so many people die in less than 3 hours. He holds me and whispers that it will be okay even though we both know it won't be it never is.

"I saw them all be killed I know where the bodies are but we need to get to them before she dies or me." I tell him and he nods so we both rush to base and I get things to tear down walls. Once everyone heard the whole story and to not touch the walls we all head down the stairs into the basement. Once we tear down the wall I am the first one to see it all. I let out a gasp and turn around only to bump right into Naru's chest. He looks over me and into the room. He holds me closer so no one else can hear me sobbing. Every time I close my eyes I see them all being killed again.

"Mai we are going to send them all to the next world so they could rest in peace okay you can go upstairs and sit with Mariana." Naru says to me and I go up the stairs with no objection. I go to her room to see her laying down on the bed with the headphones off and looking up at the ceiling. I feel the house shake and I stumble into the room. She brings me over to her bed and without thinking I speak to her.

"Thank you." I say and sit down. She looks at me with wide eyes.

"I can hear you!" She screams with delight and I let out a soft laugh.

"I guess you can well let's go tell your parents." I say and we head to the family room and where her mother and father are.

"Hi mama, Papa," She says and they both greet her. The notice her grin and look at her confused.

"Talk." She urges them.

"Why are you so happy?" He father asks.

"Because I can hear you papa, mama!" She yells and her father hugs her and I leave the room feeling like I'm intruding. I went and packed up the van and then everyone else came and we all went home. Case closed and now I have to go make a phone call.

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