What Did I Do

Chapter 15

Mia pov.

My brother knocked on the door and I opened it and he came in with Akemi on his hip.

"Hi, Mai." He says and puts Akemi down and she goes into the living room. We sit at the kitchen table and sign papers of how she is in my custody and stuff like that. Once he leaves I cook dinner so we can eat. She sits at the table and we talk for a little and then I bring her into the bathroom and give her a bath. I dress her in soft pajama's and then I tuck her into bed and kiss her on the forehead. I leave the door open a crack with the lights off. I go to the kitchen and make tea and start to work on some homework. I hear a knock on my door I get up and answer it.

"Mai, sorry for coming by so late but something happened to Ayako." Bou-san says out of breath and my eyes widen.

"What happened?!" I whisper yell.

"She fell down the stairs and hit her head pretty hard, she's a the hospital," He says.

"I can come in the morning but right know I have to stay here." I say and he looks at em like I am crazy.


"Because I have a child to look after remember." I tell him and he seems to realize, so he nods his head and hugs me then leaves. I go to bed and wake up the next morning to someone poking me. I open my eyes to Akemi so I sit up.

"What's up?" I say.

"Someone is knocking at the door," She says so I get up and look through the peephole. Naru, well crap.

"Can you go into the kitchen honey I will only be a minute?" I ask her softly and she nods and goes. I open the door. Naru is standing there tapping his foot impatiently. He glares at me when I open the door.

"Mai." Naru says in a mad voice, I flinch.

"Yes, Naru?" I ask him and he looks pissed. I have never seen him this mad.

"Why must you always go against what I say!" He yells at me and I don't bite my tongue.

"Shut up Naru! This is my life, I can live it how I want to, if I want to take care of her I will and it is none of your damn business!" I yell at him and hurt flashes over his eyes.


"No you don't get to rule my life, I have had enough of people telling me what to do, I am old enough to make my own decisions, and I don't want a child that I can clearly help, to suffer through what I did, and if I can prevent that then I will!" I yell at him and he looks mad again but also hurt.

"Mia you do have to listen to us! You can only help people so much Mia and in the end, someone will end up hurt." Naru yells at me.

"No stop it I can't be near you right know I have enough to deal with call me when you cooled down!" I yell and slam the door shut. I turn my back to the door and slide down it until I am sitting on the floor my head in my hands with tears coming down my face.

"Aunty Mai, why are you crying?" Akemi asks me and I look up and smile.

"It hurts me when people believe I can't do things even if I can." I say and wipe the tears away and then stand up.

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