What Did I Do

Chapter 16

Mai pov.

After I got dressed and Akemi ate we went to the hospital. Once we got there Monk came up to me and hugged me.

"So do we know anything?" I ask and he nods.

"She'll be fine but they want to run some tests," He says and I nod my head.

"Well, Monk this is Akemi, Akemi this is Monk." I say and Monk nods his head while Akemi hides behind me. Monk ruffles her hair like he does to me all the time.

"Hey, their little one I'm not that scary am I?" He says crouching do he is only a little bit taller than her.

"Hi." Akemi says weakly and I laugh at Monks' face.

"So how did Naru take it?"Monk asks and I visibly tense up and Monk looks up at me. "He took it that bad?" He asks and I nod my head letting a few tears fall before I wipe them viciously. Monk stands up and hugs me.

"So what should we do while we wait?" I ask and right then I get a phone call. I sigh but pull out my phone and see the caller Id. I pick it up.

"Hello, Oliver." I say and he sighs over the phone.

"Really Mai switching to my first name? Are you really that mad at me?" He asks.

"Yes, I now do you want to talk about this like reasonable adults or am I going to yell at you again to let me live my life?" I ask him.

"I want to talk to you can you meet me at the cafe under the office?" Naru asks.

"Okay but Akemi is coming with me," I say.

"Okay." Naru replies then hang's up. I pick Akemi up and we start to walk to the cafe which is only a few streets down.

"Mai where are you going?" Monk asks and I chuckle.

"To see what Naru has to say." I say and Monk laughs and goes back to Ayako's room. While I walked Akemi plays with my hair. Once I reach the cafe I place her in a seat and then sit down. Naru comes don from the office and sits down across from me.

"Mai I am sorry for yelling at you." Naru says but he sounds like he is forcing it out. Probably is I mean Naru thinks he is always right after all.

"Do you think I am going to accept this apology?" I ask him and he looks up at me.

"Would you accept this apology or would you just ignore me?" I ask him sincerely and he gives me that look.

"I-I'm sorry Mai please forgive me I don't want to see you turn your back to me," Naru says and damn it I can't stay mad at him forever.

"I forgave you right after I made you leave Naru, I just wanted to see how far you would go to get me back." I say and Naru sends me a glare which I smile at. I stand up and go over to him.

"So now that I forgive you, why don't you want me to take care of her?" I ask him getting in his face. He pecked my lips which I didn't expect.

"Because I still think you're too young to take care of her on your own." Naru says and I huff in annoyance.

"I am old enough to do this Naru and you act like I won't get help from all of my friends. They all support me why can't you?" I ask him and he chuckles.

"Mai I said I don't think you can do it on your own. So why don't you move to my place and we can take care of Akemi." He said and I look at him shocked.

"Naru I did this knowing what I was giving up. You would give up on all of your freedom just to help me?" I ask him skeptically.

"Why is it so hard to believe, I'm just trying to help out my girlfriend." Naru says and I smile at him.

"Thank you." I say and peck his lips then go back to my seat.

"I can help you move into my place for the next couple of days." Naru says and I nod my head yes.

"So how is this going to work?" I ask and Naru laughs.

"We are an actual couple so why should we have to lie and act. Our team knows everything so why try to hide it. I'll even let my parents come meet you." Naru says and I look at him wearily.

"What have you done to Naru?" I ask and Naru looks at me like I'm the crazy one.

"First you laughed, second you never want anyone to meet your parents," I say.

"Well, I guess everyone changes for the better sometimes." Naru says and I nod my head in agreement.

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