What Did I Do

Chapter 2

Mai pov.

I wake up the next morning and rush to get dressed. I throw on a light blue button up shirt and a black skirt. I pack my bag and I grab my laptop so I can still do work for school. I meet Tadao at the door. He pecks me on the lips and we go in different directions. I get to work on time. Surprisingly.

"How did you get here on time Mai?" Naru asks me and I smile.

"Well I woke up late so I tried to be faster than usual." I say and make him his tea. I give it to him and he goes into his office. I sigh but set all my things down and start to pack all of the equipment into the van. Once everyone arrives I have everything in the van and I'm in between Naru and Lin. They are still and they are still mad at each other. I call Tadao seeing as it is his lunch break.

"What's up?" Tadao asks me and I smile.

"I won't be home till next week on Monday." I say.

"Okay see you Monday, please don't get killed." He says in a joking matter.

"I can't make any promises." I say jokingly and I hear the bell ring in the back round

"Go I will be fine bye." I say and hang up. I end up falling asleep.

(dream land)

I see a girl sitting at a bench picking at a flower. There is a man two benched away and he keeps looking at her. The girl looks to be about 16 or 17. The man walks up to her.

"Miss do you know where this place is, I'm trying to find my friends house." He asks her and she smiles and gets up to bring him to the place. After a little while of walking they reach a house. All of a sudden the man puts a rag over her mouth and locks her in the basement of the house. When she wakes up she starts to pound on the basement door.

"LET ME OUT OF HERE! SOMEONE HELP ME!" She would scream.

"No you are my daughter now and no one else's!" He would yell back. Then he killed her. The girl looked like me.

I wake up with a start reaching for my bag. I look through it and find that Tadao forgot to make me take my medicine. I curl into a ball. Well as much as I can with a seatbelt. I can hear Naru yelling my name but it seems so far away.

Naru pov.

When Mai fell asleep it was quiet. She woke up with a start two hours later. She was reaching for her bag when I guess she remembered she didn't bring something. I see the tears running down her face and I start to get worried.

"MAI!" I keep yelling out her name but she can't hear me. Lin pulls over and I unbuckle her seat belt and carry her out of the car. She starts to gasp. I get her phone and call her boyfriend.

"What's up Mai?" He asks.

"Something is wrong with her she woke up and she is having a hard time breathing and she is crying." I yell and he starts to curse.

"Check her bag for her medicine." He says and I get her bag and see the medicine in there. I make her swallow it. She start starts to breath normally after a few seconds.

"What happened Naru?" Mai asks.

"I don't now Mai why didn't you tell me you had to take medication for the dreams?" I ask her with venom in my voice. She flinches.

"I didn't think I would be dreaming, I can normally control it, thank you very much." She says and gets back into the van. I sigh but follow her. When we get there she unpacks the van with no problems. She sets base up and then she starts to interview people.

"Well girls around 14-18 will go missing when they come here, and then we will find them in the basement with daughter carved into the skin with a knife. There outh are always but outward like they are screaming." All of them say. When the first person says that Mai becomes so pale. Once everyone leaves base it is juts Mai and I.

"Plan on telling me your dream?" I ask her.

"A guy killed his daughter and ever since then he kills girl that look like me." She answers. This is going to be a fast case I think not taking to Monday though. We hear a loud crash from down stairs and I go flying down the stairs. I hear Mai scream behind me and see a man behind her with a knife.

"Let her go she is not your daughter." I say calmly.

"No this is my daughter!" The man yells holding Mai to him tighter.

"Naru." Mai whispers.

"That is not your daughter that is my Assistant Mai Taniyama, let her go now or you will pay." I say getting my PK up. he doesn't let her go. I sigh.

"MAI DUCK!" I scream just as I send a ball of PK towards the man it hits him just as Mai ducks. The ghost vanishes. I catch Mai before she falls to the floor, she's passed out. I guess this case is done. I start to feel the PK use drain me and I fall. Mai lands on top of me. I pass out then.

I wake up to Mai and Lin screaming my name.

"I'm awake relax." I say and Mai launches herself at me. She hugs me as she starts to cry. Once everyone wakes up we pack up and leave.

Mai pov.

I walk home it's like 5a.m. I didn't even bother calling Tadao telling him I was going to be coming home early. I knew he would be home anyway. I unlock our apartment door and walk in. I walk to my bedroom. I open the door and see another girl in my bed with m boyfriend. Naked. I slam the door shut and leave with no words spoken. I hear Tadao screaming my name. I just continue to run. I run until I can't stand anymore. I fall to the sidewalk sobs wracking my body. If I was tired before I definitely wasn't now. I pull my phone out and call the only person I could think of. Naru.

"Mai why are you calling me I just fell asleep." Naru says groggily.

"N-Naru!" I let out a sob after his name.

"What happened Mai?" Naru sounds wide awake now.

"Ta-adao-o ch-heat-t-ed-d on m-me." I sob over the phone.

"Where are you Mai?" Naru asks and I try to tell him the road. I think he eventually figured out what I was saying and he told me he would be there in 2 minuets. I see him walking down the road towards me. I let out another sob that wracks my whole body. Naru crouches down and picks me up. I wrap my arms around his neck and cry into his shoulder.

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