What Did I Do

Chapter 3

Naru pov.

I went home and fell asleep. Only to be woken up an hour later. I knew who was calling but I had no clue why. I answered the phone only to here sobs. But not just sobs. The kind of sobs of a broken heart. I begged her to tell me where she was. I couldn't understand her so I just tracked the phone call. I found that she was only a few streets from my house. I ran to her. Once I got there I saw Mai on the ground curled into a ball, sobs wracking her body. I pick her up and she wraps her arms around my neck and she cried into my shoulder. She didn't say anything. I don't even now why she is crying but this is bad something must have happened between her and her boyfriend. I bring her to my place and I put her in my bed. I go to the kitchen and make her tea. I bring it back to her.

"Naru I'm sorry." Mai says.

"Don't be something obviously happened for you to be like this." I say and give her the tea. She takes a sip and then places it on the nightstand.

"Can you tell me what happened?" I ask her and she nods her head.

"Well we got back to SPR, I put everything away and brought all the equipment in, then I headed home and I walked into my house and went to my bedroom and" She closes her eyes for a minuet " and I opened the door to find Tadao with another girl having sex." She says just barley getting it out of her mouth. Her tears start again and I wrap my arms around her in a awkward way.

"It will be okay Mai." I whisper to her trying to be comforting.

"No it won't be, that is MY house, I have to go to school with him I have to see him everyday, He was the one who was there when you weren't, he was there to pick me up on my bad days, he worried about me when no one else did. It's not fair that he did this to me. What did I do wrong, How do I always mess everything up!" She's yelling by the end but the tears only get worse.

She is talking about me rejecting her, then she found Tadao and he was there and now he is not but I am.

"What have I done wrong, what did I do wrong to make no one really love me Naru?" She asks me.

"Nothing Mai everyone loves you." I say to her.

"You don't! That's all I have ever cared about, I wanted your love not Tadao's, but it was never enough not for you and not for him either!" She yells and pushes me away. I sit there shocked. She thinks I don't love her, I have loved her for so long.

"You asked me Gene or you, how could I love your dead twin brother, and I loved seeing your smile, I wanted you to smile like your brother, that is how I knew I loved you Naru!" She yells and puts her head on her knee's. I just get up because I can't comfort her and I'm just making it worse. I let her have my room and I go to the extra room next door to mine. I hear her sobs through the wall, it just darkens my mood. I hate him for hurting her like this. I have never seen her so broken, and weak. Eventually I don't hear her sobs anymore so I now she is asleep. I fall asleep shortly after.

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