What Did I Do

Chapter 4

Mai pov.

I wake up in the morning to my phone ringing. I answer it.

"Thank god your alright,I was so worried, Tell me where you are I'll come get you." Tadao says over the phone.

"You have no right to worry about me, or my where about's Tadao Oshiro." I say.

"Mai let me explain."

"No you explained enough last night, How long." I ask him.

"4 months." He whispers and I let out a choked sob. Naru comes rushing in and takes the phone away from my ear.

"Leave Mai the hell alone asshole." He growls down the phone and hangs up. Naru offers me a hand. I take it and he leads me to his kitchen. He makes breakfast and I eat it. I get up and clean my face from all the tears, and then I get my laptop.

"Naru can I stay here for a little while longer, I don't really have a house at the moment." I ask him.

"You can stay here as long as you need but you should head to school." Naru says and I nod and walk out. I walk up to the building and Tadao standing next to the door. I try to walk past him but he follows me. In the middle of the hallway he puts his arm over my shoulders. I turn around. knocking his arm off in the process.

"Stay the hell away from me, I'm coming to the house later and your stuff better be gone and your key better be on the kitchen table or else I will make sure your life is a living hell. Got It." I say to him and he looks shocked.

"Mia please don't be like this." Tadao says.

"Be like this!" I scream "I have every right to be like this, your the one who cheated on me for four months!" I yell at him in the middle of the hallway. Tadao grabs my wrist trying to make me shut up.

"Let me go Tadao." I say in a deadly calm voice. but he doesn't let go of me. I raise my other hand and smack him across the face. He loosened his grip so I took my hand back.

"I told you to let me go." I say and walk away. I go to my class and the end of the day came without problem. I head to work only to see Tadao waiting outside the office door. I try to walk past him but he won't let me in the door.

"Tadao I suggest you move out of my way." I say loudly enough for Naru to hear though two door. Naru comes flying out a minuet later.

"Leave Tadao you are no longer welcome here." Naru growls out and Tadao leaves. Not before I tell him to leave my house and his house key. I go into the office and start to file. I get Naru his tea and give it to him and Lin his coffee. I pull put my laptop and I start to work on my homework, which is a 1000 word essay. For whatever we want so I am doing it on Ghost hunting. I end up sitting there for 5 and a half hours working on my essay. Naru comes out of his office surprised to see me still there.

"Mai you were let off three hours ago." He says to me and I nod.

"Uh huh." I say while typing still.

"Why are you still here Mai?" Naru asks me, I look up at him.

"If I went home I would be alone if I went to your place I would be alone, and plus I was comfy here and I just finished my 1000 word essay." I say and get up and put my stuff away.

"Why don't you want to go home Mai?" Naru asks me and I sigh. He now's me to well.

"Because he will be there waiting most likely." I say and look down, feeling pathetic dodging going home because of a boy.

"How about I walk you home?" Naru asks and I nod my head.

"Sure." I say and we head out. Once we get there I see Tadao's car. I don't want to deal with his crap at all.

"I told you he would be here." I say and Naru goes up the stairs me right behind him.

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