What Did I Do

Chapter 5

Naru pov.

I told you he would be here." Mai says to me.

I walk up the stairs Mai right behind me, she hands me her apartment key and I open it. I walk in with Mai behind me. I see Tadao standing there.

"Mai stop trying to hide frm me please just let me explain."Tadao begs her.

"No. four months! Really I thought you truly loved me but no you didn't and you just used me!" Mai screams at him and he flinches.

"I did love you." He whispers.

"Yeah maybe you did until I told you no to sex!" She yells and I turn to her so sharply she flinches realizing what she just said she covers her mouth with her hand.

"Mai you knew I didn't mean anything by it."Tadao said and I turn to him and throw him into a wall and hold him up by his shoulders.

"You ever come near Mai ever again and I won't think twice about killing you got it." I all but growl out and he nods his head with terror in his eyes. Once I drop him he drops his key on the table and leaves the house. The second the door slams Mai drops to her knees letting out a sob. I wrap her in my arms and she cries even harder.

"Mai he isn't worth your tears please stop crying." I repeat many times to her. She clutches onto my shirt like it's her lifeline. I sigh but bring her closer to me and run my hand over her hair.

"I don't know how I'm going to live without him, he helped with the bills and and..." Mai starts.

"Shhhh we'll think about that later." I tell her and she nods her head.

"Do you think you'll be fine?" I ask her and she nods her head yes and I get up, and so does Mai.

"Goodbye Naru, thank you for being here." She says quietly and I nod and head out to my car and head home.

Mai pov.

I go to bed after Naru leaves. I have school tomorrow. I fall asleep and all to soon I was waking up to my alarm clock. I get up and have a quick shower and out on black skinny jeans and a black and blue t-shirt, my black hightops, my messenger bag and I put my hair into a high ponytail. I do a dark smokey eyes shadow and red lipstick. I go to school and see Tadao flirting with another girl. I get my books and head for class. The day flies by and I head to work. I walk in and Naru calls for tea. I get him it and he looks dumb struck when I just open the door without a knock. I hear Bou-san and Ayako fighting in the sitting room by my desk. I go out and sit and do my work trying my hardest to ignore them. John and Masako come in and I know that I will not be able to concentrate. I get up and go to the kitchenette and make tea for everyone. I give a cup to Naru and everyone else does there own and I get mine and set back to work.

"Maiiiiii!" Bou-san yells but I ignore him so he starts to annoy Ayako. I work on homework and then pull out a small picture book of Tadao and I. I feel the tears start to fall looking at all of them. I rush to the bathroom and scrub at my eyes and cheeks until they are red and there is no more makeup there at all. Once Naru lets me off work I am out of there and at my apartment and eating ice cream wallowing in my sorrow.

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