What Did I Do

Chapter 6

Naru pov.

Mai looks like total crap the last time I saw her. She must be really heart broken, I hope she wasn't like this when I left. She doesn't know that I came back for her, Gene is still alive but she doesn't know that either. She doesn't have work today or school I guess she is just at home trying to sleep. I honestly don't know how to help her. I have saved her from ghosts and I make her made so she isn't scared but I have no clue how to help her out in this situation. She told me that it was me and not Gene, but she was dating Tadao the dick. I can't believe someone could hurt her like that. Oh yeah I did, I sigh but pick up the phone.

"Yes dear brother!" Gene yells over the phone.

"I need your help." I say and Gene becomes serious.

"What is wrong Noll?" Gene asks me.

"I need help with Mai.." I say and told him the whole story and Gene promises to be there in the next two days. I thanked him and then I went home to my apartment. I go in and make myself dinner and I call Mai.

"Yes?" Mai questions over the phone sounding so worn out.

"How are you Mai?" I ask her.

"I'm fine Naru." Mai says but she doesn't sound cheerful, she just sounds so tired and broken.

"Do you want me to come over?" I ask her wearily.

"No your most likely busy, I don't need you to worry about me." She says and hangs up. I sigh but head to bed.

Mai pov.

I can't believe he called me. He is most likely doing it so he knows I will be in work tomorrow. I head to bed because I need to get up early. I wake up in the middle of the night screaming. I guess we are taking a case soon. Ugh I really don't want to go. I put dark blue jeans and a dark gray sweater with a black heart on it with it bleeding. I grab my messenger bag and eat breakfast. I head to work once I walk in Naru sends me for tea. I give it to him and work on files. I hear the door open and someone comes in.

Hello I'm Mai Taniyama how may I help you?" I ask them before I look up and see Naru.

"Naru why are you coming through the door I didn't even hear you come out of your office." I ask him and he laughs. Wait Naru laughs.

"I'm not Naru Mai come on it wasn't that long ago when I saw you was it?" He asks and I realize that it is Gene. I run to him and hug him.

"I thought you were dead Gene!" I yell into his chest but I can't even smile when I look at him.

"Everyone thinks I'm dead except you Naru and our parents and Lin." Gene says and I walk to Naru's office.

"Naru Gene is here." I say and walk back to my desk so I can finish my work. Gene sits in front of me and helps me with my work.

"So Mai how is everything?" Gene asks and I can't lie to him I know that much.

"Not well." I say and continue with my work.

"What's wrong?" Gene asks and I look up at him.

"My boyfriend cheated on me, and we had been dating for the whole time Naru was gone and I thought he loved me, he didn't love me he only wanted me for sex and when I denied it he cheated on me." I say with tears running down my face. "He helped with bills and made me feel less alone, I don't know what I didi to make the only people I want to love me not." I cry and I try to wipe the tears away but they just keep coming out. Gene wraps me in his arms while I cry. I get up when I realize that my shift is done. I grab my stuff and leave thee office after saying by to everyone. Once I get home I drop my stuff off and Leave again. I go to the bar around the corner from my home.

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