What Did I Do

Chapter 7

Mai pov.

Once I got to the bar I ordered the strongest thing they had. I drank a lot when a guy sat next to me.

"Hello there would you like another drink?" He asked me and I moved away from him.

"No." I snap and get up. I end up drinking way more than I can handle and I call someone.

"Mai why is there music in the backround, where are you Mai?" Naru asks me.

"Naruuuuuu!" I all but sing into the phone.

"Mai are you drunk?" Naru asks and I just stat to laugh.

"Noo whyyyss wouldz I be drunkkk." I say stumbling into a wall.

"Mai where are you?" Naru asks I can here him start his car.

"I don't know whyy?" I ask him.

"Please give the phone to the person who gave you the drinks." Naru tells me so I do. The person gives me my phone back and I order another drink. I lay my head down on the cool bar. I feel someone touch my shoulder. I jump and look behind me to see Naru. I grin.

"Narruuuu." I say very loudly.

"Come on Mai lets get you home." Naru says trying to get me up.

"No I don't wanna go home!" I yell causing people to stare at us.

"The how about you come to my house." Naru says and I nod my head until I get dizzy. Naru helps me walk towards his car.

"Naruu wheree do you livee?" I ask him.

"You will see in a few minuets." Naru says and I pout. Naru drives and I feel myself drifting off into sleep.

Naru pov.

I got the phone call and I was instantly worried. I answered only to a drunk Mai. I have never seen her drunk before so it was very weird. I picked her up and brought her to my apartment. She fell asleep on the car ride so I had to carry her into the apartment. I put her down on my bed and set up the couch for myself seeing as Gene took the extra room.

"So where did you go Noll?" Gene asks me.

"To pick Mai up from the bar." I say and rub my head feeling a headache coming.

"Why was Mai at a bar?" Gene asks and I shrug.

"No clue do you want to go ask a drunk Mai?" I ask him and he looks scared.

"No thank you." Gene said and went to bed. I sigh but lay down on the couch and fall asleep. I woke up at around 3 am to hear Mai screaming. I jump off the couch and run into my room to see her shaking and crying.

"Mai what's wrong?" I ask her and she starts to talk, but I can't really understand her.

"Mai I need you to take a breath and then explain it to me." I say to her and she nods. She takes a deep breath.

"This happens every year around this time of year the time of year my mother died. I see it over and over in the dreams until I can't take it anymore and I don't sleep for a few days and why do I have a pounding headache?" Mai says.

"You have a hangover idiot, why did you go out drinking?" I ask her.

"I drink a lot around this time of year but I don't ever let anyone know." She says and I make her look at me.

"Mai it isn't healthy to drink like you did tonight." I say and she nods her head.

"I know but what I drank last night was nothing compared to what I normally do." She whispers.

"Well I should leave you to get more sleep." I say starting to stand when she grabs my wrist looking like a young child.

"No! I don't want to sleep alone." She says and I sigh but get into the bed beside her. She moves closer to me and lays her head on my chest. I wrap my arm around her waist on instinct. She lets out a sigh and falls asleep silently. I soon find myself drifting into sleep faster than before.

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