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The Vampire Wolf Chronicles


I didn’t Know the year that I’d come back to my old home would be the best year of my existence... I am the only one of my kind, that we know of, I’m part human part vampire and part werewolf. My mom is half human and half vampire and my father is a werewolf. I am uniquely gifted like my mother I can move things with my mind and if I want to move something I can’t see I can close my eyes and see the object and where it is and then move it. I used to live here when I was 1 but then we moved to Alaska and now we are back and there’s a lot of things coming our way. I find my mate, I meet my new friends, and I find the rest of my family.

Fantasy / Adventure
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I remember the feeling of being homesick, you feel there’s this emptiness in your heart that can only be filled by being in the comfort of your home… or so I thought. But now I realize it’s not just the place that you call home, it’s also the people inside it that you miss. And the decision that led me to feel this way I would soon learn to never regret...

When I had got there that was all I felt and when I looked at these kids faces I could sense that they were feeling the same way, But their feelings were more intense, more saddened. It anguishedme inside seeing them that way, I wanted to save them, I was determined to save them. Then day by day they were Disappearing like leaves slowly falling off the trees. It hurt me inside knowing I couldn’t save them all, that they were being tooken against their will to some place where I couldn’t save them.

I had a family that was coming for me but I think I knew deep inside that there was no family looking for them. I had thought about and wondered what had happened to them, though I think their grieving and sadden faces gave it away. They were scarred but not physically, emotionally, you could sense it like something horrific had happened that they’d want to forget, or something they would keep buried deep inside. Their hearts ached with pain and heartache and they were hurt by whatever awful things these people had done to them and their families. But all of the looks on these kids faces just made me more determined to get out of here and save them all.

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