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Am I hallucinating?


This man comes to chloe's house with a broken arm who looks exactly like Dean Winchester but younger! Is Chloe just having another strange dream or is this one reality?

Horror / Humor
Cole Johnson
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Chapter 1

Chloe is sitting on the couch when she heard someone out side

"man I hate Leviathins! " exclaims a man from out side the voice sounds vaguely familiar. A kind of deep voice.

"Did he say Leviathins?" Asked Chloe out loud. She shakes her head. And laughs "I've been watching WAY too much supernatural! And I haven't even seen it sense last year!"

*Knock! Knock! Knock!*

Chloe walks over to the door and she opens it. It was snowing out side and some of the snow was coming in all Chloe was wearing was ripped jeans, a flannel an AC/DC tee shirt and black combat boots.

A man about her age is standing at the door. He's wearing a beanie, a wool blue winter coat with flannel lining over a grey tee shirt red and black flannel shirt ripped jeans and reddish brown boots. He has his right arm pressed tightly up against his torso at an odd angle

"Who are you?" Asked Chloe. manly looking at his arm which is pressed tightly up against his torso. The man slowly takes his hand off his right arm but just long enough to get out a wallet out of his pocket and hand it to her then grabs his right arm again. The man was mumbling curse words to him self. He takes a deep breath " agent John Bonham fbi. " the first thing Chloe thinks is that it was the same voice she heard before that said Leviathins and now he's saying he's agent John Bonham ?

She opens the wallet to see a badge and then looks up at the picture. "Holy sh*t" was all she could say.

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