Life must go on(no matter what)

Will I ever see you again?

Meanwhile kilometers and centuries far from Paige,Phoebe was trying to figure things out. Flashback After having stopped worrying she raised herself up and took a look at the Ipatiev House ,she walked through the crowd not far from it and saw that one of the bars of the gate was broken. She passed through it and introduced herself into the house unseen. She heard running,lots of voices and concerned ones too. She run up towards the sounds,climbing flights over flights of stairs'till she didn't get to the source of the sounds. Her eyes went wide. The whole royal family,plus several servants were being rushed down them by a odd ploton as if to escape or maybe to do something else,not knowing what they were truly going up against. So without even thinking about it,she jumped out of her hiding place and tried to distract the guards. She knew the whole family was meant to die for things to change,but she also knew that she was meant to save somebody. And that somebody was a girl she had heard about back when she was young and who had always interested her,that somebody was Anastasia Romanov. As soon as she was seen she screamed to the family and the servants to escape and all hell broke loose. The Czar lifted his son up again and carried him away,while the Czarina grabbed Maria and Tatiana's hands running towards the other end of the hallway ,as Olga opted for the wall besides her. Phoebe instead grabbed Anastasia's hand and drew her aside with herself,remembering the stories about the young girl having survived the slaughter of her family. The guards shot everywhere,from side to side,trying to get them all and her heart skipped a beat as she saw them falling one by one and heard Anastasia screaming at her to do something and to save her family. She put sadness aside and flew down the stairs running faster than she had ever had in her whole life without even knowing the place where she was at all. She heard corpses falling,but even regretting it,she never looked back thinking only about her charge. They left the house though still being followed and ventured into the cold night and the woods,which the girl seemed to know quite well.End of flashback.She didn't know much,she only knew they needed to leave and they needed to do it fast.

Paige couldn't believe her immense misfortune. The cell had been quiet for an entire day and now they had come to get her. She let them hoist her up and take her into that hellish room again. She was not gonna give them the satisfaction to hear her begging once more. However her wishes fell on deaf ears when the two men decided to hurt her by giving her the greatest hell of all. The one she had heard being called Wolff (her capturer)had the other man leaving them alone and then he started touching her everywhere,while she was squirming under him. He forcedly kissed her mouth,but she managed to push him away and raised herself up just a little bit to try dragging herself away from him. He was furious and grabbed her by her right foot twisting it so that she could not have ever escaped. She was so taken by her pain that he managed to rip the last rags she had on off of her and handcuff her. Wolff smiled a sick smile and kept touching her. Then he lowered her panties violently and pushed himself into her,desecrating her. She sobbed under his hand,but he kept going,laughing at her without any mercy. And the more she sobbed,the more he would force himself into her,'till when she didn't understand that the damage was already done and she couldn't have made anything else but resigning herself to her destiny and praying for her sister to come get her soon or find by herself a way to get out of there. When he was done he raised himself up and kicked her right leg as much as he could...and everything went black.

Phoebe and Anastasia run close to a lake,but were soon reached by the red guard. The former saw a man about to shoot her charge,so she moved away while grabbing the girl from her shoulders. The men shot blindly into the night and when her quickness somehow faltered,knowing there wasn't much before Anastasia was shot, she jumped right in front of her to shield her from the blow. She was hit,but managed to jump onto the handrail of the bridge and the two disappeared into the lake's waters. Nevertheless the pain she was feeling they managed to swim far enough from the red guard and towards a safer place. "You're hurt" "Don't worry...this is not the first time I get shot" "We must do something about it".She saw Anastasia messing around with her clothes and soon the girl bandaged her wound."Thank you.I got...I've three sisters too" "Really?Why are they not here with you?Why are you even here?" "I lost one last year,and one almost three weeks ago and I got separated from the last one just yesterday.I don't know where she is..and I'm afraid she might not be well".Anastasia told her she was sorry about her sisters and wished her good luck with finding Paige,while she told her just how sorry she was about her own sisters. The 14 years old grimaced and drew something from under her coat's sleeve. She saw it was a bracelet with a big heart shaped pendant and smiled as Anastasia gave it to her as a sign of gratitude .Then the girl sat by her side and held her hand. They comforted each other 'till morning didn't come.

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