Life must go on(no matter what)

Longing for a sister

"Goodmorning people of San Francisco,today we're gonna start with a bad news. Phoebe Halliwell,known as the advice columnist of Bay Mirror,and her sister Paige have been reported to be missing. The police received the denunciation this morning from Phoebe's father after he hadn't seen the two sisters in three days. Phoebe and Paige,27 and 25 are the last two of a group of four sisters,whose first two both died under mysterious circumstances,probably murdered. If you ever were to see them report your sighting to this number(a number was shown besides the presenter's head). And now let's watch the interview we made to Phoebe's chief" Interview "Miss Rothman here is Phoebe's chief at the Bay Mirror,Miss what can you tell us about Phoebe?" "Phoebe is a good worker and a very good advice columnist,she's very polite and has a lot of friends. Her sister is very good too.I've met her only a few times,but I know what she's like. It's a family trait,they would never disappear just like this...I'm sure about this." "How long has she been working here for?" "Only some months,but I'm pretty sure,that if we manage to find her,she's gonna stay here for a very long time" "Phoebe,Paige,if you're listening to this program,please come back,everybody is worried about you."

Phoebe watched her charge walking far away from her and with a new look. Phoebe had done of her best to help her get that new look and she was sure that from that moment on nobody would've ever recognized her again. She looked at the charm she had been given and knew it had something to do with their mission,exactly like the necklace found during the first task. She watched into it and was surprised to see her sister inside of it.

The 3rd time Paige was carried into The room she understood that she was sick of being tortured,so she attacked without second thoughts. Her sisters had taught her to fight and she couldn't disappoint them. Wolff tried to hit her,but she dived aside and kneed him in his chest with her good knee. He kicked her right knee and she fell on them on the floor. She felt the air moving above her head,so she lowered it and rolled on her back to raise herself up again. That was when the man showed his true demonic ass face. She could've sworn on it the moment she saw him. Nobody could've ever been interested in killing a witch more than a demon. She saw the door was open and made a run for it. Unexpectedly she managed to get out and run-limp far enough to avoid his fireballs. She hoped against hope for her power to work,but it clearly didn't,she tried to break the barrier which was blocking her whitelighter powers with every object she could see,but she didn't make it. She tried to orb it away,throw things on it,again and again,but it didn't buldge. She left her cell again and limped towards other entrances. Wolff reached her and grabbed her by her arm. She pushed him on the floor and tried to hit him,then suddenly she saw other guards coming their way.Paige begged for the new torture to end soon.

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