Life must go on(no matter what)

The call

Paige had fought for her whole life.Even her existence itself had been a challenge,to her parents,to the people who had banned beings like her.In the past days she had vowed she would've fought once again,but now she just wanted to give up.She wanted to be free,she couldn't stand the pain anymore.Her body had another spasm as she was whipped once again.Her eyes filled with tears as she knew she was slowly losing it.She didn't fight as they dragged her to an odd machine to which they strapped her,then started turning a crank.The table she was strapped to turned,and she soon found herself upside down,with her face inches far from a b of cold water.Then her head was suddenly submerged,she risked to drown,but was wheeled up in time,spitting water and panting.The procedure was repeated for as long as Wolff had fun with that device,then they moved onto others,like the thumbscrew and another round of whip.As she thought it was all over,Wolff and the other guard dragged her again and slammed her on the wall,and she felt chills from fear running through her body as she realized he was too close again and so was his loyal guard.He licked her ear,while he was taking off his pants,then he slowly approached her,as her body would keep on shaking with fear.Soon he was into her,pushing harder and harder from behind,having fun and laughing every minute more as he grabbed her by her waist and turned her around to face the other guard.She started shaking her head as the man came closer to her,laughing noisely.A scream was heard between the walls of the jail.
When the vortex of light appeared in front of Phoebe again she didn't exitate on moment to get in.She knew Paige was in trouble,she had seen her being in jail,and she needed to break her out.Wherever she was,Phoebe just knew that her sister needed her.Once the vortex closed behind her,the older sister saw she had ended up in a small village.It reminded her of another time in which she had ended up in the past,but this one past looked even further than the last one.She noticed it was a little place,so most of the life would be lived in the square,and most of the buildings were in that place,including the little jail,which was in the undergrounds of the tiny village.But it didn't have to be so safe,and by inspecting it she realized it would've been easy to break out,but there had to be more.If those were the middle ages,there would've been no way to escape anyways.People would've been killed by torture long before having the chance to.She decided she would've had to wait for night to come and left the village again as she had no money to efford anything close to a room.Phoebe was powerless and knew she would've had to fight with her whole body,but she hadn't trained for nothing and she was striving to have the only sister she had left back.She would've fought and died trying if necessary.

As the sun was setting the two men carried her back into the cell and threw her in there,without giving her a second look.Paige had no strength to move and stayed still for several minutes just trying to get her breathing back to normal.Moon was coming and she saw it reflecting into a puddle of water close to her.Over it,the young witch spied a shadow.She should've been afraid,but somehow she was feeling fine with it.That shadow seemed to be almost comforting,like the shadows she would've liked to be engulfed by,while sleeping.But she couldn't,she just couldn't sleep,and the shadow was getting close and she could hear the sound of something breaking.She realized she would've liked to say something,to express her feelings,but her voice wouldn't just work out.

Night by night Phoebe had tried to break Paige out of jail,but one way or another she had always ended up delaying her plan after having almost been discovered twice.She had only managed to get a glimpse of her baby sister and she had seen how she didn't look fine at all.She looked tinner,dirty as if nobody had bothered to give her some water to clean up with,and most of all she looked hurt.So around the fifth night when she had already weakened the bars enough to destroy the window,she gave the last touch,and the bars gave out.She grabbed them,almost cutting herself and leaned them on the ground.Like a cat,she slipped into the little humid and dusty cell,looking for her sister solely through the help of the moonlight.Soon she saw her,standing right in front of her.She was shaking,looking at her with teary and frightened eyes.Phoebe tried to get closer to her,but she jumped away as if burnt and hid in a corner,rocking back and forth,opening and closing her hands in a fist.The older sister slowed down and sat right beside her,thanking the Lord that no guard was there.She let her hand wander in the air,then laid it on Paige's hair.Her sister flinched for a bit,but Phoebe kept on doing it,then started kissing her head and hugged her.Paige didn't hug her back as she used to,but she didn't flinch either and that was all she needed to get her out of jail,then she would've fixed her up.Whatever Paige had she would've fixed it,because she was the last beautiful thing she had left in that world,and she would've protected her to the very end.She let tears just wet her cheeks,but she had no intention to give up,it was not what she had been taught.

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