Life must go on(no matter what)

The offer

Paige let some more beer heat her troath and let herself forget for a moment why she was doing this. She was totally wrecked and she wasn't understanding a thing. She had chosen a bar close to the Manor and now she was unsteadily wobbling towards her house. It took her a bit and some curses to find the key and when she finally managed to open the door she tripped over the carpet at the entrance,falling like a dead weight on the floor. She let out a loud laughter and sat up,touching her head."Ouch".She was scared out of her wits when she saw a figure standing in the dark just some meters away from her,then she calmed down when she recognized it as Phoebe."P-ph-oebe hey"."Where have you been?"


"Drinking?You went out to drink"


"Are you out of your mind?Paige you had stopped" "Well,I dunt give a ssshit 'bout it".Phoebe started getting mad and grabbed her arm,dragging her upstairs."Wha..what the hell are you doing!?" "Knocking some sense in your head".They entered the bathroom and Phoebe threw her under the shower,opening the tap. She was soaked by the water right away and kneed trying to not get wet,but Phoebe held her down."Let go of me,what are you doing?" "I'm saving your life,damn it!" "Let me go,you're not the boss of me" "Who is then?Who is the oldest?Do you want to die?You're making it easier to get there".Paige found enough strength to push her away and she did,against the wall."Stop,stop it".Paige was getting hysterical."No I won't,I won't let you down,even if my behavior will make you hate me."At that point the youngest Halliwell started hitting her sister's chest till she didn't fall to her knees again and burst into tears,mumbling things about missing her big sister,and life sucking.Phoebe kneed besides her and hugged her,crying too."Why does it hurt so much?"

"Because you loved her,that's why""I feel sick"

"Come,come".Phoebe spent the rest of the night helping Paige with her hangover and hoping that this would've never happened again.

The morning later they received a visit."I've a way to bring your sister back,but you will have to do as I say".And although they didn't know who that person was or even if he was good they accepted. This was gonna be a very long road.

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