Life must go on(no matter what)


The night of the 7th day after the meeting with the hooded man they met him in the attic again. They had been getting ready for a week and though they didn't know what they were going up against,they were not about to back up. The man gave them a note and a pouch containing the coins of the time they were to visit and disappeared again without saying a word,they looked at the note and read it. It recited"Rural Spain,locket,1890".So they worked out a spell and disappeared through the seams of time. They appeared in a little,dark hallway and looked around themselves. It was a very short one and it was nothing like San Francisco's. They had fallen close to a stonemade stair taking people to another part of the pueblo,while the other side was to be taken if one wanted to go to the square. It was a night of full moon and there was nobody around. They came out of the hallway already dressed up in the clothes of the time and noticed that there was an inn right in front of them. It looked hot and cozy and the lights still seemed to be on. So they headed towards the inn,getting in. They were welcomed by what seemed to be the owner of the inn,who came towards them with a big smile on his face.

"Hola,necesitan ayuda?(Hello,do you need some help?)".They looked at each other confusedly and a little bit scaredly. They hadn't exactly been top students during their school adventure and although they had both taken spanish class they could barely remember a thing from those lessons. So Paige tried her luck and tried to answer."Si...nos ah somos foresteras(yes we...we are strangers) " "Necesitan una camara?(do you need a room)" "Si" "Magnifico,venganse(great,follow me)".They looked at him not understanding what he had said and he understood,so he asked them to follow him with a gesture of his arm. They followed him into a room,not far from the patio and he showed them around. He added something else about the room and the inn in general,then he said goodnight and left."What did he say?"

"I don't know,I mean I only caught some words about our room being ok and I'm sure he also talked about how breakfast is at 8.00,but that's no strict rule".Phoebe shrugged her shoulders and sat on the bed."Do you think we can make it?".Paige frowned and sat by her side:"Wait a minute miss,what's this attitude now?We're here now and we have a way to solve things,who's gonna make me brave if you do this way!?".Phoebe smiled and said:"you're right,we are gonna make it. We must make it."Suddenly they were interrupted by somebody passing in front of the inn singing completely out of tune. It was the voice of a man and it was clear that he was drunk like hell."Oh que borrachera(oh what an hangover,ouch,y todo por esa perra que tengo como mujer(and everything because of that whore of my wife...y mi hija la pegue(and I hit my daughter...como su madre(who's just like her mother). Que latigazos(oh what a whipping)..."They listened to his odd drunk speech and understood from the voice and a bit of what they were saying that he was complaining about his family or more like insulting it. Soon,in fact,they were both hit by a pang to the heart,because they wanted their family back like hell and despised this man not only because he had one to come back to,but also because he hated it. Paige had an idea and grabbed Phoebe's arm dragging her out of their room. They hid and through the window they managed to take a better look at the man. He was tall,blonde,and well dressed. He surely was the reachest man of the whole area. Then out of nothing,right above his shirt they noticed it,shining brightly to the neck of it's owner;a golden locket,The golden locket."Bingo".

The morning after they calmly had breakfast and while doing so they stopped to talk to the daughter and the son of the innkeeper. She was a nice 11 years old and was very much satisfacted of her job of serving at the tables and of her family,while he's a dreamy boy of 17 and wanted to attend college. They looked at each other and decided that they could've asked for help to both without looking too suspicious. Sebastian knew english and he told them that if they wanted to ask her something then he would've translated for them."Sebastian,do you happen to know who's the man who was walking,or rather wobbling around the inn last night?"

"Oh yeah lo se...el es ,he's the reachest man of the comarca...area"


"Could you ask your sister if he has a family,she seems to be very anxious to answer to one of our questions" "ok" "Ask her if he has a family,he didn't seem to be very happy about it yesterday" "Tiene 3 hijos,la mas jueven es mi amiga,pero nunca se vee mucho aqui. Sus padres son terrible".

"My sister said that he has 3 kids,the youngest is her friend,but she can hardly be seen around here. Her parents are awful".The two Halliwells grimaced in simpathy for these three sons of him and waited for the questions that were surely about to come."Where do you come from?" "America,California" "Porque estan aqui?" "My sister is really curious about the reason behind your visit and above all to such a little place..." "Well,we're always very busy and we just wanted to take an holiday in a calm place. Our finger just fell on the map and here we're...somos hermanas tambien(we'are sisters too) anyways".Emilia smiled at them,while her brother commented with an "Is our little area really on the map?".He traslated it for his sister and they all laughed,then Sebastian excused himself and left,while Emilia got back to her beloved chores. Phoebe and Paige instead paid for the breakfast and decided to go out in order to find out where this man lived. They went in circles for hours,not understanding a thing of what they're being said,but finally when the first evening came they found themselves in front of a big Manor a little bit out of the main part of the pueblo(village). The Manor was difficult to find,but certainly not to see. It was the biggest building of the whole area right out of the pueblo. Their mission now was to introduce themselves into the Manor as waitresses and steal that locket. Their whole life and future depended on that thing.

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