Life must go on(no matter what)

The Manor

"Senora,Senor tengan visitas .Tengo 2 chicas aqui que queren trabajo...(Miss,Sir you got visits.I got two girls her who are looking for a job)" "Bien,que vengan aqui(Well let them in)"Phoebe and Paige came in and stopped in front of Salvador and his wife,Francisca."Buenos dias Senor,Senora(Goodmorning Sir,Miss)" "Madre de dios,esas dos si que son bonitas..(My God these two really are beautiful)".

They saw the lady frowning and looked at the head of the family again."De donde vienes?(where do you come from)".They looked at each other and agreed a pueblo between the ones they had heard about and asked for,using the name of one of those they could remember about."Villa Alpanda,pero nos papas son americanos(Villa Alpanda,but our parents are American)".

"Bueno,primera vez?(Well,first time?)".Phoebe answered to this question:"claro que no,nos entendiemos de todo,esa no es la primera vez"(of course not,we do anything,this is not the first time).

"Dejame veer(let me see). Tienes una semana(you got a week),Rosario?".The woman he had called for came out of a door to the low right of the stairs and stopped in front of them to listen to Salvador's orders."Rosario,esas dos chicas estan aqui para trabajar,ensenale todo(these two girls are here to work,teach them everything)","Claro senor(of course sir)".They were asked by Salvador if they already had where to sleep and they said yes,then Paige and Phoebe followed Rosario in the kitchen and she showed them around. When the tour was over she asked them for their names and gave them their first job:peeling potatoes off for that night's dinner. Halfway through the whole thing their job was interrupted by what looked like a 7 years old girl skipping into the kitchen with a big smile on her face."Madre!",

"Mariana,carino,que haces?Vos sabes que los senores no aman el rumor(Mariana honey what are you doing?You know the lords don't like all the noise)"

"No me importa. Mira esas flores(I don't care. Look at these flowers)"

Rosario smiled and said:"quien fue?" (who gave you those)

"Paquito,les gustan?"(Paquito,do you like them)

"Mucho ,ven aqui,necesitamos ausilio(A lot,come here,we need some help)"

"Madre,quien son ellas dos?(who are these two girls)" -"Ellas son Paige y Phoebe,estan aqui para trabajar y su papas eran americanos(they are here to work,and their parents are american)" - "Wow".

The conversation about them and their life went on for the rest of the evening up till they moment they didn't have to serve dinner. They served it and came back down to have their own. -"Madre donde esta Soledad?(mother,where is Soledad)Porque no esta con los otros?(why is she not with the others)" -"Ella...esta un poquito enferma,querida,Paige quieres ajudarme con su comida?(she is a little bit sick,honey,Paige would you like to help me with her meal?)" -"Claro que si(of course yes)". Paige mouthed a see you later to her sister and climbed upstairs with Rosario,while Phoebe stayed with Mariana in the kitchen getting ready to come back to the inn for the night. After a little bit the former two entered Soledad's room. The whole place was plunged into darkness and the girl was lying on the other side,facing away from them. -"Senorita quiero darle hastio(I wouldn't want to disturb you)...pero(but)..." -"No te preocupes vos nunca me das hastio(don't worry,you never disturb me)." The girl sat up and let the woman rest the trail on her knees,turn the lights on and dot on her. Paige didn't want to interrupt them,so she stayed silent and kept looking at the little girl. She did have a mother,but Rosario looked more like her mother than her own,helping her with the food and caressing her cheek from time to time. She was the most fragile child she had ever seen,and she had seen many till she had had her job;but none of them had ever been like her. She was skinny,blonde,little,pale;even more than her,and she was beautiful. She must have been Mariana's same age and yet she looked like a young lady. Suddenly her train of thoughts was interrupted by a new voice talking to her. It was Soledad's.

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