Life must go on(no matter what)

The battle for the locket

Some days later Paige,Phoebe and Soledad decided to take a walk. The little girl had warmed up to them and had asked her mother to have them always by her side,just like Rosario. They were taking it around the lake, when they were suddenly hit from behind and the person who hit them carried Soledad a little bit far from them. Paige raised herself up and though she was a little bit stunned by the blast she reached who had hit her before he could do anything to Soledad,jumped him and threw him to the ground. The hood fell off his head and they saw it was no other than Salvador Castro,the girl's father. The man drew a knife out of his cloak and started walking around her. She called for the knife(but it didn't work anyways as they were in the past and had no powers) and she almost chastised herself for that,but surprisingly he didn't say anything;as if he knew about them."Yes honey.I know exactly what you're and what you've just stolen from me.I made a pact and I can't let you keep it,because if you bewitch it I'll be a goner".So he held the knife tight and lunged at her,but she moved far from him,and before he managed to stab her,Phoebe had recovered and thrown herself at him,kicking him in the chest. He fell to the ground and when he showed his face to them again,half of it had changed and looked monstrous and weird. Phoebe frowned and the man tried to do the same thing he had done before with Paige. Meanwhile the girl had grabbed the knife from him and lunged at him for the second time. For one moment both Phoebe and Soledad thought Paige had been stabbed,but when she rolled off of him they understood that they had been wrong. The locket she had stolen a few hours before and put in her pocket fell out of it opening itself and a red light came out of it hitting Salvador. His soul came out of his body and intertwined with the red light,Paige stabbed the locket and the red light formed a vortex between them and turned into a blue-white one which soon came back into the locket,which closed itself all alone. The two Halliwells kneed besides Soledad to see how she was feeling."What's he?Is he…"

"Soledad everything is alright now,but he's not…(todo esta bien ahora,pero el no es...)" "Human!?He isn't…he didn't…that was his soul…the light(umano...el no fue..esa era su luz)" "Yes honey,that was his soul.(Si,carino,esa era su alma)"

"What are you?(Quien son ellas)"

"Would you believe us if we told you we're witches?Good ones,who kill demons?(Vas a creernos si te digo que somos brujas buenas que solo quieren cazar los demonios)" Soledad was a very short girl,but her soul stood much taller than many others and so,from the height of her 7 years of age,she smiled at them and said:"I'll never say anything(nunca voy a decir nada sobre eso" "We're sorry(lo sentimos mucho)"

"Is he gonna be soulless now?(y el?Se quedara sin su alma ahora)I mean not like he's ever used it(aunque nunca l ha usado) ".The girls both hugged her and she broke down in their arms. "I don't want him to hurt me anymore(no quiero que me moleste mas)" .Phoebe suddenly brushed her arm and felt as if she were going into premonition mode,but she only saw an event in front of her coming to life as if it were happening in the present.The Halliwell magic had to have worked out even from afar.She saw a breathtaking girl,blonde hair and a beautiful smile on her face,by her side instead,she saw an handsome boy holding her hand and giving her a rope ring,a promise of neverending love. She came back to the past and smiled and said:"Soledad,I swear to you,everything is gonna be ok. Future has something wonderful in store for you and if you wait long enough,you'll get what you want and you won't have to be afraid of him anymore".The moment she said those words,a shining light engulfed them and blinded the little girl's sight,then they were gone. Only some days later,Soledad could've sworn that her two friends had been right about her meeting the love of her life. His name was Juan.

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