Life must go on(no matter what)

The new task

When the vortex was gone,they looked around themselves and saw that they had come back home. The light of the sun was illuminating the room and it was 2002 again. "Do you think she is gonna be okay?"

"She is gonna be fine and she's gonna be a strong woman"

"I'm gonna miss her,we didn't even get to say goodbye"

"I'm pretty sure that Soledad is gonna come up with something to explain our sudden departure". Suddenly they were interrupted by somebody who appeared in front of them. The man who had promised them their sister back was there again…to give them another task to overcome. "I saw you while you're there,you made a good job,I think you're doing great ,but the tasks aren't over yet. However I've decided to help you with some hints." He gave them another note and as they read it their eyes widened just like the first time. "Bolshevik Russia,1918?"

"Yes. You'll have to help somebody who was not at fault for what is happening to him/her. The day of your mission is gonna be July 17th 1918"

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