Life must go on(no matter what)

Two ways,one heart

After having recited the same spell they were transported back to the past again. Phoebe looked around herself in awe. It was snowing and it was very cold,but luckily(she thought)once again,they had been provided with the right clothes to cover themselves up and to fit into the frame of the time. And when she raised her head up,she saw a great palace standing tall over the rest of the buildings nearby. It also wasn't very difficult to recognize it. It was the Ipatiev house,the last house of the Tzar and the place where the slaughter of the Romanov family had begun. She turned around to see what Paige was thinking,but she didn't see her anywhere. "Paige,Paigeee,where are you?" She kept calling for her for what seemed like hours,but were in truth only some minutes;but nobody answered. It seemed as if her sister had totally been swallowed by the earth and if they were to accomplish this mission together,then why had they been separated? She felt the hurt creeping back in her heart. Deep inside there was something in heart telling her that,although she couldn't see her,Paige was just fine,and she had no reason to worry,but she had never beared being alone. She had spent her whole life with her sisters,and she was not the strong one. Prue and Piper had been strong,and Paige had been born a braveheart and ready for the battle,even when everything seemed to be over. She could be strong too,but also needed to hear it out from the others,that she was strong and brave,especially from her sisters. She was nobody without them. So she sat down on the snow and brought her hands to her head. What was she to do without them?

Paige didn't know where she was,but even if she hadn't known Russia well enough(which she did,because she had oddly never minded geography),she would've known that was not where she was. She also knew another thing:Phoebe was not with her,and the worst thing was that although to everybody's eyes she looked strong,she didn't feel so at all. She didn't know that her sister was wondering exactly the same thing,but great and sisterly minds often think alike and she was not immune to this "spell".She didn't think to be strong enough to go on by herself for so long,because since when she had gotten to the Manor,not a day had gone by without her sisters guiding her through her life and now none of them was by her side. She needed her best friend,her counselor,Phoebe to tell her that everything was gonna be okay;she needed Piper to lecture her for her recklessness and she needed to know if she was making her oldest sister proud. There were several questions,however,going through her mind:where was she?How was she to accomplish her mission without Phoebe?Where was Phoebe?And above all,why wasn't she with her?
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