Life must go on(no matter what)

Fearing the night

Upon having realized that spending the entire day wherever she was wouldn't have served to anything,Paige started walking around. There were so many trees that it clearly was an european wood. She walked and walked 'till she didn't get close to a rockey door. The village was noisey and crowded and people were mostly dressed up in rags. When she came in from the door she had a full sight of the village. It was surrounded by high walls,all in front of the houses there were several stalls and people screaming to get the others to buy their products;she saw a lot of beggars and cripples,but she kept didn't going. Paige didn't need anybody to tell her where she was,she already knew. She had just ended up in the Middle Ages. She had just ended up in a place full of people who might have had something to do with poor women being killed for being considered witches whereas they even weren't. She got closer to the square and looked at the scene which was unfolding right in front her. The one of a poor woman being accused for something she probably hadn't done."Ladies and Gentlemen today we've found a new witch and we're gonna punish her as she deserves to be punished." "Yeah" Paige got mad and run towards the man pushing him to the ground recklessly,without even thinking about the consequences that her push could have caused her. The man raised himself up and had other men grabbing her from every part in order to not let her escape."Who are you?How do you dare offending me"

"I don't know who the hell you're,but I'm not gonna let you treat her this way,alright?" "You're gonna pay for this,you know?"

He walked up to her and caressed her cheek with his dirty hand "Get your filthy hand off of me" "Take her away,I'm gonna talk to her later".Paige was brought into a little cellar and thrown in there quite violently. She saw the girl she had tried to defend being dragged towards a place she didn't know,though she could've imagined it. Why had she let herself be trapped that way?Hadn't she learned anything from her and her sisters' past adventures?She was starting to be afraid. She was in the Middle Ages,locked up in a cellar and she was also pretty sure about the fact that everybody now,thought that she was a witch. She brought her head to her hands and felt like crying. She had been reckless and plus she didn't even know what her mission was. She looked around herself and almost facepalmed for not having thought about orbing away before. So she put all her strength into it,but when she tried so she was disappointed to find out that she couldn't. Almost as if something were blocking her power away from that cell and from her will. She softly punched the floor and looked up. There was only a window in that room and it was barely filtering the light coming from outside. She leaned her head on the wall and listened to the possible sounds coming from other places. When they came to her,they sounded just as horrible as she had imagined them to be. She heard screams,odd things moving and water dripping from the walls and the ceiling and she also saw a mouse passing by her;and she was not going crazy. And since she had nothing to do she started counting,counting the minutes,the hours,every single moment she had already spent there and thought about all the terryfing things that could've happened to her. At the best they would've tortured her to death. Indeed that was not how she had thought about ending her life...indeed she just didn't wanna die.

Some hours later,when the sun had set,somebody opened her cell's door and she turned around terrified. "You,come with me". She raised herself up,but didn't even dare moving. "Moveee,Come here,nooow"barked the man. She cringed and almost run towards him,letting him grab her from her arm. Chained,he dragged her into a room which was far bigger than the cells and saw a man at the end of it heating a crowbar up over a fire. When he turned around she remembered him as the man she had confronted in the square and swallowed hard. He had an incandescent bar in his hand and the room was full of devices she had only read of back when she had started studying the world of witches. She was terrified of him,but she tried to hide it. Paige couldn't have ever let him see the fear going through her body or else he would've won.

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