Life must go on(no matter what)

Don't lose your hope

When he finally got close to her,the man roughly grabbed her and slammed her to the floor. He kicked her several times,before grabbing her from her hair and dragging her to a table where he chained her with the help of the man who had brought her there. They were so strong that she didn't even manage to move of an inch to escape. They stripped her of her clothes and the man she already hated so much grabbed the crowbar and brought it to her chest,leaving a burning mark in the place he had chosen to burn. She held her screams inside,but gritted her teeth so much that she almost heard them clashing against each other,but she needed to hold on.

Around the 30th whipping those men realized that Paige was far stronger than any other person they had ever interrogated,so her main torturer decided that it was time for them to use the cat-o'-nine-tails and when he brought the whip down it burned so much that she felt tears streaming down her face and screamed so much that she was sure that everybody in that little village had heard her. Once again they asked her to confess,to tell them why she had defended that woman and if she was a witch. However she had everything figured out. Weather she had confessed or not she would've died,so why talking?They were never gonna free her. So they whipped her again and again 'till her back didn't go all purple and black from the beating,but she didn't do anything else but screaming. The reality of what was going on hadn't even hit her till she didn't see a Knee Splitter."No,no,please,please stop".She tried to convince them to stop,but she should have known better than trying. In fact they sped the dragging up and placed her right leg in between the spikes."Who are you?Are you a witch?I bet you're. After all you tried to help that filthy brat!" "Please,I beg you..." "There's nothing else here,but endless pain". As he said that her knee was crushed between the weight of the two extremities of the device,plus it's burning wooden spikes. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh". Pain ripped through her knee and it was so excruciating that she almost threw up. For all she knew she could've even been dead and for a minute she also wished to be so,to be with her deceased sisters and stop suffering,but then thought otherwhise. She was hurting,but still breathing.

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