Galactic Quest: A STAR WARS Fandom Fiction


Cloud City, in many ways, was just the same floating paradise as before its superstructure was retro-fitted with the gigantic smoke stacks as a result of the City’s governing businesses’ decision to increase the items mined from Bespin’s inner-core.

Jedi Shander was glad to see that the air quality within the fifty-leveled Tourist District was good enough that everyone could walk around without face-masks or eye-protectors. Over the past Bespin day since his conversation with Jedi Master Skywalker, Jedi Shander took a break from his quest of the Galactic nomenclature and took in the sights and events of the District! Many of the other galactic aliens were surprised to see a Jedi--attired in his tunic with lightsaber hilt in full-display, no less!--engage in gambling and taking a sip from the City’s cantinas.

It was until late in the evening that day when things took a drastic turn!

The electronic wanted poster had a slightly out-of-focus picture of Jedi Rin Shander. The message, WANTED: by the Governance of Nagi: Assault of Nagai Citizen and Theft of Nagai Star Pod. Subject: Rin Shander--Jedi, Male Human, Second-Decade and Older of Age. CAUTION: Armed with Lightsaber. REWARD: 50 THOUSAND Credits, was all in Aurebesh!

So much for letting the legal process take place!

By the stars, I can’t believe I have a bounty on me!, Shander panicked.

Jedi Shander quickly looked around and saw at least two more electronic posters and one plastered up in a rather sketchy alley of the current neighborhood he was in. The section was one of Cloud City’s busiest concourses, and with an over-all population of seven million citizens, visitors, and mine-workers, Shander would not stick out so easily. Nevertheless, Jedi Shander had to disguise himself and vacate Cloud City after all, despite what Jedi Master Skywalker said. His suggestion of staying was predicated on the Nagai using their court system to try Shander. Apparently, the Nagai justice system moved a lot faster than what Jedi were accustomed to!

No doubt some in the gambling establishments and cantinas would recognize him! To say nothing of Baron Administrator Llem! By that time, she most likely already sent City security over to his suite to retrieve him.

Shander calmly walked down another major concourse that teemed with vendors, cantinas, aliens, and hovering vehicles. He looked off toward the edge of the concourse and saw a few public transporters zip by. He fought against the urge to hop onto one of them that would send him directly to the Nagai pod, and that was because of two reasons: Again, Baron Llem would have gotten word of the Nagai warrant for him before Cloud City’s governance would have even put up the wanted signs. Secondly, should someone recognize Jedi Shander, he would be trapped in the public transporter.

The lessons from Jedi Master Luke Skywalker about observing were, indeed, at work already!

He, then, got his lightsaber hilt and casually slipped it into his tunic--very uncomfortable! And to say nothing of the risk of someone in the big city bumping into him by accident and activating the lightsaber while there! Shander had to get another set of clothes...which presented another problem.

The credit system, at least in the major planets and commercial sites in the Galaxy, were all tied to direct identification of the user of those credits and the currency for that credit. Should Jedi Shander make a purchase of clothing for disguise, that purchase would pop up in the Galactic credit system, and Baron Llem would know where to apprehend him!

Jedi Shander was, now, becoming desperate. He decided to walk into a corner business where an older, female Human ran the establishment of clothes and other sundries...he simply used the Jedi Mind Trick and convinced her to give him a free, local outfit that came with a cap. It was basic in color and was perfect for Jedi Shander to hide his lightsaber hilt under. After changing into the suit in the establishment’s refresher--and making sure to discard his Jedi tunic deep into the refuse, he thanked the clerk and walked out with a lot more confidence as he adjusted the cap on his head; making sure to partially cover his face.

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