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This is a fanfiction story of NBC’S Hannibal therefore something’s may not be accurate and they may be altered. Louanna hunter works as an FBI agent in wolf trap Virginia alongside jack crawford and Will Graham On the hunt for the Chesapeake ripper. Upon being diagnosed by Dr Frederick Chilton with Physchosis Louanna refuses to accept that she’s is mentally ill and believes the things she is seeing are just nightmares...until she finds herself In Baltimore state hospital for the criminally insane after the attempted murder of Dr Hannibal Lecter. But there’s also a new killer on the loose.

Horror / Mystery
Sophie simmonds
Age Rating:

Wendigos and delusions

Several hours ago the moon was shining brightly and for the third time this week louanna was trekking through the crisp, crystal-like snow While struggling with every step that she took the snow let out loud crunches every now and then. Holding her shotgun in both hands with one finger on the trigger she aimed at an old looking tree that seemed to be a couple of years old.

“Why do you keep following me!” She shouted in her breathless voice caused by walking a few miles from her house as she was chasing something that may not even be real. A creature walked out from behind the tree, it was fairly large with black, greyish skin. Upon the creatures head sat a pair of long black winding antlers that were visible in the moonlight. Lou looked at the creature, staring into its shining, empty white eyes with her finger getting ready to pull the trigger.

The creature took a few steps forward before lunging at her in a speed unknown to man. Upon being lunged at Lou had slipped on the snow dropping her shotgun in the process while also hitting her head making her vision fade. A few moments later her vision came back but her surroundings were different. She took in her surroundings, feeling a soft cover over herself and as she sat up it slowly glided down her body. Rubbing her eyes she could see clearly that she hadn’t been in the forest nearby her house but she had in fact been fast asleep in the comfort of her own home. Looking into the darkness of her room her alarm clock stared to go off filling her home with a constant mild beeping noise. The sound filled her room as turned and pressed the off button. Taking in a deep breath she rubbed her face and exhaled, “ its seven Am and I feel like I haven’t slept” she exclaimed to herself as she stood up from her bed to get ready for work. As she did she could feel the presence of someone watching her. She was sure it was just her imagination or it was anxiety from the dream she just had but there was an unsettling feeling throughout her home. Walking out of her room she decided to take a shower and see if she felt any better . After her shower she got dressed in a black jumper with black jeans before putting on her boots and grabbing her car keys.

arriving at the FBI’s crime lab Louanna gets out of her car before going inside to meet her colleagues who were in the meeting room. Jack had received a call from one of his old agents Miriam Lass who two years ago went missing or like everyone else believed she was dead. However, Jack still had hope that she was alive and receiving a call or rather a recording from someone only enhanced his hope. Walking into the room quietly she heard Brian or Zeller as most people called him speak up “ it was two forty-six in the morning jack, you were in a deep sleep your roused you’re disorientated, may not even know your still asleep”. Jack turned his head to look at Zeller with a slight glare before raising his voice “ I know when I’m awake” . Everyone went quiet with shock and slight fear but Lou cleared her throat making everyone look at her “bad timing?” She pronounced in a quiet voice to ease the tension in the room. Will uncrossed his arms and stood up straight “ perfect timing actually..jack received a phone call from Miriam. We tried tracking the cellphone but nothing came up”. jack sighed “ check the area for any phones that were used” he exclaimed before walking out of the room leaving the rest of them behind.

A few hours later Beverly had found a signal in an observatory, gathering up the team jack, will, Beverly, Zeller and Lou set out to the observatory. When they arrived they walked into the observatory to find an arm clutching a cellphone, Lou walked over inspecting the arm which she also found a note. “ what do you see?” She read out loud. Lou reached over and picked up the arm and put it into an evidence bag that Zeller was holding open for her. After putting the arm in the bag she looked at jack “that seems to be everything...but I don’t understand why the ripper would leave just an arm”. Will thought for a moment “he’s taunting and humiliating jack...if you had any suspicion that Miriam is alive then she may not be now”. Lou had to be a fool for her to think that this wasn’t the Chesapeake ripper. the chesapeake ripper was a serial killer, he was a murderer and jack was going to make it his mission to find him.

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