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The Tribrid and The Heretic (Hosie)


After Hope jumps into Malivore she is forgotten but when Josie is turned into a heretic because of Hopes blood she starts to question things like the gaps in her memory. Could she be the answer to remembering Hope?

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1: Heretic


This takes place the day Hope jumps into Malivore, but Hope and Landon never officially dated they did kiss a couple times but they never carried on with the relationship they were just kind of friendly with each other. Also Rafael isn't stuck in his wolf form.

Josie POV

Everyone was clearing up the school and heading off to bed after the attack on the school, I was on my way to my room when I saw one of the triad men come out of a closet that they must have been hiding in his head was bleeding a bit and as soon as he saw me he pulled his gun out and pointed it at me, as fear rose in my chest. "Please don't" I pleaded.

"All of you are unnatural creatures that need to be wiped out" he said with disgust in his voice and just like that without hesitation he pulled the trigger, I looked down confused having heard the shot but not felt it to see a hole in my shirt near my heart. The man looked shocked as I was and tried to grab another gun that he had attached to him, I took this chance to siphon magic from the wall ready to throw a spell his way when I heard someone run down the hall towards us, it was a young werewolf only around 14 his name was Tom he had no doubt heard the gun shot and come to see what had happened.

“Tom stop" I turned to say but the triad guy held up two guns one pointed at Tom and one at me "Don't please he's only 14" I begged the man but he didn't care he started to pull the trigger but before he could I used magic to throw him against the wall making him drop the guns "Tom go find my Dad" I told him as the boy ran down the hall. When suddenly I heard it and felt it all most at the same time and fell to the ground he had shot me this time with a regular bullet and I felt my heart beat slow and struggled to breath I saw the man stand to his feet gun in hand ready to fire another shot my way but before he could I saw my Dad come round the corner and shoot him in the head as he collapsed a foot away from me instantly dead and that was the last thing I saw before my eyes closed and my breathing stopped.

I woke up disoriented hearing sharp noises and seeing bright lights as I tried to fully wake up and focus on my surroundings "Josie!" Lizzie said rushing over to me "you're awake and alive" she said hugging me she pulled away and I looked down to see my clothes covered in blood "how am I alive" I asked looking around to see that I was in my room "You had vampire blood in your system. Remember we used it to heal you"

"Ye but it shouldn't have the triad guy from earlier said the bullets could kill vampires. Who's blood did I drink" I asked confused once I said it Lizzie looked even more confused than me "I uh.. I don't know Dad got it" just then I saw my dad come through the door and the second he saw I was awake he ran to more pulling me in tight "Thank God you're alive" he said still a bit upset "I uh.. I feel really... hungry" I said grasping my throat "Ye I figured you would be that's why I got this" he said grabbing a blood bag from the night stand

"It's human. I keep it in case of situations like these" he said handing it to me I took it from him reluctantly while him and Lizzie watched as I opened it and took a sip. Right away I pulled it away from my lips thinking it tasted gross when suddenly I wanted more and started to drink every drop getting it on my face and my hands but not caring I wanted more I finally understood the hunger that goes with being a vampire, it was all consuming. Suddenly I felt a pain in my mouth and screamed I put my finger to my teeth and felt it, felt them I had fangs

"Your eyes, that's gonna be hard to get used to" Lizzie said handing me a makeup mirror from the desk I looked into it and saw that there was a redness to my eyes and dark veins under them "I.. I can't make it stop" I said frantically "I know sweetie you have to learn control but it's gonna be okay I called your Mom she's on her way home she can help" my Dad said hugging me in comfort but when he hugged me I could see the pulse in his neck and smell his blood it was overwhelming and I felt my fangs come out and pushed him away

"You have to get away from me I don't wanna hurt you" I said running to the other end of the room amazed by my new speed "Josette it's okay you won't hurt us you'll learn control." He said reassuring me but I just kept getting more upset "please can you both go I'm afraid, I just need to be alone for now" I pleaded beginning to cry "Okay we'll come check on you in a bit. Come on Lizzie" he said leaving the room with her.

It had been less than an hour since my Dad and Lizzie left when I heard a knock at the door. I answered it and saw MG standing there holding a few blood bags "hey" he said softly and I pulled him in for a hug he put his arms around me and spoke "It's all gonna be okay I promise"


It was lunch time the next day and I was feeling better, MG had helped me with some of the basic stuff, like trying to keep animal blood down which was not very good compared to the blood bag my dad had given me to complete my transformation but I was getting used to it, and I got a daylight ring, I even practiced a little with the new power that I had now that I was a heretic. I was walking to my Dad's office as he had asked to see me and when I got there I saw Lizzie and my Mom "Mom!" I said vampire running into her for a hug nearly taking her off her feet "hey honey, I've missed you" she said holding me tight "I've missed you too" I said releasing her from my grasp.

"We have to get you caught up on everything, and you have to tell us about your travels" Lizzie said excited "And we will, but first your Dad and I wanted to talk to the both of you about the merge" Mom said "Dad pretty much filled us in on everything" I responded "Yes well things have changed now that you're a vampire Josie. Because of this you can't technically be the leader of the coven and so the merge no longer has to happen" she said smiling. Lizzie and I both exhaled in relief "well at least something good has come out of this" I said smiling at my sister.

I spent the next week working with my Mom on controlling my hunger and my abilities and I was getting the hang of it pretty quickly she said I take after her like that. She even said that I would probably be able to start my classes again next week, however I was having some trouble controlling my magic I would often cause minor fires and make things shake when I got upset or frustrated but my Mom said that it would probably calm down once I got used to all my heightened senses.

I was in my room looking for my science book so I could stay caught up on my school work as it was too hard to be in class with everyone while still trying to control my hunger when I came across the book that Penelope gave me that recorded everyone's secrets and such. I had only looked at what my dad had wrote about the merge but the curiosity was killing me and I decided to look through it I was just flicking through pages not really properly reading them when I came across my name

Dr. Saltzman found out I did dark magic he made me do community service but Josie and I actually talked today, it was nice opening up to someone that is until she decided to go back to ignoring me but it doesn't matter it's not like we could ever actually be friends.

I brushed my hand along it and looked at the date it was the day the gargoyle attacked the school but it didn't say who wrote it. I started to get confused thinking about how we killed the gargoyle I remembered doing magic but how a spell that powerful what did I siphon, the school only works for small spells and when did I learn that spell I don't remember hearing it until that day. It felt like my memory was groggy a looked back at different entries by the same person but they were jumbled up they may have not used Penelope's pen every time they wrote so it was just random passages most seemed insignificant and there was only a few. What am I missing who wrote these things I need to find out.

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