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Love Me Like You Do


After beating the shit out of Jesse,Rose is consumed by darkness.Dimitri consoles her and accepts his feelings for her after which they cannot keep their hands off each other. A few months left for her graduation and threats to their relationship is coming from all directions. Can Rose and Dimitri survive all the threats and be open about their relationship? Can their love survive?

Romance / Other
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I narrowed my eyes down at Jesse. He tried to ruin me in the past and hurt Lissa. I lunged for him, my fist connecting with his face. Lissa is screaming for me to stop but I couldn't. I kept hitting him.

Then a set of hands ripped me away from him. I turned to realise it was Dimitri. I struggled against him but he outweighed me. I kept shouting to free me so that I can beat the shit out of him.

"Get her out of here" said Alberta to Dimitri. "Calm her down and clean her up".

She turned to go but stopped again only to say " And Belikov stay with her and take care of her. Don't leave her" her eyes softening a little.

I was a little worried. Did she know about Dimitri and I. I had no time to think more as darkness overpowered me again.

He took me to his room in the gaudian quarters. "Let me go", I yelled trying to free myself off him.

" No", he said, his voice desperate. "This is not you Roza" Addressing me for the first time with the name he called me lovingly.

His words snapped me out of it. I stood there like a statue processing what happened and then a sob escaped me and then another.

"Oh Roza" Dimitri engulfed me in his arms "It's over baby, it's over".I cried in his arms as he whispered sweet nothings in my ear soothing me down.

After calming me down, he went to his closet and bought me a pair of his clothes and took me to the bathroom.

" Roza, take this and change. Ok"he said stroking my face.

"I will be waiting outside for you. Just shout my name if you need anything ok? " He went outside giving me a kiss on my forehead.

I washed myself and changed into his white shirt. His pants were extremely loose so I decided to go with my gym shorts worn under my skirt. I came out to see Dimitri was making the bed. He came to me and made me sit on the bed.

"Roza, give me a few minutes to freshen up" Saying it he went to the bathroom.

Thinking about the events of the day I became tense. What if Dimitri hates me now? What if he think of me as a psychopath?. He already don't want to pursue me as I am his student and today's incident just made me believe that he deserves much more than engaging himself with an underage bully who doesn't have control over herself. Maybe he should be with Tasha given that she can bear children for him, also Dimitri and me together have a uncertain future which Tasha.......

"Roza", " Roza", "Roza".
I snapped out of my thoughts to meet Dimitri's concerned eyes only to realise I have been crying. Wiping my tears away he asked

" Roza, what's wrong baby? "Corncern and worry written over his face.

" I..... "
"You must ha... hate... me now, I have become something terrible"
I began, tears threatening escape my eyes as I said

" A terrible mon..... monster"
My voice broke.

"Sshh, Roza"


"Look at me Roza"

He urged but I can't meet his eyes.
Cupping my face he made me look into his eyes which are filled with concern and worry for me but their was also an emotion which I didn't dare to name as Love.


He began, his voice a whisper

"You are not a monster. You are strong and brave. And You are my beautiful Rose. You can't harm innocent with your own will. That was not you it was the darkness. "

Snapping my eyes shut as he kissed my forhead and wiped my tears, he looked into my eyes and confessed the words which I thought I would never hear

"Roza, I don't hate you, I can never do"

" I love you"

"Roza, I love you so much that it pains my heart not to hold you and be with you"

"I love you too Comrade"

I said looking up at him with a small smile as he brought down his lips to mine.

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