The Falling

The Stirrings Within

A few hours later, Hermione awoke in her bed to the pounding of a fist on her door and a solitary shout, "UP!", from Moody. Harry had slipped back off to the guest bedroom barely two hours before, as not to get caught by Moody or Tonks. Harry thought that others knowing about the intimacy of their relationship might prove it impossible for them to be alone together more than a few seconds without raising concern and suspicion, once they reached this, "headquarters". Agreeably, a very satisfied Hermione had untangled herself from him and allowed him to go.

She stretched as she dressed, hoping that she could maybe nap once they got to wherever it was they were going. Hermione suppressed a yawn as she headed down the stairs and into the kitchen. She was greeted by a, "Wotcher, Hermione!" from Tonks and a grunt from Moody. They were waiting for Harry to come down and Moody was showing signs of wearing tolerance, his magical eye staring up at the ceiling.

"Where's your parents, missy?" asked Moody.

"Safe." replied Hermione.

She had prepared herself for the questioning.

"Tell me, how does an underage witch and wizard hope to hide a muggle couple from You-Know-Who?" asked Moody, a slight edge to his voice.

"Apparently, if your magical eye cannot find them, we must have done fairly well." replied Hermione, pouring herself a cup of coffee from a freshly brewed pot.

Moody's magical eye zipped from the ceiling to Hermione's face, his mouth quivering with rage. Hermione slowly sipped from her cup, awaiting the explosion.

"WOTCHER, HARRY!" hailed Tonks a little too loudly.

Harry flinched as he entered the kitchen, clearly startled by Tonks' over-exuberant greeting. He looked about the room suspiciously and Hermione knew that he was surveying the scene.

"CROOKSHANKS!" shouted Hermione as her tuft ginger cat hopped silently onto the table. "Where have you been?" she asked as she petted his large head.

Tonks backed away from the table, as though slightly afraid of Crookshanks. Hermione looked at her strangely.

"Not her type of animal." said Moody calmly, though Hermione picked up on something in his tone.

Harry eyed the cat for a moment before deciding something and stroked his back softly. Crookshanks purred softly from all of the attention.

"Time to go." growled Moody, rising to his feet.

Hermione handed Harry a cup of coffee which he downed as fast as he could, gasping between gulps, as Tonks walked about the house casting spells on the windows and doors.

"What's she doing, Mad-Eye?" asked Hermione suspiciously.

Moody did not answer however, Tonks replied, "So we can see if any of You-Know-Who's followers come a visiting."

Moody proceeded to check the area, making sure nobody was about before they left the premises. Once he felt sure it was safe they then exited into the backyard, each taking a broom. Tonks levitated Hermione's trunk out into the yard, attaching it to her broom. Hermione took a broom from Moody, her dislike for this form of transportation growing by the second. Moody tapped Harry on the top of the head with his wand, casting a disillusionment charm, causing him to blend into his surroundings. As they mounted their brooms, Hermione said a silent prayer that she wouldn't fall off during the trip.

"What about my cat?" Hermione asked Moody.

"We'll send an elf to collect him later." replied Tonks.

"On my signal." growled Moody. "One... two... three!"

The four rose into the air, soaring higher into the twilight sky, Harry following behind Tonks, Hermione behind Moody. Moody cursed loudly over the lack of clouds, shouting for them to climb higher. They seemed to be flying in a zig zag pattern, Moody constantly shouting commands. After what looked like they had passed over miles and mile of London, Hermione felt frozen to her broom from the cold air and was about to protest when she heard Tonks shout, "ARE YOU MAD, MAD-EYE! THE SUN IS ABOUT TO RISE!"

"Time to descend!" shouted Moody.

The four dove for the ground, the little twinkling lights growing larger and larger.

"Here we go!" shouted Tonks and six seconds later they had landed.

They were standing in a small square, full of poorly kept bushes, shrubs, and grass. Hermione looked around, rubbing her arms to regain circulation. This particular stretch of street wasn't well kept either. The houses that lined the street were also poorly kept, many with peeling paint and broken windows. Large bins of rubbish sat near the street, overflowing, accompanied by a foul stench. Muggle music was thundering from a car as it passed by. Hermione knew that they were not in a savory part of London.

Moody pulled something silvery out of his pocket and clicked it, causing the light from a street lamp to go out with a pop. He repeated this action until all of the street lamps were out. He then rapped Harry in the head with his wand, making Harry curse. Hermione thought it was odd to watch Harry reappear from the head down, even though she understood the principal.

They stepped out of the square, into the street, and stood facing several houses. Moody rummaged in his pocket for a moment, then handed Hermione and Harry each a piece of parchment.

"Read this to yourself and memorize it." growled Moody.

Hermione looked at the bit of parchment which upon was written in a thin slanted writing:

The Headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix may be found at number twelve, Grimmauld Place, London.

Hermione looked up and stared at the houses which sat before them. Assuming she was now standing at Grimmauld Place, she looked at the house numbers. She saw No. 10, No. 11, No. 13, and No. 14. As soon as she thought about what she had just read however, her mouth fell open as another house, just as filthy and worn as it's counterparts, with a large black door bearing a silver coiled snake for a doorknocker, materialized between No. 11 and No. 13, pushing the two aside. It took a moment for Harry to catch up, his jaw dropping in almost the same fashion.

Hermione followed Moody, Harry, and Tonks quickly up to the front steps, Tonks levitating Hermione's trunk behind them. Moody rapped his wand on the black door, which began to click and chime before what sounded like a chain clattering away, then slowly opened, allowing them access. Moody motioned then inside, signaling for them to be quiet. He removed the silvery object from his pocket again and clicked it. At once, all of the orb like lights flew back to the street lamps, lighting the street one more.

Moody closed the door then flicked his wand causing old fashioned oil lanterns to spring to life, revealing a long hallway which was capped by a flight of steps leading upstairs. A door at the end of the hallway opened and Mrs Weasley came bustling to greet them.

"Tonks, Mad-Eye, so good to see you this morning." whispered Mrs Weasley warmly. "We were surprised when you didn't show last night, then we received word from Dumbledore that plans had changed. I trust all went well?"

So that's who Moody sent the message to, Dumbledore, thought Hermione. She wondered what he had said and how Dumbledore had taken it.

"Good to see you, Molly." replied Moody quietly. "All went as good as could be expected. Have any fresh coffee?"

"Of course. Help yourself." replied Mrs Weasley softly.

Moody and Tonks made their way down the hallway to the door through which Mrs Weasley had come, which apparently lead to the kitchen. Mrs Weasley patted Tonks on the shoulder as she passed.

"Harry, my boy, good to see you." whispered Mrs Weasley, giving Harry a motherly hug. "Those people never feed you, do they?"

"Hello Mrs. Weasley." replied Harry softly. "I'm alright. I don't care too much for what they eat there anyway. Why are we whispering?"

"I'll explain later." replied Mrs Weasley.

"Hello Hermione." whispered Mrs Weasley, glaring slightly at her.

Hermione felt very uncomfortable. She was starting to understand what was probably passed from Moody to Dumbledore and then to Mrs Weasley.

"Ron, Ginny, Fred, and George are still upstairs. Why don't you two join them until breakfast is ready, okay? Okay." said Mrs Weasley as she motioned up the stairs. "And please be very quiet while ascending the stairs. Ron's room is the first door on the second floor. Ginny's is the second door on the third floor, and the twins are in the fourth bedroom on the third floor."

Harry smiled and nodded then started up the stairs. He paused on the third step to wait for Hermione. Hermione gave a tentative smile to Mrs. Weasley and nodded before joining Harry. She could tell that Mrs Weasley had something she wanted to say to her but was restraining herself.

Harry did not like how things were going so far. The lack of concern for Hermione's safety during the trip had made him mad. The fact that they didn't even offer to cast a disillusionment charm over her was disturbing, though truth was, he was was glad that he could see Hermione. She had never been good on a broom and he was glad to keep an eye on her, lest she fell off. Hermione had always had trouble with things that required the use of instincts rather than thinking.

Another thing that bothered him was Mrs Weasley's attitude. She had been quite mothering to him but less than friendly to Hermione. He wondered what had been already passed along from Moody concerning things at No. 27 Spencer Chase.

Harry took Hermione by the hand as she joined him on the stairs. She looked like she wanted to protest but Harry thought that there was no need to place false pretenses at this point. Hermione seemed to understand this, for she didn't withdraw her hand. Together, they walked quietly up the stairs to the second floor landing. Harry had his mind set on going up to see the twins first, however, upon reaching the door to Ron's bedroom he heard the sound of hushed voices, locked in conversation. Harry paused, deciding whether or not to enter however, Hermione opened the door and walked in, pulling Harry in behind her.

The reception was not one that you would normally expect from those you call, "friends". The room fell silent as Ron, Ginny, and the twins stopped talking to stare at the newcomers. Harry closed the door behind him and the silence seemed to press on his eardrums. Ron sat there on his bed, his ears burning red as he stared at Harry and Hermione's hands folded together. Ginny was leaning up against the far wall, a mischievous grin on her face, one foot resting on Harry's trunk. The twins sat on the opposing bed to Ron's, each mirroring Ginny's mischievous grin.

"Pardon us," said Hermione with an edge to her voice "are we interrupting something?"

"Not at all!" said Fred.

"We were just passing the time." said George.

"Waiting for you two." said Fred.

"And for breakfast." added George.

"So, what's new with you two?" asked the twins in unison, in their most innocent of tones.

"Besides barely missing a Dementor attack? Not much." replied Harry dismissively. "Where's Hedwig?"

"Yeah, we heard about that." said Ginny. "Hedwig is on the top floor with Pig if you want to see her."

"I think the more interesting bit is how you missed the attack." said Fred grinning.

Harry's mouth twitched as he worked up a retort but Ron best him to it.

"Yeah Hermione, why did you summon Harry that night?" asked Ron, before standing up, not even attempting to hide his anger. "Dumbledore gave us strict instructions not to contact Harry! That it was for his own safety! I guess brilliant Hermione knows better than Dumbledore now!"


"Easy mate!" shouted Fred.

"He's just being a prat." said George.

Ron glared at George who eyed him playfully, tilting his head to one side. Harry immediately flinched, as the movement for some reason gave him chills. Everyone, including Hermione, looked at Harry, eying him suspiciously.

"Is your scar hurting again?" asked Hermione.

"No... it was nothing." replied Harry, not wanting to sound jumpy.

Ron huffed then skirted Harry and Hermione as he left the room murmuring, "Checking on breakfast."

"Sorry mate." said George. "We were prodding him before you showed."

"The great git never could take a joke." said Fred.

"So, you two a couple now?" asked Ginny conversationally.

Harry rubbed the back of his head with his free hand. Ginny, who could barely speak to him sometimes, was now asking him direct personal questions as easy as you please. He thought for a moment before answering, "Yes. Is that a problem?"

"Not at all." replied Ginny. "Just wondering if the rumors were true."

"What rumors?" asked Hermione.

"We told you Ginny, they weren't rumors." said Fred.

"We heard ol' Dung telling Sirius and mum how much snogging Harry and Hermione were doing at her place." said George, looking at Ginny.

Harry shot a look to Hermione of, I told you so, before saying, "And how did you hear such a thing?", completely ignoring the option to deny the event. Harry saw Hermione turn pink in the cheeks but this was no time to quibble over details. He needed to know how useful the twins would be in finding out information.

"Our latest creation." said George brightly.

"They're one of a kind." said Fred smiling.

"Extendible Ears!" said the twins in unison.

"Extendible what?" asked Hermione, an incredulous look on her face.

Fred pulled out what looked like flesh colored string, coiled in the palm of his hand. George looked at everyone's amazement, drinking it in like fire whiskey.

"What do they do?" asked Hermione.

"Simple, we'll show you." said the twins in unison.

Fred unrolled the fleshy colored string, standing up and placing one end in Hermione's ear, the other under the bedroom door. George did the same thing for Harry. Immediately, Harry could hear Ron's voice coming from downstairs pleading with his mum to put Harry in another room. Mrs Weasley was telling him that there was no other room safe and that he and Harry needed to work out their differences, no matter what. Harry removed the fleshy string from his ear and looked at it, marveling at their creation. Hermione on the other hand, ripped it from her ear and threw it to the ground in frustration.

"Easy Hermione! Those cost money to make." said George.

Hermione looked at Harry with an expression that read, That git. Harry wasn't worried at the moment though about Ron. He had bigger things to discuss with the twins and it needed to be done away from Ginny.

"Ginny, can you go check when breakfast will be ready?" asked Harry. "We're starving and I don't want to deal with Ron right now."

"No problem." replied Ginny. "Been wanting an excuse to sneak into the kitchen. Maybe I can swipe some bacon."

With that, Ginny left the room, humming merely. Harry and Hermione sat down on Ron's bed, Harry trying to decide where to begin.

"We need your help." said Harry at last.

He said it a little too fast and desperate sounding for his liking. The twins however, simply raised their eyebrows and waited for him to continue.

"We have a secret we need to tell you." said Harry seriously.

"But you cannot tell anyone what we say." said Hermione, tension lining her voice.

Fred rose to his feet, looking serious. He walked over to Harry and Hermione, leaning in close.

"If you have something to tell," whispered Fred "then meet us in our room after breakfast. The walls in here have ears."

As Fred spoke he looked over his shoulder at a picture hanging in the corner.

Hermione looked at the painting Fred had glanced at before she headed down to breakfast. Her and Harry had agreed to the twins request with simple nods. The painting in question was empty, except for the black canvas background and a small chair painted into it's corner. A plaque at the bottom of the frame read, Phineas Nigellus Black. Two things struck Hermione very quickly. Firstly, she recognized the name from Hogwarts: A History as one of the former Headmasters. She was sure that this meant another portrait hung in the Headmaster's office, where Phineas probably sat listening from afar. Secondly, the only reason his portrait would hang in this house would be if this was a Black family home, hence this house must belong to Sirius Black.

As Hermione exited the room she was surprised to see Harry standing at the top of the steps, waiting for her. She had told him she would join him in the kitchen in a moment. Harry however, wasn't going to leave Hermione alone in this place and she was glad of it. Neither said a word as they descended the staircase. As they passed the awful display of former House Elves that served this house, their heads hung on the wall, Hermione couldn't help but cringe at the brutality, their mark of service and enslavement. Once she rescued her parents, she would triple her efforts in S.P.E.W.

When they opened the door to the kitchen, they found another flight of stairs, meaning the kitchen must be in the basement. The bottom of the stairs gave birth to a large kitchen, complete with a dining table, hundreds of old copper pots, a large basin, fireplace, and a stove large enough to feed a family of twenty. At the table sat Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, Ron, Mad-Eye Moody, Tonks, Fred, George, and a very exhausted looking Mr Weasley. Ginny and Mrs Weasley were setting plates and serving coffee, though Ginny looked as she was being forced. Sirius motioned them in and they took a seat next to Mr Weasley, directly across from Sirius and Lupin.

"Good to hear you both made it here without any issues." said Lupin conversationally. "Though we had expected you last night."

Mrs Weasley rattled one of the skillets vigorously atop it's burner. Ginny offered both Harry and Hermione coffee, which they both gladly accepted.

"Sirius, how long has the Order been using your home as it's headquarters?" asked Hermione trying to sound conversational.

Harry choked on his coffee as every eye in the room found Hermione's face. She however, maintained a casual expression, determined not to look intimidated. Sirius smiled at Hermione, clearly impressed though not the least bit surprised.

"This house is the family home of the Ancient and Noble House of Black." replied Sirius sardonically. "I however, have not called this place home for quite some time. Allowing the Order to use it is the only real way I can contribute. It's protection has been strengthened by the Order including the Fidelius charm with Dumbledore as it's secret keeper."

"Breakfast is served." said Mrs Weasley.

She waved her wand, causing forks and knives to appear on the table, each set properly before them. Flasks of pumpkin juice appeared on the table and tinted glass goblets floated weightlessly from the cupboards to join the place settings. Hermione watched as Mrs Weasley levitated and guided twelve plates, each filled with two eggs sunny side up, three strips of bacon, three sausages, fried bread, baked beans, and mushrooms.

As Hermione poured herself a goblet of pumpkin juice from a nearby flask, she noticed Mrs Weasley giving Sirius a hard look which he returned in kind. Hermione had noted in the hospital wing, only a month earlier, that there was some disconnect between the two after Dumbledore's revelation of Sirius being an ally. Hermione decided to seize her opportunity, however, her opportunity had already passed.

"Nothing for me?" sneered Snape, entering the kitchen.

Hermione didn't have to even look at Harry to know what his face looked like. She could feel his anger pulsing next to her.

"Severus, I didn't know you were stopping in this morning." said a shocked Mrs Weasley.

"Not to worry Molly, I didn't come for breakfast." replied Snape. "My reason here is strictly Order business. As such, I will wait in the upstairs sitting room till you are done."

"Sirius," began Harry as calmly as possible "does a Fidelius Charm prevent the Ministry from detecting underage magic?"

Silence poured into the kitchen. The scraping of forks on plates ceased, sounds of chewing stopped; even breathing seemed to be impossible to detect. Mrs Weasley glared at Sirius, her frostily stare made her children cringe when they saw it. She was daring Sirius to answer however, Sirius was not paying her any attention. Again, Hermione recognized him deciding something before speaking.

"Yes Harry, I believe the Fidelius Charm blocks all types of detection, even underage magic." replied Sirius calmly, a smirk curving his lip as he glanced at Snape.

"Planning to try and hex me Potter?" asked Snape hopefully.

"Of course not, Professor." replied Harry as calmly as he could. "I was just making conversation."

"We'll keep note of it though, Professor. Never know when an old bat running round here might get out of sorts." said Hermione, taking a bite of sausage.

Snape glared at Hermione, his face forming the insults he wanted to hurl at her. Instead, he turned and swept up the stairs and out of the kitchen.

"How dare you say something like that to Professor Snape!" shouted Mrs Weasley, glaring at Hermione.

"Molly, don't – "

"Don't you tell me what to do, Sirius Black!" shouted Mrs Weasley. "Why in Merlin would you tell a table full of underage witches and wizards that they can perform magic?"

"Molly, please – "

"Don't you say anything to me, Arthur Weasley!" Mrs Weasley continued to shout. "You just sit there and say nothing while Sirius causes chaos."

Sirius rose at once to his feet, his eyes glaring as he looked at Mrs Weasley. In response Lupin, Tonks, Mr Weasley, and Moody stood immediately, all looking tense, but it was Moody that spoke.

"Shut it! All of you!" growled Moody. "We will not fight while we are here. You-Know-Who is the enemy here, so let's try and focus on that!"

At that, they all sat back down and continued to eat; Sirius and Mrs Weasley simply playing with their food.

"So, what's Lord Voldemort up to then?" asked Harry.

Almost everyone winced, flinched, or moaned at the name, except for Hermione who was becoming more accustomed to hearing Harry say the name.

"Please don't say the name, Harry." said Mr Weasley. "Just call him You-Know-Who."

"I half expected him to show up at Privet Drive or Spencer Chase but that was never the case." said Harry, ignoring Mr Weasley. "He was trying really hard in that graveyard to finish me off so why hasn't he pursued me since? Why aren't you all out looking for him rather than sitting about here bickering over..."

Harry's words trailed off. Hermione could tell he was lost in a train of thought that he wasn't sharing with anyone else. She looked at Sirius who had shifted in his chair and was looking very uncomfortable.

"You know what he's up to, don't you." said Harry quietly.

This was not a question but an accusation and Hermione could tell he had struck a nerve. Mrs Weasley looked as though she was on the brink of exploding while Lupin bit his lower lip.

"We believe he is after something; something he didn't have last time." said Sirius softly.

"Sirius, that will do!" shouted Mrs Weasley standing up. "All of you, take your plates and finish eating in your rooms." Mrs Weasley pointed at all her children then at Harry and Hermione.

"No." said Harry flatly. "No disrespect intended Mrs Weasley however, I want the truth."

"That information is for Order members only." replied Mrs Weasley briskly.

"Really." said Harry, and Hermione could hear his restraints breaking in his voice. "If it wasn't for me – the Order wouldn't even know of Voldemort's return or what happened in the graveyard. If I hadn't shared, we wouldn't be sitting here. Some of you might even be dead by now."

"You're out of line, mate!" yelled Ron with more anger than was merited.

"I have to agree with Ron, Harry." said Lupin calmly. "While your advanced warning allowed us a significant vantage over You-Know-Who, I firmly believe that Professor Dumbledore would have been aware to his return by now."

"How many would have died before he decided to make you aware, Lupin?" asked Hermione.

Hermione had done this so absentmindedly, she found herself completely off guard that the comment had been made audibly. The tinkering of forks falling onto plates told her that this, Not-So-Hermione-ish response, caught more than herself by surprise.

"I have great faith in Dumbledore, Hermione." replied Lupin breathlessly. "He's done more for all of us than you will ever truly know or appreciate."

"Let me know when your hero arrives then, Lupin." said Harry standing up. "I'd like a word with him. Until then, I've lost my appetite."

With that, Harry left the kitchen, a look of rage on his face. Hermione immediately followed him up the stairs and out of the kitchen. She had reached the main staircase and was about to ascend them when a hand grasped her left arm, another cupping her mouth to prevent her from screaming, dragging her into a side room. She jerked away to see Snape standing before her.

"A word, Miss Granger." said Snape silkily.

"What?" spat Hermione, glaring at him.

"I have a message for you." replied Snape, sneering coldly.

"What do you mean?" asked Hermione, clearly confused.

Snape leaned in closer. "The Dark Lord wanted to congratulate you on your performance so far." whispered Snape, an evil grin curling his face.

Hermione took a step back, her ears not registering his words; her eyes not registering his face. Her breathing became fast and a cold sweat broke on her forehead.

"Do not act so surprised." whispered Snape. "You're aware of my past, are you not? Has not Mr Potter informed you of this? If not, I doubt you will be much use at all and we don't want you to be forever separated from your beloved muggle parents, now do we?" he hissed.

"Dumbledore trusts you." replied Hermione feebly.

"Yes he does." whispered Snape, the evil grin growing larger. "And that will not change. Just remember to report to Mr Malfoy, upon arriving at Hogwarts for start of term, all things that Mr Potter is planning."

Snape swept past Hermione without another word. Hermione felt the urge to break down crying again however, the tiny voice in the back of her mind spoke once more, "Do not give "the bat" his pleasure. We will deal with him in due course. For now, Snape has at least let us know where he stands."

Hermione wiped away the tears forming in her eyes and turned from the grand sitting room, swallowing hard so not to whimper, then marched up the stairs to find Harry.

Harry had no intentions of waiting for Ron to come upstairs and begin badgering him about things that did not pertain to him or to sit in silence and stare at the git. Therefore, Harry decided to wait in the twins room on the third floor. He had forgotten which room Mrs Weasley had said was theirs however, the fresh smell of what must be gunpowder emanating from inside the room, seeping into the hallway, told him it must be theirs. He opened the door to see a small bedroom with two beds, each against opposite walls. The smell was faint but, it was definitely gunpowder. Harry looked around but could not tell where the smell was coming from, though.

Harry took a seat on one of the beds and wondered how long it would take for Hermione to realize where he was. Her new-found demeanor was shocking and yet welcome all at the same time. She inspired him to be bolder; encouraging him to press further. He would do anything for her and it even made him wish he could face Voldemort again.

The door to the room slowly opened and Harry looked over to see Hermione slip inside. She walked over to him, sat down on his left, and laid her head on his shoulder without saying a word. Harry took her hand in his and sat there.

"That's my bed, ya know." said Fred as he entered the room.

Harry looked up to see a friendly, I'm only prodding, smile on his face. George followed him in then shut the door, moving his wand around the door. He then gave Fred a nod before they both took a seat on George's bed, to face Harry and Hermione.

"Okay, spill it." said Fred.

Harry explained what was going on while Hermione sat there, her head still on his shoulder. The arrival of the twins had not stirred her whatsoever. As Harry spoke, he could see the looks on Fred and George's faces gradually darken. They sat silent, hanging on his every word, until he had finished.

"That foul git!" growled Fred.

"Someone needs to teach that family a lesson!" hissed George.

Harry had never heard that tone from the twins before. It was cold, filled with hatred, and down right deadly.

"So what do you need from us, Harry?" asked Fred.

"We are at your service." said George, waving his arm and bowing his head.

Hermione sat up and said, "Thank you." She looked completely overwhelmed by their response.

"We'll help you get your parents back, Hermione." said George assuringly.

Suddenly, a screeching sound came from down below. It was a woman's voice screaming insults at someone or something. Harry looked at the twins who were looking irritated.

"What was that?" asked Hermione, her eyes wide.

"Sirius' mum." replied Fred.

"Her portrait hangs in the first floor behind large, magically enchanted curtains." said George.

"Tonks must have disturbed her again." said Fred, rolling his eyes. "That's why we have to be quiet."

"You just have to learn to ignore it." said George.

After a moment, the screaming stopped. Harry rubbed his hands together, cracking his knuckles before speaking. His mind was forming a plan; a very risky and dangerous plan. Risk however, was necessary if they had any hope of success.

"We need you two to gather as much information as you can from the Order, about Voldemort and his followers, without anyone knowing." said Harry, watching them cringe. "It's the only way we can find Hermione's parents."

"Once you figure out where her parents are – what then?" asked Fred.

"Then we'll need you two to create a distraction so we can depart." said Harry.

"Make sure you tell us the rendezvous point before you leave, mate." said George.

"What?" asked Harry, feeling confused.

"We're going with you." said Fred solemnly.

"You may be the Boy-Who-Lived and all but, it's You-Know-Who we're talking about." said George.

"You'll need as many eyes as possible." said Fred.

"You sure?" asked Harry hesitantly.

"Absolutely!" said the twins in unison.

Their looks were serious and Harry knew they understood the dangers involved. At this point, he could not decline their help.

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