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How to Kiss Kim Taehung

chapter 1

The birds chirping is the only sound that is enters inside the small janitor’s closet. Hushed footsteps catch my attention and I quench my eyes shut, and pray that it isn’t him. I bring my knees closer to my chest and hold in my breath.

This is it. I am doomed now.

The footsteps suddenly stop and I blow a breath of relief.

In mere seconds, the metal door creaks open and the lights of the room are turned on. I let out a shaky breath and stand up facing the biggest bully of our school, Park Jimin, smirking down at me and staring at me like a goat caught in a net.

I gulp and tremble slightly. He struts his way towards me with his steps slow, the sly smirk never leaving his face.

In a snap of fingers, he is taking the necklace out of my neck with ‘S’ letter pendant on it and puts it inside his pocket. He places a light kiss on my cheek.

“Thank you for this, my love”

Without sparing a single second more, he makes his way outside of the janitor’s closet, leaving a cold feeling in my heart.

I frown and stay in that position for a while as lone tear trails down my cheek. I take my phone out of my pocket and unlock it shedding some more tears.

“You never understand, do you?“, I whisper to myself, looking down at the lock screen of my phone.

“Hey, Soyeon!”

My twin brother, Jungkook greets me from the porch with a vibrant smile. I force a tight-lipped smile before waving at him and approach him. He frowns looking down at my face and I try my best not to show my pain behind my smile.

“Did anything bad happen? You don’t look too good” he worriedly asks, cupping my face with his large hands.

I try my best to maintain my smile but fail anyway. A small sob leaves my lips as I begin to feel a tight feeling inside my chest. His eyes become soft and he takes me inside, and makes me sit on the sofa. He hugs me tight and caresses my hair.

“Shh everything will be okay. Just let him go, honey bear. he doesn’t love you anymore” he tries to comfort swaying my shaking form back and forth.

“B-bunny, h-he took m-my necklace. Th-that was the l-last thing that reminded me of our l-love” I try to explain between my sobs. He grips my shoulders and makes me look in his eyes.

“Did he hurt you?“, he asks in a strict voice and I shake my head stiffly.

My phone vibrates in my pocket. I unlock it to see a text message. Jungkook frowns at my and Jimin’s photo as a lock screen but still doesn’t comment on it.

Neighbour’s boy: Come to my house in 10 minutes.

It was a text from my project partner. I gasp checking the time. It’s 4:50 p.m. I was supposed to meet him at 5:00 p.m.

“Bunny, I need to go to Kim’s for some project work. I will be back in a couple of hours” I say, standing up and wiping my tears. He nods and looks at me worriedly.

“Take care” he says before standing up too and making his way towards the kitchen.

“I will make dinner. Come quick, okay?” he shouts from the kitchen.

I smile, shouting back “I will try my best to finish the project quickly.”

I change my clothes into a comfy one quickly, let my hair in a ponytail and wash my face; putting a little makeup to hide the stains of tears on my cheek. I put on my shoes and run outside not forgetting to bid Jungkook goodbye.

I jog my way towards Taehyung’s house which was right next to ours. I see him playing with his dog Yeontan with a wide smile gracing his face.

I approach him and he looks up casually chewing his bubble gum and gives me a boring look.

“You’re late”, he says and enters his house, completely ignoring my existence. I huff out a breath but smile instantly as I see Yeontan rubbing his face on my leg. I crouch down and caress his head.

“I wish your owner would be also as sweet as you, Yeontan”

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