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Master of the Hallows


The Hallows have been forgotten, but one boy is determined to be the master of them. Meet Lucas Blake, whose plan may send the world into catastrophe... The first story of a set of three.

Adventure / Fantasy
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Chapter 1 - In the Common Room

Lucas Blake hurried down the corridor of Hogwarts.

Even though it had been some 22 years after Harry Potter defeated Lord Voldemort at the Battle of Hogwarts, the school was still bathed in fame and fortune, with the Ministry of Magic (very) generously donating a million Galleons to Hogwarts for turning out the wizard who had vanquished Voldemort. The name ‘Potter’ still commanded a certain amount of prestige, and with all three of Harry Potter’s children here at Hogwarts, there certainly were going to be some big fights over who was the best Potter.

Lucas was fifteen and therefore in his fourth year at Hogwarts. He was tall and skinny, and his dark eyes and hair made him look like a snake ready to strike. He was in Slytherin, and that was about the only thing he hated about Hogwarts. Lucas was descended from a long line of Gryffindor wizards, and his parents were unbearably ashamed when their only son had written to tell them he had been Sorted into the most hated House in Hogwarts.

The teasing came just as soon as he began to mingle with the other children. Of course, no one wanted to go to Slytherin, regarded as the worst House because of its reputation for turning out the most Dark wizards, but Lucas kind of felt he belonged in it.

Just then, he passed some Gryffindor sixth-years, and he suddenly fell down flat on his face, in the middle of the corridor. “Hey Slytherin!” called one of them. “Can’t even watch where you’re slithering?” The boy laughed out loud at his pun, and the others laughed along with him.

Furious, Lucas got to his feet. It was obvious that the boy had cast a spell on him. He started to get his wand out, when suddenly he noticed the glint of a badge on the boy’s chest. The boy was a prefect. “Now, now, no magic in the corridors.” The boy taunted Lucas.

Lucas bit his lip. It was clear the boy was in charge here: Do some magic and the boy would tell on him; do nothing and they would continue to bully him. Gryffindor had turned to harsh treatment of Slytherins, as punishment for being the House which had rushed into battle last at the Battle of Hogwarts. No one in Slytherin was spared. And even the teachers didn’t scold or punish the Gryffindors when they bullied the Slytherins.

There was once when Professor Flitwick had been strolling down the hallway, when one Gryffindor pulled out his wand and caused a passing Slytherin’s bag to rip open. The Professor didn’t even blink an eye, and this incident caused the bullying to go on even harsher and worse than before.

Lucas closed his eyes and counted to ten, as he always did when things didn’t go his way. Then, when he had sufficiently calmed down, he ran off from the Gryffindors.

Lucas didn’t want to take the laughing and bullying any more. But, he told himself, he wouldn’t, for much longer. His plan was about to take place and when it did, they wouldn’t bother him anymore.

Lucas quietly followed a few Gryffindors to their dorms. When they neared the Fat Lady, he hid behind a nearby statue. “Murgalock,” he strained to hear one of them whisper. Soon they disappeared into the dorms.

Lucas took a deep breath, clutched his bag, and stood in front of the Fat Lady.

“What are you doing here? You’re not a Gryffindor.” She eyed suspiciously.

“Yes, but Professor Flitwick sent me to call one of them.” He said breathlessly, as if he had run a long distance.

“You’ll need the password.”

“I know.” Lucas pulled a piece of paper out of his bag and pretended to read from it, “Murgalock.”

“All right.” She swung aside, and Lucas stepped inside the dorms.

As soon as he stepped in, there was an instant roar of confusion from the students inside. What’s a Slytherin doing here? How did he get in? What do you want? Lucas intended to answer all of those questions in a single action.

“HI GUYS! I’M LUCAS BLAKE AND I’M HERE TO TORTURE YOU!” He made himself sound like a madman. There was a scream, and then all hell broke loose. The students tried to cast some spells on him but he easily reflected all of them. Lucas then fired a bang into the air with his wand. With order restored, he continued, “I WANT ALL OF YOU TO GATHER IN A CIRCLE IN THE CENTER OF THE ROOM. NOW!

When they all had gathered in the circle, Lucas reflected on his luck that no sixth or seventh-years had free time just then, otherwise they would have used their magic to blast him straight out of the room. Of course, the time he had chosen to infiltrate the Gryffindor common room was the time that had the most first and second-years and the least sixth and seventh-years present.

Quickly, he began to circle the silent, terrified circle of students in the room. Once he had made one full circle, he took out his wand and begun to chant. Of course, it was really fake, made-up hocus pocus designed to scare the younger students.

Suddenly, the Fat Lady swung aside behind him, and Lucas whirled around to see who it was. Unfortunately for him, it was the prefect he had encountered on the way here.

Oh no, were the last thoughts of Lucas before a Stunning spell caught him in the chest.

The first thing Lucas noticed when he regained consciousness was the comfort. He didn’t open his eyes, of course, to play dead if he was still lying on the floor of the Gryffindor common room. But he knew the floor wasn’t that comfortable.

He felt like he was floating on clouds, a pleasurable experience for him. He was bathed in warmth. He would have thought he was still dreaming when a sharp voice cut through, “Are you sure he’s fine?”

Another voice replied. “I’m sure he is; James said he only cast a Stunner.”

The name James woke Lucas up, and his eyes blared open too fast for him to control. The first thing he noticed was that the Headmistress, Professor McGonagall, and Madam Pomfrey were leaning over him. The next thing was that he was lying on a bed in the hospital wing.

“Well, I suppose he’s awake now.” Professor McGonagall said grimly.

“He won’t be fine for another two days.” Madam Pomfrey advised Professor McGonagall sternly.

“Yes, yes. Now, I would prefer if you left us alone.” Professor McGonagall told Madam Pomfrey. Without another word, Madam Pomfrey took off towards her office. Apparently it had happened many times.

“Now. Down to business,” Professor McGonagall moved her chair closer to Lucas’ bed. “Lucas Blake. Madam Pomfrey has told me that you were discovered unconscious in Gryffindor common room, caused unconscious because of a Stunning spell cast by James Everton. However, due to familiarity and his hate towards Slytherins, the Stunner was too strong and may have caused a few side effects.

“You’re going to stay here for while, Lucas, but for now you and I are going to have a little talk.” She tilted her head forward at Lucas when she said the last sentence, and her face turned strict.

Lucas gulped. The plan was not working, and he probably was in serious trouble. He made a small plan in his head and decided to try to turn things around.

“Uh-” Lucas had trouble making his first sound since waking up, and his throat hurt. However, he persevered, “Professor, can’t we have this talk in your office?”

“Certainly not, Lucas! You still need to rest!” Professor McGonagall protested.

“No, no, Professor. I know you like to do things formally, and I feel fine.” Lucas lied, and he threw his blankets off him to get off the bed. Immediately the cold hit him. It wasn’t that cold earlier that day, was it? Or was this another side-effect of the Stunner? Lucas stood up on his feet, and a pain ran through his body.

He winced, and then arranged his face back into a smile so as to not let Professor McGonagall be suspicious of anything. “See? I’m fine!” He told her.

She still looked wary, but then suddenly decided against it. “Come!” She instructed him.

She led him out of the hospital wing and to the Headmistress’ office. They arrived at the gargoyle that everyone knew guarded the Headmistress’ office. She whispered something into its ear, and it leapt aside. Then, she led Lucas to her office.

Opening the door, she ushered Lucas into a seat and then sat down opposite him. Now, Lucas told himself.

He reached into his pocket casually, and then reached for the small box that was super-glued to the inside of his pocket to prevent anyone taking it out. He flipped the lid open, and then pressed the button inside.

Not long now, he warned himself to stay still, even though he was bursting with anticipation.

Suddenly, Argus Filch burst into the office. “Pro – Professor. Ther – There’s a stink in Gryffindor common room and we can’t get rid of it. We need your help.” He blurted out breathlessly.

Lucas barely contained a smile. Those Ten-Minute Stinkbombs he had spread in Gryffindor common room while circling around in it sure took action quickly.

“Stay here, Lucas.” Professor McGonagall commanded him, and then she left the room.

Quickly, knowing he had very little time, he went over the portrait of Dumbledore and shook it awake. “What is it?” It asked.

“I don’t have much time, but I need your advice on the Deathly Hallows.”

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