Master of the Hallows

Chapter 3 - McGonagall and the Stone

Lucas stared up at the ceiling. The undulating clouds rippled across it, and the stars twinkled and sparkled. He was still lying down on the floor of the Hall, since the teachers had decided, for his own safety, that he would sleep in the Hall tonight. They feared that even some in Slytherin would attack Lucas in his sleep.

It had been a very busy day, or night, Lucas told himself. After the teachers had finally managed to calm the rowdy students down and send them to their common rooms, they lifted the Shield Spell from around Lucas.

They then told him his fate, which he was to sleep in the Great Hall until further notice. However, Professor McGonagall stayed with Lucas after the other teachers had left.

The conversation she had had with Lucas would remain embedded in his mind forever.

"Lucas." Professor McGonagall called him. Lucas walked over to her from where he had been: The teachers' table. She patted the bench on which she was sitting. "Take a seat. I have some things to discuss with you and they can be quite long-winded."

Uh-oh. Lucas' brain automatically interpreted those words as trouble for him. He warily took his seat beside McGonagall, and then stared at her, waiting for her next words.

"I know you want to find the three Deathly Hallows." In that instant, Lucas felt like his whole world was falling down, breaking up against his head. In that same instant, Lucas decided not to tell McGonagall anything. Or try to convince her that he really didn't know what she was talking about.

Well here I am, embracing my Slytherin nature. This is why I could never be Gryffindor. I'm too willing to lie for myself. Here's the true me. A selfish, lying person with a crazy ambition, that's who I am.

"I don't know what you're talking about, Professor. I thought Halloween was Halloween and not the Deathly Halloween." Lucas made a lame attempt at humor and even he knew McGonagall wouldn't fall for the Halloween thing.

"Ha Ha. Not." McGonagall deadpanned, and then continued. "I have spoken with the portrait of Dumbledore, and he tells me that you were trying to find out as much as you could about the Hallows. –"

"Look, Professor, I really -" Lucas cut McGonagall off, but in turn he got interrupted.

"Let me explain, and then you can tell me your cock-and-bull story, okay?" As Lucas remained silent, McGonagall took that as a yes. "Now, when you left, I immediately started thinking hard about the Stinkbombs. Everything just seemed too right. There was no evidence, as if someone had tried to cover up his tracks.

"So, when I had free time, I went over to the Gryffindor common room. I cast a spell which allowed me to see your footsteps in the common room. Now, this is highly advanced magic and I suggest you do not try to cast it." McGonagall read the expression on Lucas' face perfectly. She then continued, "Well, the only footsteps I could find of yours were in a circle around the common room. It just didn't make sense until I remembered that the Stinkbombs were deployed exactly in a circle around the common room.

"So it was you who had planted the Stinkbombs in the common room, and then I started thinking why you would do such a thing. The solution struck me like a bomb. Of course it was to gain time alone in the office; I remembered how hard you told me that it was okay to have our meeting there.

"But what were you doing inside? Then I recalled that you were standing in front of Dumbledore's portrait, and I talked to him. Now I know what you really were doing. So, any rebuttals as to my case?" Lucas' head swam with confusion. How had McGonagall traced the Stinkbombs so easily to him? His plan hadn't been a success, it had been very transparent!

"Now, you may not want to admit anything to me, but the one thing I know about Dumbledore is that he never lies. And if Dumbledore tells me that you want to know about the Deathly Hallows, you want to know about the Deathly Hallows." McGonagall looked at Lucas' confused face. What Lucas was really thinking was that he was in big trouble, big time. His detention tally would only increase when she knew about the Stinkbombs.

However, her next words came as a surprise to him. "I won't give you any more detentions, Lucas, because I think 14 detentions and tonight's embarrassment is quite enough punishment for you." Lucas' eyes widened, and he quickly muttered thanks to McGonagall.

"You're welcome, Lucas. Now, if you could go to sleep." McGonagall conjured a mattress complete with pillow and blanket out of nowhere and set it down near the teachers' table. "I shall wake you before the Great Hall opens for breakfast, which is approximately 7.00 a.m. Good night, Lucas." And with that McGonagall swept out of the Hall.

Lucas got out of the mattress. He simply couldn't sleep. His newfound information about the Deathly Hallows excited him, and he wanted to follow the lead he had gained: The Resurrection Stone was hidden somewhere in the Forbidden Forest. The only problem was that he didn't know when he should go and find the Stone.

Well, why not today? I'm alone in the Great Hall: No one will notice where I go. And so, Lucas headed towards the doors of the Great Hall. Instinctively, he looked around him, but then realized that there was no one there.

He took out his wand and said, "Alohomora!" With a click, the door lock slid open. He laughed, thinking McGonagall was a fool to think he wouldn't have tried to unlock the doors himself.

He crept out of the castle and hurried down to the path leading to the Forbidden Forest. Taking extreme care not to pass too close to Hagrid's hut, lest he wake Hagrid up, he finally reached the border of the Forbidden Forest.

"Lumos." His wand emitted a thin beam of light. Just then, Lucas realized how crazy all of this was. He would never be able to locate a single stone in the Forest at night. He didn't even know what the Stone looked like (Apart from a crude drawing of Uncle Xeno's).

Lucas gave a sigh. All of his hard work for nothing. He wouldn't get another chance at talking with Dumbledore: that was for sure. Lucas was just about to give up and return to the Great Hall when something struck in his brain.

There was something, a spell that could call the Resurrection Stone to him, but he didn't know it. Or at least, couldn't remember it. It was something simple, that he had just learnt this year in Charms…

Charms made him think of Professor Flitwick, who had not cared when a Slytherin's bag had been ripped open by a Gryffindor's magic. A summoning spell. Summoning spell!

That was it! The Summoning spell, also known as Accio! Lucas prepared himself, even though he wasn't that trained in how to cast the spell properly. "Accio Resurrection Stone!" His voice rang out in the darkness, and nearby he heard Hagrid's snoring stop.

Silently he willed Hagrid to fall back into sleep, and surprisingly, he did! Lucas didn't have enough time to appreciate this, however. He noticed a small black thing approaching out of the corner of his eye.

The thing struck him on the side of his head, and even though his head was throbbing, Lucas had the sense to stick out his hand and catch the thing.

It was an ordinary piece of stone, but the fact that it came towards Lucas meant that…it was the Resurrection Stone!

Lucas could hardly believe that he was holding a Hallow in his hand as he sat down. He turned it around and over in his hand, observing it. And then suddenly, a figure popped out of the stone.

It was white and silvery, sort of like a ghost. But what most intrigued Lucas was the fact that Albus Dumbledore had just come out of the Stone.

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