Master of the Hallows

Chapter 4 - Dumbledore Talks

Albus Dumbledore stared at Lucas. “What have you called me here for?” The voice was deep and wise, like one that has seen much of the world. It was not like the one in the portrait.

“I…I wanted to ask you questions regarding the Resurrection Stone.” Lucas had not really thought this part through yet, because he had never imagined he would make it that far. “How does the Stone work?” Lucas said out of the top of his head.

Dumbledore treated it like a real question. “If you believe the legend, then I have no idea. Death knows what it knows. However, if you think that the Peverell brothers created the enchantment, you must believe that there is an enchantment to talk to the dead. No record of this enchantment has been found, however, and you would have a hard time trying to find it.”

He stared at Lucas. “Why do you want to know, anyway?” He questioned with a raise of the eyebrows.

“I want to find all the Hallows and be the Master of Death.” Something about Dumbledore, maybe his piercing gaze or his raised eyebrows, made Lucas tell the truth.

Dumbledore gave a sigh. “I was like you, once, you know. I wanted to be Master of Death, do great things! But I didn’t need the Hallows after all.”

“You don’t get it! I want to be the best! Immortal! Make an impact on the world as the greatest wizard, or at least Slytherin that ever walked this planet! I want to be famous!” Lucas exclaimed in exasperation. His greatest dream, greatest wish came out in a burst of anger and frustration, because Dumbledore was not able to understand.

Dumbledore gave him a grave look. “I see many parallels between you and Voldemort. I would like to warn you that you don’t need the Hallows to be famous. If you would like to stay on this path of yours, I would like to say that not even the Elder Wand is unbeatable. Not even the Resurrection Stone can bring back the dead. Not even the Invisibility Cloak can completely conceal you. You can always be beaten. You cannot bring back the dead. There will always be a shimmer of two that give you away. Nothing is perfect.” And with those solemn words, Dumbledore faded away until he was nothing more than mist.

Lucas was still puzzling over these words when he heard a shout coming from the Great Hall. Oh no, he thought and quickly pretended to be asleep on the ground, slipping the Stone into his pocket.

Pretty soon he heard footsteps. He felt himself being lifted up and floated to the Great Hall, where he was soon laid down.

As soon as he was left alone, he clenched the Stone and gave a smile.

In the morning he was woken by Professor McGonagall at around 6.30.

“You were found outside near Hagrid’s last night, Lucas. Do you know why?” She looked at him and gave him a glare.

He pretended to cross his eyebrows in puzzlement. “No, Professor, I don’t know why.”

The Professor looked as though she did not believe him. However, she shrugged and said that he must have been sleep-walking.

She led him outside and told him to wait until 7, when he could have breakfast.

During breakfast, Lucas was still receiving glares and hisses from Ravenclaw, Gryffindor and Hufflepuff. Some Slytherins looked as though they wanted to punch him. Probably for tarnishing their name, Lucas thought. Others patted him on the back and congratulated him.

Despite all this, Lucas Blake was still concentrated on getting all the Hallows. As he munched on bacon and eggs, he gave a grimace. A fierce one.

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