Master of the Hallows

Chapter 6 - Charming in Charms

Lucas was having trouble with his research.

No matter what books he found on the research, they all told him the same old dreary tale of the Peverell brothers receiving the three Hallows from Death, and nothing else. He was pretty sure that Dumbledore could tell him the answers, but whenever Lucas called on him, Dumbledore was not there.

He feverishly ripped through the book he held in his hands: A History to All Magical Objects. As he looked up page after page, he realised that there was nothing in the book about the Deathly Hallows.

He threw the book aside and gave a long sigh. At this rate, he would never be able to find the Elder Wand. He knew that the Invisibility Cloak was with Harry Potter, but how he was going to get it, he had no idea.

Lucas knew that the Elder Wand had been owned by Antioch Peverell, but the wand had been snatched from him, then snatched away yet again and again, so the line of the Elder Wand owners ran a curvy path.

The fatigue of searching every book got to him and he rested his head on the table.

“Hey, you look bushed,” a voice said. Lucas lifted his exhausted head to see who was speaking. It was a Gryffindor boy. He had a curly mop of brown hair and a chiselled jawbone. He smiled Lucas, an honest smile, not a fake one.

“Name’s Josh. Joshua Wallstet.” Josh stretched out a hand to Lucas. Not knowing what to do, Lucas shook it.

“Lot of books you got there, mate,” Josh gestured to the pile of books. Pulling himself into a chair beside Lucas, Josh arranged his face into a concerned one. “What’s got your knickers in a twist?” he asked.

Lucas was shocked. He couldn’t reveal his secret to Josh, but there was something about Josh that made Lucas want to trust him. But he’s a Gryffindor, a voice hissed in Lucas’s mind. Deciding to get any mistrust out of the way, Lucas started, “You don’t … dislike me?”

Josh rolled his eyes. “About that prank? No way, no how, mate! In fact, I kind of admire you!” he continued, “now, what’s worrying you?”

Lucas breathed a sigh of relief. Oh, but if you trust him, you’ll fall into deep trouble, you will, warned the voice in his head. Lucas pushed it aside. “I’ve got some … problems with my report.” Lucas half-lied. It was a report of sorts, he wanted to report about the Hallows, and get them for himself.

“Maybe I can help you then,” Josh offered.

“I checked all the books related to it, but I can’t get anything!” Lucas complained. “If only I could get into the Restricted Section …” Here his voice trailed off, as he was wondering, how he could get a teacher’s signature.

A mischievous look came into Josh’s eyes. “Oh, so you want a teacher’s signature, eh? I can get you one.”

Lucas smiled. “Sure.”

“But there’s a catch.”


Josh continued, “You let me see whatever book you get from the library.”

Lucas’s smile vanished. He couldn’t let Josh know about the Deathly Hallows, but Josh’s experience would prove invaluable. Plus, he couldn’t even get into the Restricted Section without Josh’s help. But if he let Josh into the secret, Josh could compete with him, and even spread it around. But there was a way around that…

Lucas said, “First: You promise not to tell anyone about what is in that book.”

Josh snorted. “Easy-peasy. I agree. Do you agree?

Lucas nodded.

“Then shake on it.” Josh stretched out his hand. Lucas shook it. They gave each other a smile.

“Well, then, I’d better get going!” Josh got up and started to leave. A sudden thought came across Lucas’s mind.

“Which year are you?” he asked.

Josh turned around and shouted, “I’M A SIXTH-YEAR!”

“SSSSHHHH!” Madam Pince hissed at them.

“All right, everybody, settle down. We’ve got some interesting specimens today, so PAY ATTENTION, Marcus!” Professor Flitwick scrambled on to the chair behind his desk and addressed the class. But no one’s eyes were on him. They were all on the huge cage next to Professor Flitwick’s desk, which was covered by a cloth. Every now and then it would let out a growl.

“I see you’ve noticed our specimen. Well, might as well introduce you to it first.” The professor said.

Lucas raised his hand. “Ah, yes, Blake?” Professor Flitwick asked.

Lucas gave a noncommittal shrug of the shoulders. “Oh, I just wanted to say that your hair looks particular good today. And is that a new suit? Because it looks really good on you.”

The professor seemed flustered by Lucas’s comment. “Why … why thank you, Blake.” he stammered. He got down and walked to the cage.

With a magician-like flourish he pulled the cloth away, and inside was a …

Lucas didn’t really know how to describe it. It looked like a lion, but its tail was black. It had a menacing look. Miniature clouds gathered above its spiked mane and occasionally one of them would let out a lightning bolt. Folded wings lay across its back. Its hind legs were covered in scales.

“Here we have a very rare magical animal, the Elecknor. As you can see, it’s very dangerous. It can conduct electricity. Now today in Charms what we’ll be learning is –” Professor Flitwick was cut off by Lucas raising his hand yet again.

“What is it now, Blake?”

“If it is so dangerous, how did you get hold of it?”

“Well, over the summer Hagrid and I went looking for one. Over many courses of battle, we finally managed to subdue it.”

“Wow. You are really brave, Professor.” Lucas let loose yet another compliment and the professor blushed yet again.

“Anyways, what I want you to do is to come over here, observe the Elecknor and go and write about it. I want you to write about how it conducts electricity. All clear? Now, go!” Professor Flitwick was immediately bowled over by the hurricane of students rushing towards him.

A while later, when Lucas was writing about how it conducted electricity, he noticed Professor Flitwick passing close by. When the professor came to Lucas’s desk, Lucas looked at him and asked, “Professor, I was wondering, is there a spell for conducting electricity like the Elecknor?”

The professor smiled. “Ah, wanting to learn more, eh? Well, actually this lesson was planned to be continued on our next lesson, so you’ll have to wait. But I have to compliment you for being so interested.”

At the end of the lesson, Lucas pretended to be packing up his bags, and took a longer time than usual. He waited until everyone was gone and he and the professor were alone.

Then he plucked up his courage and walked to the professor. “Umm, professor?” he said to get the professor’s attention.

The professor looked up. “Yes?”

“Um, I was actually very interested in electricity before this lesson, but I read all the books on electricity already. I’m dead interested in this Elecknor but I don’t think there are any books about it in the normal section. I was just wondering, perhaps you could sign this to let me learn more about electricity from books in the Restricted Section?” Lucas pulled out the library signing slip as he said so.

The professor mulled it over. “Very well, Lucas, you may.” He signed the slip.

Deep inside, Lucas smiled a small smile that was invisible to Professor, who only saw his impassive face that seemed to convey thanks.

After dinner Lucas headed to the library. With a pounding heart he passed the slip over to Madam Pince. She snarled and snatched it. After holding it up to the light and performing who knew what incantations on the slip she declared it genuine and let Lucas into the Restricted Section.

This is it, thought Lucas as he ran down the aisles of the forbidden books. Then he caught sight of a book. An interesting one …

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